Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash’s mother asking Kannu what she is wearing. She pulls her saree off. Everyone are shocked to see Kannu in jeans. Akash’s mother taunts her saying she was cheating everyone, and scolds Jai also. Jai says he does not know anything. She says she does not want to listen anything. She warns them that she will not bear it. She sas to get rid of the dream of wearing the jeans.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

Gawtham is shocked to know that his engagement is tomorrow. His parents makes some excuses and say they were not getting proper dates. She says Prabhunath is ok with tomorrow. They say we should applaud you for choosing Poonam. Gawtham feels happy. His brother says our parents are impressed by Poonam. Gawtham does not understand their act and

says you are very good. He goes to talk to Poonam.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

Poonam talks to Deepak and says my engagement is taking place without your presence. Deepak says he will come before the marriage. Poonam says dad is lonely without you and he went to shopping with mum.
Kiran asks what Poonam was saying. Deepak says Poonam is calling us to Lucknow, Deepak says we don’t have fare to go there, he asks Kiran to go first, then later he will come. Kiran gets worried. Deepak asks her to understand and hold the situation, and he will try to come there soon.

Poonam says Prabhunath that you have brought me another jeans, she says she has many clothes. Prabhunath says he went to another decorator, as Akash’s dad did not speak well. Prabhunath says Poonam loves to wear jeans, and she is a guest in their house for a couple of days. Poonam thanks Prabhunath and says I love you papa.
Vandana shows her the engagement ring, and asks did you like it. She says very much, Akash comes there, and greets them. Prabhunath welcomes him. He asks how he came today. Akash says he is ready to work for them. Prabhunath says are you going into loss because of us. Akash says no, and says some sweet lines. He says he is happy that you are giving me this work.

He says his dad does not say yes to lossy work. Prabhunath gets happy. Poonam gets a call. Vandana shows Akash Poonam’s engagement ring. Kiran calls her and says she is coming after 2 days. Kiran says she is coming alone as the tickets are not vacant. Kiran asks about the preparations of marriage. Poonam says she has not decided anything. Kiran plans for her marriage. Kiran pulls her leg and talks to Poonam. Akash gives his ideas to Prabhunath.
Poonam asks them to come on video chat.

Poonam tells Vandana to arrange food, and she will eat with Deepak and Kiran. Prabhunath asks Akash to have food and go.
Akash says he is not a guest. Vandana also asks him to have food. They start the video chat. Poonam asks what she made in dinner. Kiran shows her the food. Deepak asks what they prepared, and Poonam tells them a lot of things. Kiran says she misses it. Vandana asks her to come soon. Prabhunath asks Akash to come and sit. Kiran sees Akash and misunderstands him as Gawtham. Kiran says Poonam you are really lucky as your parents have chosen a perfect guy for you. Everyone are shocked.

Akash looks at Poonam. Prabhunath tells he is not Gawtham, he is Akash, the one they met in the accident. Deepak says he is a decorator. Deepak says sorry to Akash. Akash receives a call and he says he have to leave urgently, as he is busy in work. Prabhunath says you have not eaten anything. Akash takes a roti and leaves.
Poonam asks them to have dinner. Vandana says its three years we had dinner together. Vandana thinks of old times and becomes sad. Deepak says sorry to them as he could not fulfill his promise, he could not ask them to come to America. Prabhunath says its ok, what would we do there. Poonam says its ok. Deepak says thankyou, as the idea of eating together was good.

Akash tells his Dadi that Poonam is the best daughter, she can do anything for her family. Dadi tells no one knows the fate, and never lose hope. Akash tells which hope, tomorrow is Poonam’s engagement, and then her marriage will be there. She will be not mine.

Akash brings some things, and his wrist band gets stuck with Poonam’s ghunghat. Poonam and Akash are stuck together.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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