Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash’s dad asking him to leave from Poonam’s house. Akash is in deep thoughts and sad. Poonam comes in the balcony and Akash sees her. Gawtham’s parents arrive at Poonam’s house.

Prabhunath and Vandana welcomes there. They say they had to discuss something important. Vandana asks them to sit and she will bring water for them. Poonam asks Vandana why they came suddenly, and Gawtham’s mother comes in the kitchen. She asks for cold water. She sees that Poonam is wearing jeans.

They say that they have coming from pandit, and they want Gawtham and Poonam to get engaged tomorrow as it is an auspicious day. Poonam and everyone are shocked. Poonam calls Vandana and says how can it happen so sudden, even Deepak and Kiran are not there. Vandana tells

them to postpone it for five days as Deepak and Kiran will come. He says even we can wait for 5 years, he taunts them, they say we understand you, but we can’t wait.

Gawtham’s mother asks them to do it tomorrow itself. Vandana asks Prabhunath to talk alone. Gawtham’s mother says Poonam is very fast, as her parents are listening to her. Vandana says she agrees with Gawtham’s parents, and it is good to do as they say. They will also miss Deepak and Kiran but we have to agree with them. Poonam too agrees.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Akash tells Dadi that Babuji said no to take Poonam’s work. He asks her to talk to Babuji. If he could not do it, he will not be able to see Prabhunath. Prathna comes there and listens all this. She hugs Akash. Dadi says Prathna knows everything and I have told her. Dadi takes Akash with her.

Akash’s mother taunts her Badi bahu, she says some work to her and scolds her that she did not do it. Akash and Dadi comes there. They say they will have food later. Dadi talks to her son about Lucknow’s marriage. Dadi tells Shashi that not to equal everything with money. She says our family needs blessing too. He tells that we are having problems at home. So we should do Poonam’s marriage work. Shashi agrees with her. He tells Akash to do the work. He tells Akash and Jai to come with him for a meeting. Jai says he has to go to doctor with his wife. He tells ok.

Kannu says are we going to the doctor. She says why did we lie, and where are we going. He says in a party. She says Maa ji will say no if she comes to know. She asks what to wear, which saree. He says not in a saree, I have brought something. He gives her a tshirt and a jeans. He says she will look very good in jeans and tshirt. She says did you really bring it for her. She gets happy. She asks how will she hide from everyone. He asks her to wear a saree on the jeans. He asks her to get ready for the party.

Everyone are sitting in the hall. Prathna asks where they are going. Akash’s mother asks her which blouse did you wear. She sees her wearing a jeans and stops her. She asks her what are you wearing. She asks her to show her. Kannu does not listen. She says she does not have to go to doctor and starts leaving. She pulls her saree off. Everyone are shocked.

Deepak and Kiran are talking to Poonam on a video chat and misunderstands Akash as Gawtham, and say they look a good couple.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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