Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 21st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sarita and Dolly lying to Mangla and saving Kanno. Kanno calls her mum and says I have arranged the money. Kanno tells them everything. Poonam hears this and is shocked. Poonam gets angry on Kanno. Dolly supports Kanno. Kanno tells about her brother’s problem to Poonam. Poonam says Mangla will doubt you first. Poonam says come with me, apologize to Mangla for this mistake. Kanno says I can’t do this. Poonam says she will scold you and then give you the money. Kanno says fine. Dolly asks Sarita to do something. Sarita says Kanno already had the money, why to tell the truth.

Poonam says we can’t do mistakes. Sarita says what will Kanno tell Mangla. Mangla will scold her family too. Poonam says think if she comes to know herself, she will insult more.

Poonam asks Kanno to agree and come with her as she won’t give her wrong suggestions. Kanno says fine, I don’t want this money, I will keep this money back but I will not admit my mistake to Mangla. Poonam says fine. Kanno leaves. Prabhunath asks Kiran where is Deepak. She says he went to Lucknow for interview. Deepak comes and is upset as the interview did not go fine. He acts and suddenly shows them sweets. He says I got the job. Everyone are happy.

He says my income would be Rs. 50000, provident fund and many more. He tells Prabhunath that I can earn. Prabhunath hugs him and says congrats. Deepak is annoyed and leaves with Kiran. Vandana says everything will be like before. Prabhunath says I m happy seeing his progress. Kanno comes to her room. Sarita and Dolly come to her and try to influence her in their talk. Kanno says I have kept the money back, but what will I say my mum. Dolly says we can help you. She gives her money and says what if we give you this. Kanno accepts it. Dolly leaves.

Poonam sees this. Kanno says Dolly gave me this money. Poonam is shocked. Poonam says its not good to take money from them. Kanno says they are helping me. Poonam says they are wrong, they did not tell you before that they have money. Kanno says don’t doubt on them. She says its not their mistake, they tried to save me. Kanno says don’t think much. Dolly and Sarita talk to Abhi and Ramesh. They have a laugh. Abhi says Akash is not going, Ramesh’s plan flopped. Ramesh says we will use Kanno and Akash and we have to send the elders out. Sarita says yes, also Poonam, she is very clever. Ramesh plans against everyone.

Its morning, Dadi prays. Everyone stand after her and prays. Poonam gives the prasad to everyone. Dadi says I want you all to come with me on yatra. Ramesh smiles. Shashikant says I want Akash and Jai stay back as we have work. Dadi says fine, all others can come with us. Ramesh says we want to come with you, but we visited it last year also. He says we can’t come. Dadi says fine, we all elders will go. Ramesh says we will go next time, you go get ready to go. He says I will book the tickets in VIP quota. Akash says you have solved my problem.

Ramesh says some young man should go with them. He says Poonam and Kanno can go. Dadi says no, we won’t take them. Shashikant says we are young and take care of our mum. Akash says Ramesh is right. Dadi says don’t worry, Mama will be coming with us. Akash is happy. Shashikant says lets do the arrangements. Ramesh tells Akash that he has high contacts and he has booked hotel, ticket and car. Akash says great, you did in few mins. Mangla asks Shashikant to withdraw less money from bank. Mangla and Mama are annoyed. Ranesh comes to Dolly and says now no one can save them from our plan. Once the elders go on yatra, their family will start getting ruined.

Mama talks to Mangla and they make an idea. Mangla acts ill so that she can’t go for the trip. Mama tells everyone to cancel the trip. Ramesh is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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