Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath being happy on seeing his house decorated. Prabhunath says Akash did it. Akash thanks Monica Didi for the decorations. Monica Didi says Poonam is special to her. Monica Didi asks Akash that does he want some more flowers. Akash says no. Akash tells Prabhunath that the work is over.
Prabhunath thanks Akash. Akash says this is my work. Prabhunath says its looking very good.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

His mother is getting ready to go to Poonam’s house. Her husband asks whats going on in her mind. She says she cannot forget the sight of Poonam wearing jeans. She says Poonam might be very sharp. He says no one can do anything to us. She says Poonam looks a modern girl, and she is worried, and if Poonam makes Gawtham far from them,

then what. He says Gawtham is our son, he will favour us. And you can cry and make up if anything bad happens.
Gawtham comes, and listens to them. His dad says Gawtham got ready and asks for Nilu.

Scene shifts to Prabhunath:

Women compliment Vandana on her saree. Akash welcomes Panditji. Akash offers them sweets and snacks. Akash impresses everyone with his good abilities. He says he has made a relation with them.

Poonam enters the hall, looking beautiful and Akash sees her. Suman asks how is Poonam looking. Everyone say she is looking very nice.
Vandana blesses Poonam. Gawtham’s family reaches there.
Vandana asks Poonam to get inside the room. Akash comes there and slips, his wristband gets stuck with Poonam’s Ghunghat. Prabhunath welcomes Gawtham and his family. Akash is taking out the cloth from his wristband but is unable to. Poonam is informed to hurry up and the guests are coming. Gawtham and his family sits in the hall. Akash sees them. Prabhunath says he has given the responsibility to Akash. Gawtham’s mum says she wants to meet Poonam. Poonam meets Gawtham’s mum and touches her feet. She says she was eager to meet her, and she forgot the Shagun in the hall.

Suman asks for her prize as she has made her ready. Everyone say Poonam is looking pretty. Gawtham’s mum says she did not like the clothes which Poonam wore, and she will not let wear her choice of clothes. She gives a saree to Poonam and asks Vandana to make Poonam wear it. Vandana gives the saree to Poonam saying you have to wear this. Everyone does not like the saree, and say there is no blouse in it, how can she wear it. Vandana says she will ask Gawtham’s mum about it.

Everyone applaud for Gawtham’s dad who is playing music. He self praises himself. Gawtham feels embarrassed. His dad says he sings in the bathroom too. People says he played the ,music well. Vandana says Gawtham’s mum about the blouse, and it is missing. She says its not there. She says Poonam can wear a different blouse. Gawtham’s mum gets irritated, she says Poonam has to wear the saree which they brought for her, as she can’t change her customs. Suman says the saree is not so good. Vandana says they have not brought the blouse, and saying about customs. Poonam says don’t worry, I will wear the saree, as I have one blouse. She reminds she wore a saree in 10th class farewell. Its in the suitcase. Poonam asks Vandana to call Chandru ji to bring the suitcase down. Akash comes there and says you were calling Chandru. He is busy with panditji. Akash asks what is the work.

Monica Didi says you have to bring down the suitcase, Akash says I will do it, and he does. Poonam then looks for her blouse. Vandana thanks Akash. He says there is no need to say thanks. They get worried that the blouse does not fit her now. Vandana says its their customs. They argue on this matter. Suman says will Poonam look like a cartoon, Akash overhears this.

Akash tells Gawtham that Poonam cannot wear the saree which your family brought, Gawtham scolds Akash badly.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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