Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 25th March 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Kanno getting an electric shock. Poonam runs to her rescue and asks Mangla to call the doctor. Mangla gets tensed. Ramesh and Abhi take Akash to the building. Ramesh says, I will show you the flat sample. Kanno is lying on the bed and is unconscious. Doctor says, don’t worry. She will regain consciousness soon. He says, it would have been dangerous. Poonam thanks the doctor for treating Kanno. Mangla asks, how did this happen? She says, I hate machines. Did you see what happened because of machines. Who brought that machine here? Poonam says, don’t know.

Ramesh shows the flat to Akash. Abhi looks at Ramesh. Akash says, this flat is awesome. Abhi praises Ramesh and says no one can be like him. Akash questions about the things in the flat. Abhi says,

it belongs to jijaji. Ramesh tells him that this flat’s control in inside this Tab. He explains to him saying it is completely hitech. They offer tea to Akash. Ramesh start talking about his achievements and says I builds a good flats. I feel good to build houses for the people. He indirectly insults Akash as he is into Shamiyana/tent business. He says, people should do in whatever they are happy. He asks Akash, are you happy? Akash starts thinking.

Kanno is regains consciousness and takes Poonam’s name. Poonam asks, are you fine? How did this happen? Kanno says, tap was open and water was filled in the kitchen so I thought to dry it with vaccum cleaner. Dolly says, vaccum cleaner is only for dusting. Mangla asks, from where you got this machine? Kanno is speechless. She looks at Sarita and Dolly. Poonam looks at them. Mangla asks, who brought the vaccum cleaner in my shamiyana. Kanno says, it was gifted to me by Jai. Sarita and Dolly are relieved. Mangla says, he has gone mad. Sarita says, I will teach her how to handle the machine.

Poonam goes from her room. Dolly thanks Kanno for not taking her name. Sarita says, every mother in law are like that. Dolly says, Kanno bhabhi can’t do anything with her choice. They tries to poison her mind against Mangla and praises Vimla. Dolly says, my mother is very good. Sarita says, she is right. Why Mangla wants to make her daughter in law dance on her tunes. They act as if they feel pity on her.

Akash, Ramesh and Abhi are returning home in his car. Akash breaks his car suddenly as he sees the car in the front. He gets into an argument with the cars’ owner. He talks badly with Akash. Akash gets angry and says mistake is yours. Ramesh looks evilly. That guy calls the DIG and says one guy has crashed into the minister’s car. Inspector comes and arrests Akash. Ramesh stops the Inspector and asks him to wait for 5 mins. He says, destiny will change and you will know in 5 mins who am I? Inspector gets an order from Delhi asking him to free Akash. Inspector frees Akash. Abhi praises Ramesh. Akash looks at him and says I have become your fan. Ramesh says, lets go. He smirks.

Ramesh says, come here at 12. Akash agrees. Ramesh says it is a surprise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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