Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 26th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla and Akash stopping jai from leaving the house. jai scolds Akash and does not stop. Mangla tries to stop him and falls off the stairs. Akash holds her and she cries. Kanno says don’t leave me, I will change, I will do as you say, don’t go. She falls on his feet and cries. Poonam also requests him not to go. Shashikant gets angry and says get out, we don’t need you. jai says I don’t want such family who can’t see my pain. He leaves the house. Kanno and Mangla breaks down. Poonam hugs Kanno. Mangla faints. Akash sprinkles water on her. Mangla asks for jai and says call him back. Shashikant says I m ashamed to be his father. He says I told you that jai is like Deepak. Mangla recalls his words.

Pooja is having cigarette. jai comes to

her and she is shocked. He does not see her reality and hugs her saying I have left my family and came to you to stay with you forever. He says now I m free. Pooja is shocked. jai asks what happened, are you not happy. She thinks he has lost everything, property, money, what will I do with him now. Pooja asks him to go back to his family. She explains him that she loves him and can’t take away him from his family. She says I know your wife is not good for you, but why are you punishing your family. She says if you want to see me happy, then do something that they accept me. She says my love says that your family is my family, your parents are mine, I want to be with them, you have to go back to them. jai says but….. She says you have to and hugs him. jai smiles and says fine, I will go. She smiles.

Akash pacifies Mangla. Poonam asks Kanno not to cry. Mangla asks Shashikant to bring jai back. Shashikant says we don’t need him. He says he is dead for us now. Mangla cries. jai comes back. Everyone are shocked to see him. Mangla is happy and thanks the Lord. Shashikant stops jai and asks him not to enter the house. He says this is my house, not a Dharamshala. jai says dad……. Shashikant says now the door are closed for you forever. Mangla asks Shashikant to forgive jai, where will he go. She says he is regretting so he came back. Kanno requests Shashikant to forgive jai and allow him inside the house. She says I apologize on his behalf. She cries.

Shashikant says fine, call him inside. Mangla and Kanno are happy. Mangla welcomes jai. jai apologizes to Shashikant and says I know its my mistake. Mangla says its good you realized your mistake, don’t ever leave us. jai says yes, I realized that I can’t live without my parents, I need everyone and missed you all except Kanno. Shashikant says I have not forgiven you as I know you did not change. He says I allowed you only because of Kanno. I won’t have any relation with you and you won’t come in my office. He says if you try to change, then maybe I will forgive you. He leaves angrily.

Mangla asks jai to have food. She asks Poonam to make something for jai. jai walks by Kanno’s side ignoring her. Kanno cries looking at him. Mangla talks to jai and explains him about the mistake he did. She asks him to forget Pooja. jai says I know you will feel it wrong, but Kanno is responsible for all this, don’t you know her, she has made my life hell. He says are you happy with Kanno, she has not given happiness to us, she has not even given me a baby. He says Pooja is very nice, she has sent me back here, she cares about you all. Mangla says but she is not you wife and not our bahu. She asks him to take care of the family name.

She asks him to keep Kanno happy and keep Pooja outside the house. jai says I m understanding what you are saying. He says I will have to see Kanno’s face now, dad asked me not to come at office. Mangla says I will give you money. jai says no one is here other than you. Mangla says everything will be fine. jai smiles. Dadi consoles Kanno. Kanno cries. Mangla comes to them and asks Kanno to apologize to jai and beg him not to leave her. Mangla taunts Kanno and says I don’t want to lose my son, you will have to leave the house if he gets annoyed. Poonam says enough, you are wrong this time. Mangla is shocked. Kanno looks on. Poonam says Kanno will not bear this anymore. She says I will support her always.


Pooja talks to someone about jai. Poonam hears her talking.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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