Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh fooling Akash along with Abhi. Akash comes into their words. Ramesh wants to send Akash to Lucknow. Akash says he will help him and Ramesh is happy. Akash says I will do my work later and first do your work. Ramesh acts friendly. Akash says I will inform Poonam and Mangla. Akash leaves. Ramesh and Abhi hug as Akash iss trapped in their plan. Kanno says I will bring kada for you. Mangla says what, ok.

Poonam brings medicines for her. Sarita and Dolly also come and bring kada. Mangla is tensed as she does not have any real illness. Dolly says drink it, its good for you. Akash comes with Ramesh and Abhi. Ramesh asks her who is she. Mangla says I m fine. Akash says I m going to Lucknow. Poonam asks why are you going. Akash tells about Ramesh’s work.

Mangla says how can you go, you know I m not well and there is no one at home.

Akash says yes, you are right, I would have not gone, but its about Ramesh’s work, if I don’t help him, then who will help him. Ramesh says its fine Akash, I will go alone and do something. Akash says no, I will help you. Ramesh says fine. Akash tells Mangla he will come back till evening and everyone are here to take care of you. Poonam says yes, I will take care of you, let Akash go. Mangla says fine. Akash asks Poonam to call her if there is something. Ramesh asks Dolly to take care of Mangla. Ramesh leaves with Akash. Dolly tells Mangla that she can get admit in any hospital. Mangla says I hate hospitals with machines. She says today everyone are dependent on machines. Kanno gets tensed.

Dolly gets a call and leaves. Kanno says I will check the stove and come. Mangla says ok go. Dolly tells Kanno that the vaccum cleaner is coming in one hour. Kanno says but Mangla hates machines. She says she will not accept it, what will we say her, atleast we should tell Poonam. Dolly tells Sarita if she says Poonam, she will create a scene. They stop Kanno and asks her not to tell Poonam. She says tell them its a surprise given by Jai. They say Mangla will like this machine later on, if not now. Kanno thinks and gets fooled in their words. Dolly and Sarita smile.

Akash comes to Lucknow with Ramesh and says lets go to meet your friend. Ramesh says his work got cancelled. He makes an excuse. Abhi says our trip got waste. Ramesh says I m sorry. Akash says lets go to a Dhaba and have food. Ramesh says we will go somewhere. Akash asks where. Abhi says come, he will take to a good place. Akash agrees. Ramesh thinks lets go Akash, let me show you the sky. Kanno is worried as Dolly tells her the vaccum cleaner came. Dolly says come and understand the demo, how to work and use it. Kanno says if anyone sees then. Dolly says don’t worry, come with me. Kanno leaves the tap open.

The man shows them the demo. Sarita says we know everything and sends the man. Kanno asks Sarita how to use it. Sarita says its easy, we use this in Delhi. Kanno thanks them for thinking about her. Sarita says don’t tell this anyone that we gave this machine to you, else Mangla will get angry on us. Kanno says but if they come to know then… Dolly says tell them that Jai gifted this. Kanno says I will hide this machine in kitchen. Sarita says no. Dolly says don’t hide it, stop worrying. Sarita tells Dolly now Kanno will be in their hands soon.

Kanno sees the water filled in the kitchen as she left the tap open. She says I can use the vaccum cleaner to clean the water. She thinks about Sarita’s words and uses it. She attaches it to a power box. The power box falls in water and Kanno gets electrified. She falls. Poonam comes and is shocked to see her. Dolly and Sarita are also shocked.

Mangla scolds Kanno and asks from where did you get the machine. Dolly signs Kanno not to say. Kanno looks at Dolly. Poonam sees Dolly signing.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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