Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno beating Pooja on the road. Everyone talk about the family and Shashikant. Poonam calms Kanno down and says for Shashikant’s sake. Pooja cries and leaves running. Kanno scolds Jai and says I told you if you have an affair, I will not leave you alive. Jai runs after Pooja. Kanno cries. Poonam pacifies her. People talk about the Garg family. Kanno runs crying. Poonam runs after her and tries to stop her. Shashikant and Akash does not see them. They reach their office. They see people talking about them. Akash asks what happened. The people tell them everything and taunt them. Akash and Shashikant are shocked.

Kanno comes home and runs to her room. Poonam runs after her to stop her. Everyone are shocked and asks what happened. Kanno locks her

room and ruins her room. Mangla asks what happened. Poonam says I will tell later, first ask Kanno to open the room. Kanno cries. Everyone knock her door. Jai is knocking Pooja’s door and breaks it. He finds her with a knife. He asks her not to do this. She says how should I live, after so much insult. She says let me die. He says no, if you die, I will also die. Pooja stops him and hugs him. He says did you think about me. She says think if we can’t be together, how can I live. Our love will not be understood by anyone. He supports her and gets fooled by her tears. He says I know that I love only you. He says you are important to me.

She says really? He says don’t you trust my love. She says I trust you, now your family knows about us, now will you leave me. He says I told you I don’t care about anyone, I will never leave me. He promises her and says I love you. Shashikant and Akash come home shouting Jai. He asks Mangla where is Jai. Mangla says he is not at home, come here, Kanno has locked herself in the room. They run to see Kanno. Shashikant and Akash asks Kanno to open the door. He says Jai will be punished, trust me, open the door. Kanno sees the fan and thinks of hanging herself.

Poonam says the sound is not coming now. They get more worried. Kanno prepares the rope. They try to break the door. They get enter the room and are shocked to see Kanno trying to hand herself. They stop her and brings her down. Mangla asks whats this drama, what were you going, what happened. Kanno says yes, I have become mad, I don’t want to live, for whom should I live, let me die. Mangla asks whats going on. Shashikant says ask your son. Jai comes. Kanno cries seeing him. Jai says try to understand Kanno. Shashikant slaps him. Everyone looks on.

Shashikant says don’t take my bahu’s name. Mangla asks what happened. Shashikant says ask him, what he did today. Mangla asks jai what he did. Shashikant says what will he say, he brought a girl in our office. Kanno has seen him with a girl at the office and caught him red handed. Mangla is shocked.

Shashikant scolds Jai. Mangla asks what is all this, are you not ashamed doing this. Jai lies to everyone and says Kanno saw me with that girl and misunderstood. He says that girl’s husband dies the next day after her marriage and she is a widow, she needs my help and came to the office. We are not related. He says she is my school friend Pooja. Kanno says great, that time you told she is your client, and now you are saying she is your friend, and she is a widow. He says I know I lied to you. Kanno says I m not a kid, I won’t believe you, I understand everything. Jai scolds her. He says Pooja trusts me, so she came to me asking for help. He says go and find out yourself.

Shashikant asks Jai are you telling the truth. jai says yes, I take an oath of my mum. Everyone are shocked and believes him. Mangla scolds Kanno for creating a big issue on the road. Jai says I m ready for the punishment. Kanno does not believe him. Shashikant also gets in jai’s words and scolds Kanno. Akash believes jai. Poonam is shocked. jai smiles cunningly. Poonam sees jai smiling.

jai is about to slap Kanno.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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