Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 23rd July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shashikant worrying about the house’s problems. He says when will these six months go. Kanno says why are we waiting for six months. We have to see someone for Prathna. Akash’s mum scolds Kanno and says we are here to think about them, don’t forget you are my bahu, do your household work, don’t think about my children. Kanno leaves in anger. Shashikant says why did you scold Kannu. She says I worry the most for my kids, I have started doing my work. Manish and Prathna does not have any argument. Manish came yesterday, he spoke to Prathna. Shashikant says you did not tell me. She says I did not get time. Kanno is in her room, scolding her mum-in-law in the mirror. Akash’s brother helps the maid. She thanks him. He says you speak good english, from where

did you learn. Rani says in London. He says tell me if you need anything. Rani says you are very sweet. He smiles.

Akash’s mum says we don’t have to marry about Prathna. We will go and talk to Manish’s parents. We cannot wait further. Dadi says we wish Manish’s parents agree with us. Shashikant says lets go today.

Akash’s parents comes to meet Manish’s parents. Manish’s mum is shocked to see them. Shashikant talks to Awadh Babu. He says listen to us once. Shashikant tells him about Prathna’s proposal with Manish. Awadh Babu shouts on him. Shashikant says I m saying this seriously. Akash’s mum says we don’t regard Poonam as our bahu. Poonam said she will go in six months. Then we can marry Akash with Tara. They says the girl is ready to sign the papers saying she will not be related to Akash or us. Awadh Babu says we will believe this when that girl tells this to us.

Kanno is at home. She sees Dadi praying. She asks Mama about Akash’s mum. She comes with Awadh Babu and his wife. They ask for Poonam. Poonam comes there. Shashikant asks Poonam to tell Awadh Babu what she told them about her relation with Akash. Poonam says she is going to leave this house in six months, then you can marry Akash and Tara. Akash hears this. Kanno thanks Lord. Awadh Babu says will you sign legal papers. Poonam says yes. Akash’s mum says now you are satisfied. Awadh Babu says if she denies this tomorrow, then. Poonam says my decision won’t change. Akash says what about my decision. Everyone look at him. Akash scolds Poonam says don’t decide from my side. He says I have equal right in this relation. He says I want to tell you what this relation means to me. I love Poonam, and I promised to live with her the whole life, she is my wife.

Akash says I will do my duty towards her. Awadh Babu says I did not believe you, I was right, you were cheating us. If Akash thinks of her as his wife, how can you think of new relation. Kanno stops them and says we can sit and talk. Awadh Babu and his wife starts leaving. Kanno says listen to me, I will talk to you in my room. Kanno takes them with her. Kanno says we will talk to the elders. Dadi says whats happening, I don’t feel this is right. Dadi feels unwell. Shashikant asks her to rest.

Akash looks at Poonam. Halaat ke ye sitam hai… O Piya… plays in the background. Poonam leaves and goes to her room.

Kanno closes the door. Manish’s mum raises on them. Kanno says this girl does not love Akash and don’t regard her relation as marriage, when she goes leaving him, Akash has to start a new life. He won’t get a better girl than Tara. Awadh Babu says Akash is married now. Shashikant says there is no relation between Akash and Poonam. We can give extra gold for Prathna. Awadh Babu says ok, I believe you but we have one condition. We will tell you what we want from you. He asks are you ready to give. Shashikant agrees. He says lets hug and be happy now. Awadh Babu says keep that girl out of this house. They leave.

Manish’s parents come home and discuss about Tara. They think why are they believing them again. They hope nothing bad happens this time. Rani is talking to someone on phone. She says I am now a part of this family. Poonam comes there and hears her talking. Poonam calls her. Rani gets shocked.

Poonam talks to Kanno that Manish does not deserve Prathna. Kanno scolds Poonam. Akash’s mum says let Poonam speak.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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