Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam talking to Shashikant that Dadi is sad and she wants to see her two sons together. Mangla and Shashikant are shocked. Poonam says Dadi wants to live with her two sons. She asks them can’t Ravikant Tau live with us. Mangla says you don’t know about our old relations, so don’t interfere. Kanno comes there and taunts Poonam. Poonam looks at her. Kanno says Poonam does not know that she should not speak in personal matters. Poonam asks Mangla to think about it and that she can make Dadi stay with her sons. She says maybe Ravikant will agree to you. Kanno says so you want that Shashikant and Dadi go to meet Ravikant and beg him. Kanno says this cannot happen. She asks Shashikant are you taking her silly talk serious.

She says Poonam does not

know anything. Kanno says why will Tau leave his business and come here. She asks Mangla to tell Poonam that this cannot happen. Mangla tells Poonam that I have the pbjection that they come and stay her with us, I will tell the reason later. Shashikant asks Poonam not to interfere. He says Dadi is my mum and I m more concerned about her than you, so don’t advice us what to do.

Mangla asks Poonam to leave. She sees Kanno and then tells Poonam that we know you want the best for this house, its good, but there are many things which you don’t know, so don’t trouble yourself by coming in these talks. Akash and jai come home. Shashikant welcomes them. Shashikant asks Mangla what were we talking, who would go to Lucknow. He says if we send Akash, he will be after his in laws. Mangla says jai will go to Lucknow. jai and Kanno are shocked. jai says but…. I m seeing the work here. Shashikant says do your work there. Shashikant insists. jai says but… Kanno says we know how is Mangla’s condition these days, so don’t you think I should be here, as I worry about the house. She says if I go from here, Mangla won’t be able to take care of the house.

Shashikant says enough and says if anyone blames Mangla again, then I will see them. He says you are making an issue, it looks like there is no one to listen to us. He scolds Kanno and says you need to treat your brain at a hospital, first see yourself before blaming anyone. Mangla says so its decided jai and Kanno will leave in Lucknow. She asks them to start packing. Kanno is angry and leaves.

Shashikant asks jai to come with him to discuss business. Mangla is happy that she got rid of Kanno. Poonam comes to her room at night and sees Akash working. She brings coffee for him. He says you are spoiling me, I will become lazy having coffee. She says sorry from herself and her family’s side. She says you did not focus on business because of us, Shashikant is annoyed with you. Akash says every dad gets annoyed like this, this year we did not get much profit so he got worried, this has nothing to do with you and your family, you don’t worry. Poonam smiles.

He asks her what she was talking to Mangla when he came. She says nothing important. He says tell me, did they scold you, as you are looking upset. She says I spoke to them about Ravikant. She says I promised Dadi but Mangla and Shashikant are not ready for this. How should I break Dadi’s hope and tell her that I failed. She asks Akash to help her in telling this to Dadi. He says why not, you tried hard but its not in your hands. I will be with you, don’t worry, lets go to Dadi and talk to her about this.

They come to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks them to come in happily. Akash and Poonam are tensed and thinks how to tell Dadi. Dadi asks what happened, did they agree.

Poonam says I tried my best to make them agree but I failed. Dadi is shocked. Poonam apologizes to her. Dadi says so they did not agree. Akash pacifies Dadi. Dadi is hurt and says I have decided that I will go to Ravikant tomorrow itself. Poonam and Akash are shocked. Poonam says what are you saying. Dadi says I m right, I can’t break the wall between my sons, but I love them equally. Dadi is disheartened and cries. Akash feels bad and shouts mum, dad… Dadi id shocked and Poonam asks why are you shouting, they are in their room. Akash asks them to come to Dadi’s room soon. Dadi says why are you calling them, I don’t want to talk. Shashikant comes and asks are you fine, what happened. Akash says sorry, but Dadi told me something, I felt bad and hurt.

Shashikant asks what. Dadi cries. Mangla asks Akash what happened that he is creating an issue. Akash says yes, I can’t tell this peacefully. I m hurt that Dadi told me that she wants to go to Delhi to Tau to stay with him forever. Shashikant looks at Dadi and is shocked.

Shashikant asks Dadi to rest. Mangla asks Akash to keep the luggage back as Dadi won’t go anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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