Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 22nd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Deepak going for the first day of his job. Prabhunath encourages him and says trust yourself and do hardwork. Vandana also inspires him and makes him have sweets. Deepak takes their blessings. Deepak leaves. Vimla packs Dadi’s bag. Poonam gives her medicines. Dadi praises Poonam. Vimla blesses her. Dadi asks Vimla to go and pack their bags as Poonam will help her. Poonam says yes, tell me if you need anything. Mangla and Mama think what to do now, how to cancel the trip. She says Ramesh is smart, we have to be careful. Mama thinks of an idea and says if you were ill, you could have not go. Mangla smiles and says I m not ill, but I can become ill. She says this idea is old but effective. She tells him her plan. Mama laughs.

Shashikant and Ravikant come

home and asks about tickets. Akash says Ramesh have booked the tickets. Shashikant says Ramesh is a diamond, Dolly chose a good man for herself. Dadi says Poonam helped me a lot. Vimla says even I m ready. Ravikant gives some money to Vimla. Poonam says you should not carry money, but should take in ATM card. Ravikant says Poonam is right. Dadi asks where is Mangla. Mama comes shouting and says Mangla is having severe stomach pain. Everyone are shocked.

Mama says she is crying. Shashikant says Akash call the doctor. Everyone go to see Mangla. Mangla shouts in pain. She says I don’t think I will be alive. Kanno gives her water. Mangla says no, I don’t want. Shashikant says you were fine, what happened suddenly. Mangla says I had some pain,now its increasing. Mama goes to bring the doctor. Dadi asks Kanno to bring some massage oil. Shashikant says I will call my family doctor. Mama teaches the man to do as he say. The man is an actor, not the doctor. Shashikant asks who is this doctor. Mama says he is a good doctor. He checks Mangla.

Mama smiles. Mangla acts. The doctor says her nerves have moved, she needs bed rest. Ramesh is shocked. Mangla says I have to go on yatra. The man asks Mama what he has to say now. Everyone are puzzled. The man says I can’t make her fine, I have to give her medicines, cancel the yatra program. He says she needs rest, if you take her in this state, she will be more unwell. He writes few medicines and gives to Mama. Dadi says we should not leave Mangla alone here, we should cancel the yatra. Mangla says don’t do this, you all go. Ramesh says you all should go, I will postpone the tickets.

Mangla says no need, let them go. Ramesh gets worried. Vimla says I will stay here for Mangla. Mangla thinks I wanted to get rid of her and she wants to stay. Shashikant says fine. Mangla says no, I will be fine, you need to be with Dadi. Sarita says give me one chance, you can also go on yatra. She says I have a solution. Poonam says yes, I also heard about it. She says I don’t think you should try it. She says doctor gave medicines, she will be fine. Mangla says Poonam is right, I will be fine in two four days. She says you all go, Mama will stay back with me. Shashikant asks Ramesh to cancel Mangla and Mama’s tickets. Mama and Mangla smile.

Sarita talks to Abhi about Mangla’s stomach pain. Dolly says don’t argue, we are in problem, if Mangla stays here, how can we use Akash. She says Poonam is smart, we have to be careful. Ramesh says yes, Mangla and Poonam are clever. Sarita says think of something. Dolly gets an idea and says we can make Akash go away from this house and we will fool Mangla. No one likes the idea.

Dolly says I wish we could fool Akash. Ramesh says great idea and calls someone. He says I m coming to Lucknow tomorrow. They smile happily making a plan. Poonam asks Dadi to have medicines on time. Dadi says don’t worry, Vimla is with me, she will take care of me just like you. Shashikant asks Akash to take care of Mangla. They leave. The diya in the mandir blinks and blows off. Ramesh smiles looking at the house.

Dolly asks Mangla to admit in any hospital. Mangla says I hate machines. Kanno says what will I tell Mangla about vaccum cleaner, we should tell Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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