Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash listening that Poonam cannot wear odd clothes and look like a cartoon. Poonam asks Vandana to bring her blouse and she will wear it. Vandana says ok I will bring it. Akash goes to talk to Gawtham, and asks him to talk to him for a minute. Gawtham asks what is it. Akash tells the Poonam’s problem, and asks Gawtham to think about it, and speaks well, but Gawtham is irritated. Gawtham scolds him and says if you sepak further, it won’t be good. Gawtham says who gave you the right to speak in between us. He says don’t forget you are a contractor, and Prabhunath has paid you for your work. You mind your own business.

Poonam and Suman match the blouses, but Suman says she cannot wear loose blouse. Suman says it won’t look good. Poonam says if Gawtham’s

mum wants me to wear the saree, then nothing matters. If they feel good, I will do so. Gawtham comes there and listens this. He gets happy, and says sorry I came suddenly. He says Poonam that can you come with me and he says everyone can come along.

Poonam comes in the hall with Gawtham. Gawtham’s mum is shocked to see that Poonam did not wear the saree which she gave her. Gawtham says mum, the shagun saree which you brought, Poonam will wear it sometime else, and it is our mistake, we should have sent the saree earlier. Gawtham says it does not matter which clothes she is wearing. Gawtham’s mum says she agrees with him, but she wished that Poonam wears her saree. Vandana asks her to start the engagement. Gawtham and Poonam pray infron of their Lord. Gawtham’s mum says her husband see our son has gone in Poonam’s hands. He says we will open our cards later.

The puja takes place, and Poonam stands there. Akash sees everything and feels sad, but he smiles. The engagement ceremony start, and everyone do their part. Now, Gawtham has to make Poonam wear the ring. Akash looks on, and feels devastated. His heart is shattered. Everyone clap. Poonam is about to make Gawtham wear the ring, and the ring falls bu mistake. The ring goes towards Akash. Gawtham’s mum says its not a good sign. Everyone stare at Akash. Akash picks up the ring and brings it to Poonam. Gawtham then wears the ring. The ring ceremony is over, as everyone clap again. everyone congratulate the couple for the engagement. Akash looks on.

Akash gets Dadi’s call, Akash tells he is in Poonam’s engagement, Dadi tells him some people came to see Prathna, and she asks him to come home soon. He says suddenly, how come.
She says they met Sitapur to meet some relative and they came here. She asks him to come, Akash says ok, Chandru asks what happened.
Akash tells Chandru to do work here and leaves.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Akash’s mum takes care of the guests. Shashi comes there and apologises for being late. Sanjay is the groom, and his parents are introduced. Shashi says we are glad to meet you. The groom’s family says we have to see the girl as we have to go to Kanpur. Mamaji praises
Prathna. Kannu asks Prathna whats happening, she says this goes on in life. Akash’s mum comes there and taunts Kannu. She says she was not saying anything to Prathna. She asks Prathna not to worry, as she is precious to them. She is with her always.

Prathna gets ready as the groom’s family came to see her. Prathna is tensed. Kannu says she would have brought a fairness cream for her. Her mum says she looks beautiful to me, Kannu says I did not say anything to her. Kannu asks Prathna to apply some cream. Kannu is irritated by her mum-in-law. Prathna applies the cream. Kannu says she is looking good now. Kannu makes her ready. Her mum takes her. The groom does not like Prathna, and his parents stare at Prathna. Her dad praises Prathna, and says she has completed 12th standard. Dadi also praises Prathna. The groom discusses with his mum, and they say Shashikant, that they do not like Prathna. They say him not to feel bad. Prathna’s mum is shocked and she gets sad.

Prathna cries and locks herself in her room and Akash runs after her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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