Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash’s mum thinking about the rude comments of the people for Prathna. She says I have thought how to marry off Prathna, and whoever will come now they will say yes to Prathna. Akash says Prathna is not yet ready as her self respect is hurt, so don’t talk to Prathna about it. He says Prathna is sad, so she should be going to Lucknow, with me, I will take her and she will feel good, and will forget people’s comment. Shashi says you are saying right, take Prathna along with you.

Akash and Prathna enjoy in Lucknow, and they eat golas. Prathna thanks Akash. She says she enjoyed a lot, where are we going now. He says I have to go to Prabhunath’s house, so you also meet Poonam. Prathna says what will I do meeting her, I don’t want to meet her as she

is no more in your life. He says Prabhunath called me, its important to meet him, what should I do.
She says you go and meet him, I will go and sit in the coffee shop. He says ok, it might be something from the Lord, whatever he does, he thinks and do. Maybe there is some planning in sending you here. Gawtham and Poonam are in the same coffee shop.
Akash leaves Prathna there, and Prathna sits behind Poonam and Gawtham.
Gawthma holds Poonam’s hand, and Poonam hesitates. Her mobile falls, and Prathna picks her phone and gives her with a smile, Poonam thanks her.

Akash comes to Prabhunath’s house. The bank manager is already there and he asks Prabhunath to pay the loan. Prabhunath says Poonam might be coming now, please leave. The maneger says he won’t change if your daughter is coming. The manager misbehaves. Akash comes in and hears all this. Akash interferes and scolds the manager. Prabhunath and Vandana are shocked.

Tea falls on Gawtham’s shirt and he goes to the washroom, Prathna gets the bill and she thinks my purse is with Akash. She calls Akash but he does not answer. Akash argues with the bank manager. The bank manager says do you know with whom are you talking, and he says Prabhunath that you called him to fight with us. Akash says he will take care of this and he pulls the manager out of the house. Akash fights with them verbally. Akash says you are troubling Prabhunath and this should not happen, Akash says he will give them to Police. Manager says what shit are you talking. Akash says what you were saying is a crime. The bank manager fears and leaves.

Akash gets Prathna’s call. Prathna says the waiter that you have to wait, and the waiter argues with her. Poonam asks what is the matter. The waiter says her that she is not paying the bill. Prathna says she is not from Lucknow, and she is waiting for her bhaiya. Poonam says she is our city’s guest, and I will pay the bill. Prathna says why will you pay, you don’t even know me. Poonam says people help each other, and maybe you will help me tomorrow. Poonam pays the bill. Akash calls Prathna, and she talks to him. Poonam and Gawtham start leaving, and Poonam writes that she was glad to meet her, and she expects to meet again on Prathna’s book.

Gawtham’s dad argues with his wife on food. He asks her to put more Ghee on the daal. Neel says you people are not thinking about the real work. We decided to talk about dowry after engagement, and now the engagement is over. His dad says I did not forget, and I will make sure that we get the dowry, we will ask them after the marriage’s date is fixed. His mum says I have called panditji at home to fix the date.

Akash comes to Prathna and apologizes to her. Prathna says no problem, one girl has saved me. But I don’t know her name, and maybe we will meet her again or not. Poonam and Gawtham are nearby but they did not see Akash and Prathna.

Prabhunath and Vandana are tensed about their financial condition. Prabhunath says he has faith in Lord, he has the solution. Vandana says Akash came to save us, but the manager was arguing a lot. Prabhunath says I want to get Poonam married soon, and the bank problem is day by day increasing. Gawtham and Poonam come and Gawtham brings icecream for them. Vandana says what was the need to bring it, Prabhunath gets happy that they have thought about them. Vandana asks him to sit. Prabhunath gets Gawtham’s dad’s call. Prabhunath says Gawtham is here and his dad gets furious. He says we have spoke to panditji and decided the marriage date. Gawtham and Poonam hear this and smile. The date fixed is 18th June. Prabhunath says I m ready to welcome you on that date.

Prathna says Poonam’s marriage is fixed, but you should have told her about your feelings. Akash feels its not good to talk on phone, I should go and talk to her face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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