Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 27th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam taking Kanno’s side. She regards Mangla wrong and says I will support Kanno always. Poonam says why should she say sorry, her husband is wrong, she is right, jai has to apologize to her. She says he has cheated her, he has to regret for it, whatever happens, Kanno will not apologize. Mangla scolds Poonam for saying she is wrong. Poonam says sorry to say but this time you are wrong, we all know what jai did, how can you support her. She says how can he have an extra marital affair, what will his wife feel, think about it keeping you at Kanno’s place. She says this is not right what he did. Kanno cries. Poonam says we must explain jai to leave Pooja. Kanno says Poonam is right, if I do what he did, is that right. Mangla says what nonsense, you

are our bahu.

Poonam says see the difference. Think what is Kanno going through seeing jai have an affair. It is wrong by all ways. Poonam tells Kanno that she is always with her and will support her. Mangla says good speech but remember you are only managing the house, you can’t rule over us. She says jai and Kanno’s matter is not small, so we will decide what to do about them. She asks Poonam to stay out of this matter. She says I m your mum in law so I m explaining you, I m also a mum, I can’t see my son facing troubles. Kanno cries. Mangla leaves. Poonam looks on.

jai talks to Pooja on phone and tells her that he is doing like she said. He says everyone have accepted me, now are you happy. Akash hears him talking. jai sees Akash and scolds him. Akash says I m not telling you the difference between right and wrong, think about Kanno once. jai says I don’t care about anyone, I want to be happy, my happiness is in living with Pooja. He says there are many people who have an affair. Akash says you are cheating you wife. jai says keep your words to yourself. jai gets angry and leaves.

Akash tells Shashikant that jai is not listening, its better if we talk to Pooja. Shashikant says we can’t hope anything from jai now. Poonam says see Kanno, she is crying non stop. She asks Shashikant to talk to jai. Shashikant says what should I talk to him, he is mad in Pooja’s love. He did not come here for us, he came here for money. It will be our insult if we talk to him. Poonam says but, we can’t neglect this, we have to get united and bring jai out of this problem else it will be much late.

Poonam thinks she can’t leave jai like this, it will be good if jai changes and accepts Kanno. She thinks of doing something and talk to Kanno first. She comes to Kanno and sees her crying in her room. Poonam asks Kanno will you be able to forgive jai. Kanno says I don’t know all that. I know one thing that I want him back in my life, I want my husband. She says I will make a new start and will not let him complain, but I don’t know what to do and how, I m alone. Poonam says I m with you. Poonam says you will win. Kanno says how should I thank you, you are with me in my problems. She says its only you who understood my pain but I did not do right with you. Poonam says we are one family, small issues are fine. Kanno hugs Poonam and cries.

Poonam says you are like my sister, don’t say anything, I want you to face every problem boldly. Its morning, everyone sit for breakfast. Kanno waits for jai at the dining table. Shashikant asks where is Dadi. Mangla says she went to doctor with Mama. Poonam asks Kanno to sit and have food. jai comes there. Kanno smiles seeing him. Kanno sits by his side. jai gets angry and sits somewhere else. Kanno cries. Shashikant asks Akash to come to office and asks him to meet Mr. Verma. jai says I will go to Mr. Verma. Shashikant boycotts him.

He asks jai not to come in office as he is not a part of his business now. jai leaves. Kanno says see how angry he was, he might have gone to Pooja, he will never change. Poonam thinks she will go and meet Pooja. jai meets Pooja and leaves from her house. Poonam sees him leaving and goes to meet Pooja. Poonam comes to talk to Pooja.

Pooja welcomes Poonam sweetly. Poonam says I want to say something. Pooja asks her to sit. Poonam says forget jai. Pooja is stunned. Poonam asks what will you get breaking someone’s married life. Pooja says I don’t want to break anyone’s house, I don’t want anything instead of my love. She says jai did not get happiness from his wife, if he is getting love by me, whats wrong in it. Poonam says your love is bad. She says such relations get only bad name. Poonam says you are like my sister, thats why I m advising you to break this relation.

Poonam says I m helpless infront of my love. Pooja says I m sorry, I won’t be able to leave jai else I will die. Poonam says I want to request for my family’s happiness. Poonam leaves. Pooja smiles and gets a call. Pooja talks to someone and tells him everything about jai. She asks him to do something about jai. She asks him to help her in getting out money from jai. Poonam hears this and is shocked.

jai and Akash get into an argument. Akash beats jai. Poonam is shocked..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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