Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 24th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rani making excuses infront of Poonam. Poonam asks her where is the medicine box. Rano gives her, Poonam thanks her and leaves. Rani thinks she is safe now. Akash’s mum is talking to Shashikant about Awadh babu. She says why did you talk about gold. Shashikant says what can I do, did Akash leave any option for me, I just think who will marry Prathna. He says respect Kanno, she did this happen. We should be thankful to her, think wisely. Shashikant leaves. Akash’s mum thinks what does Kannu care for, she is the root of all the nuisance, I will show her position. She comes to Kanno. Kanno is wearing the saree, she asks her to wait. Akash’s mum Mangla does not wait and comes inside the room.

She says now you are not listening to me, Kanno argues. Akash’s

mum ties the saree. Akash’s mum scolds her and asks her not to speak in between elders again. Kanno thinks of doing something again to reply her.

Kanno comes to her mum in law Mangla and says what is all this, what are you doing and why. Mangla says I m doing cleaning. Kanno says I m talking about your behavior with me. Poonam comes there. Poonam says sorry I will come later. Mangla stops her and says tell us why you came here. Poonam talks about Tara and Manish. She tells Manish is not suitable for Prathna. Don’t decide their relation. He is not a good guy. Kanno shouts on Poonam and says who are you to say in our matters. Poonam says I m saying this because of Prathna. Kanno asks Poonam to leave. Mangla asks Poonam to continue what she wants to say. Kanno says Prathna’s proposal got fixed by so much difficulty, we won’t listen to her. Mangla and Poonam leave from there. Mangla asks Poonam what she wanted to say.

Kanno comes there and taunts Poonam. Akash meets Suman and tells her whats happening in his house and about Poonam’s decision. Dadi comes and asks Kanno to stop shouting. Mangla taunts Kanno. Mangla raises on Rani and asks her to go and do her work. Akash says Suman that he felt Poonam will accept his relation. He asks her to talk to Poonam again. Kanno says Poonam wants to change the house. She will dance on our heads. Akash asks Suman to ask Poonam whats going on in her mind. Suman says if she knows that you told me to ask her, she will feel bad. Suman says whatever Poonam does, she thinks and do.

Prathna intervenes and says stop it bhabhi. Prathna says Manish is not a good guy, Poonam is right. Kanno says Poonam has changed Prathna. Kanno talks in favor of Manish. Prathna says listen to me once before deciding. Kanno blames Poonam for everything and talks ill. Mangla asks Kanno to stop it and asks Prathna what is the matter. Akash says he is worried about Poonam’s parents. What if they know about their decisions, they will not bear it. Suman says what did you think. He asks Suman to explain this to Poonam.

Prathna tells her mum about Manish’s misbehavior. Everyone are shocked. She says Poonam saved me. Mangla says Kanno now you know what you were doing. You were praising Manish, it means there is some profit for you. She says she loves Prathna a lot, she says Manish would not marry Prathna. Dadi agrees.

Dadi says we did not think Manish would do like this. Mangla says Manish should be punished. She calls police. Dadi stops her saying think about Prathna. Leave Manish, let him be, we cannot ruin Prathna’s image. Mangla agrees. Mangla thanks Lord as she came to know about Manish. Kanno thinks of talking to Shashikant. Mangla thanks Poonam also. Kanno comes to Shashikant and speaks against Poonam. She tells him everything what happened downstairs.
Shashikant is shocked. Kanno says Poonam is saying everyone that Manish is not suitable for Prathna. Mangla comes there and scolds Kanno. She warns her to be careful, and stop playing games. Kanno says I was telling the truth to Shashikant. Mangla says what do you have. Shashikant says what are you doing Mangla. He says stop all this. He says Kanno is right, Manish’s anger is not wrong. Kanno gets happy as Mangla is not getting a right to speak. Kanno looks at her and smiles.

Akash talks to Poonam and asks are you going to Lucknow. He tries to stop Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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