Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh fooling Akash in his words. He asks Akash to come with him to Delhi and make easy money. Akash agrees. Ravikant likes Shashikant’s business. Ramesh says your business is very good. Akash tells Mangla that Jai has some work and will come late. Dolly and Sarita tell Ramesh about Kanno being the weak one in the house. Jai says I have started fooling Akash. Dolly asks what will we do now. Ramesh says take care of Kanno and I will see Akash. They laugh cunningly and Ramesh makes a evil plan.

Akash comes to Poonam and tells him about Ramesh. He says he has high contacts with the ministers and he was talking about crores deal. He wants me to come with him to Delhi. He says I want to go there and see how he works and learn from him. Poonam says how can

you go, who will take care of the business. He says I will manage. She says go after some days. He says I won’t get such chance again. He says maybe it will benefit me. Poonam explains him that every coin has two faces, think wisely before taking any decision. He says don’t worry, nothing will happen, I will talk to dad about this. Everyone have a talk in the hall. Dolly says I m very happy meeting you all. Its so peaceful here.

Ramesh says this house may cost around….. He asks Shashikant. He says this house is yours, why will you buy a house, you can stay here till you want. Dolly asks whats the price of this house. Shashikant says its around……. Some people come and stop him from saying. Shashikant introduces everyone to him. The man is a diamond jeweller and says my daughter’s Nisha is getting married and you have to do the arrangements. He gives him Rs 10 lakh advance. Dolly and Ramesh look at the money. Shashikant says we will try our best. The man says the marriage should be unique and never seem before. Shashikant asks Mangla to keep the money safe.

Akash talks to Shashikant and says he wants to go to Delhi with Ramesh. Shashikant says you can’t go. He says just now we got Nisha’s marriage contract. Akash says I will do the work from there. Shashikant says no, I can’t take risk, you have to do the arrangements. Akash leaves. Kanno’s mum calls her and asks her how is she and is she still annoyed with her. Kanno says how did you call. She says nothing is fine here, I need your support. She says I need help. Kanno says now you thought of me. She says when I needed you, you did not support me. Her mum apologizes and says I was scared.

She says save your brother, he is in loan, he needs Rs. 25000 else he can go to jail. She says ask Jai about it, maybe he can give money. Kanno says no, he can’t give me. I can’t ask anyone, if Mangla knows about this, she will taunt me. Her mum says do anything please. Kanno says fine, I will see what I can do. Kanno thinks from where will she get money. She thinks of Shashikant’s money and says I have only that way, I have to become old Kanno again.

Poonam explains Akash to agree with his dad. Akash says dad does not trust me, he treats me like a kid. Poonam says he trusts you so he is asking you to wait. He says I can manage the work from Delhi also. Poonam says try to understand your dad, even we have many guests at home, you have to be here, go Delhi after some days. Akash is annoyed. She starts acting as him. He says don’t imitate me. She says I m sad as you are sad. Music plays………….. Akash looks at her. They smile. She holds his hand and he says Poonam ji….. She signs not to say anything.

Dolly says Poonam is very smart, we can’t fool her, we have to be careful. Kanno comes to Mangla’s room seeing everyone busy in the hall. She steals some money and leaves form the room. she bumps into Sarita and Dolly. They are shocked to see the money which Kanno was hiding. Everyone looks at Kanno from the hall unable to see the money. Kanno gets tensed.

Sarita and Dolly ask Kanno what is the matter. Kanno tells them her brother’s problem. Poonam hears all this and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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