Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 1st October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash telling Poonam that I can’t see Prathna like this, we have to do something for her. Poonam says everything will be fine. Akash asks how. Gawtham’s mum argues with Bhima and asks him to think about Gawtham. Lallan says yes, we will think about him. She says did you take revenge or gave punishment to Gawtham. She says this ois the second time we did not get a bahu in this house. Bhima scolds her and she leaves.

Poonam brings food for Akash and asks him to have food as he did not eat since morning. Akash says my sister is struggling in darkness and you are asking me to eat. He says I don’t want food. She says ok, don;t eat but calm down, even I worry about Prathna, we will get some solution, think peacefully. Akash says how, when. Everyone

hear Akash and Poonam fighting verbally. He blames Poonam and says what was Prathna’s mistake. She says I will bring happiness back in Prathna’s life. Mangla says what happened to Akash, why is he shouting. Kanno says Akash is fighting with Poonam. Akash calms down and says sorry to Poonam. Poonam cries. He says I know its not your mistake but what will happen with Prathna now, what about her future. He says I don’t understand anything.

He starts crying. Poonam feels bad seeing him. He says now I will not let anything wrong happen with Prathna. I will do anything for her happiness and sacrifice my happiness. Poonam says even I want her happiness but we have to think and decide, else we will have to regret. We will sit and think and get a solution. Akash leaves in anger. Poonam tries to stop Akash. Akash says I did a mistake stopping my parents, they have taken the right decision. He says Prathna has to live with Gawtham. Poonam says are you mad, this is wrong. Akash says move, I will correct this. Poonam stops her. Akash dials Gawtham’s number. Akash gets angry on Poonam and warns her not to come in between this matter. Poonam says stop, think about Prathna.

Akash looks angrily at Poonam. He calls Gawtham. Gawtham talks to him and Akash says I know so many things happened but now we can’t make those things, you married Prathna and I request you to accept her as your wife. Mangla and Shashikant smile. He says come with your family and take her, forget everything, we are ready to accept you as our relative. Gawtham tells Bhima its Akash’s phone and puts on speaker. Akash says come here with your family tomorrow, we will talk. Poonam says what are you doing, they are devils. Gawtham hears this. Poonam says Prathna’s life will be hell there. Akash says leave the phone. Akash and Poonam argue and Akash gets emotional. Akash scolds Poonam. Gawtham and his family hear this and smile. Kanno is also happy seeing them fight. Poonam is shocked.

Gawtham says now Poonam will know what is revenge. Akash says we will be waiting for you Gawtham. Gawtham says I understand, I would have come there but Poonam is there and I hate her and anything related to her. Gawtham says sorry and laughs. He says see Akash I did what I wanted to do, but now I don’t have to do anything with you and your sister so don’t call me again. Bhima is happy and blesses Gawtham. Akash gets sad. Poonam looks at him. Everyone looks on. Poonam says now you got to know how are they, now you will send Prathna to their home. Akash says yes, because Gawtham married her. He says Gawtham is angry on you and he did this with Prathna, I will explain Gawtham that its not Prathna’s mistake and I m sure he will understand. He says I request you not to come after me, I m going to talk to Gawtham and his family.

Mangla says what happened, what did they say, are they coming tomorrow. Shashikant says answer us. Akash looks at Poonam and leaves. Poonam asks Shashikant to stop Akash as he is taking a wrong step.. Shashikant says Akash is doing right and we will not stop him. Mangla says its better for you if you stop interfering. Poonam gets worried and cries.

Gawtham’s family is having a laugh and his mum says I want a bahu. Akash comes to them. Gawtham and his family are shocked. Neel says its Akash. Akash greets them. Neel says shall we beat him. Bhima stops Neel and Akash gets inside. Bhima asks whats is the matter that he came to their house. Akash says I came here to request you to forget everything as we are relatives now. He says I want Prathna and Gawtham stay together happily. He says you people hate Poonam right, but now Prathna and Gawtham are married, I request you to accept Prathna as your bahu and bring her here. He says we will give you anything for this. Gawtham smiles. Neel says Gawtham has nothing to do with this marriage. Akash talks to Gawtham’s mum and asks her to understand Prathna’s pain.

Akash cries and begs them to give happiness to Prathna. Poonam comes and says Prathna can’t be happy with Gawtham. Everyone are shocked.

Gawtham says Poonam is going against you so I did not marry her. Akash requests her to leave. Gawtham ignites the fire and asks Poonam to get out.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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