Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh fooling Akash by praising him saying you have a spark in you and you can get rich by hardwork if you do as we say. Akash gets in their words. Dolly and Sarita come to Mangla and talks about Kanno. Sarita and Dolly fills her ears against Kanno. Poonam comes and Mangla scolds her. Jai asks Mangla how is she. Mangla tells him about Kanno catching the shock. Jai gets worried. Poonam says you have gifted her vaccum cleaner and she used in water so she got a shock. Jai says when did I gift her that. Dolly and Sarita gets tensed.

Dolly messages Jai that Kanno lied about it and said you have gifted her. Jai understands and says yes I have gifted it, I won’t do this again, sorry. She says go and see your wife now. Jai leaves. Sarita says leave it

now, get well soon. Dolly says take care, we will leave. Dolly takes care of Kanno. Kanno says you did good that you told him at right time, thanks. Jai says what was the need for all this. Dolly says we could not see Kanno working so much and we ordered the vaccum cleaner for her. She says its our mistake, poor Kanno had to get scolded.

Kanno gets in their words and says is this called a life, do I have to take a breath of peace. Jai explains her but she gets annoyed. Akash talks to Poonam and tells her what happened today. Poonam asks what. Akash tells about Ramesh’s contacts. He says Ramesh is great, his attitude is also good. Poonam says it means he is popular. Akash says he gave me some tips. I likes his words that you should have money and power. He says I also want to earn lots of money. Poonam smiles and says you will earn as you work hard. Akash acts as if he has power and contacts. Poonam laughs.

He says I want to buy a big house for all of us. She hugs him. Ramesh comes to them. Akash says you would have called me. Ramesh says come in the hall at 12, there is a surprise. Akash and Poonam agree. Ramesh says come in time and leaves. Everyone in the hall at night and are happy to see a big cake. Ramesh brings Dolly and she looks at the cake and is happy. He says happy birthday and hugs her. Everyone smile. Dolly thanks him. Akash says you should have told us, we would have brought gifts. Mangla says yes. Ramesh says I did not tell everyone as I did not want you all to bring a small gift, I want something else. Everyone looks at him.

Ramesh says I want your blessings. Mangla smiles. Sarita says its 12 now, cut the cake. Dolly cuts the cake. Ramesh sings happy birthday to you. Everyone claps. Ramesh tells Dolly that he can do anything for her smile. He says I love you. She says I love you too. Everyone smile. Kanno thinks there is so much love in between them. Akash says see Ramesh, he is so caring, lets see what is his gift. Ramesh says I have a gift for her. He says I will bring it and leaves. He brings a big box wrapped up and says this is for Dolly. Dolly opens the gift happily and everyone see what is it. Its a world map ball. Kanno says what will dolly do with this. Mama laughs.

Akash says I don’t understand. Ramesh says rotate the globe and keep your finger. He says this is greenland, this is the gift. I will take you to Greenland this time. Everyone are shocked and smiles can’t believing this.

Ramesh says we all can go together to Greenland. Kanno is very happy.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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