Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla doing the puja and giving aarti to Dadi. Mama says its Mangla’s birthday today. Akash says yes, its her birthday today. Dadi says I forgot it. Mangla says its fine. Everyone greets Mangla. Shashikant asks whats it. Mama tells him did you forget its Mangla’s birthday. Kanno asks for a gift. Mangla says why not, I will give a precious thing, thats my blessings. Shashikant wishes Mangla. He brings money from the bank and gives him. Mama says we will celebrate the birthday well. She says no, I m not a kid to celebrate. She asks everyone to do their work. Akash thinks of something. He tells Poonam that he was ….. he stops saying and leaves.

Poonam is working in the kitchen with Kanno. Akash calls her but she does not listen. Akash signs her

to come. Poonam goes to talk to him. Kanno sees them. jai comes and asks for tea. She says did you see these lovers, what are they doing. Poonam talks to Akash and likes his idea. Kanno hears Poonam and Akash talking and misunderstands. Kanno calls everyone in the hall and tells them about Poonam and Akash and takes them to Akash’s room. Everyone hears Poonam and Akash. Kanno misleads them. Mangla asks Poonam to do the kitchen work.

Poonam talks to Akash on phone and Mangla scolds her. Akash says sorry and cuts the call. Prabhunath and Vandana come to their house. Everyone are happy to see them. Dadi welcoms them and blesses them. Mama says why did they come here, we met them yesterday. Mangla greets them. Prabhunath says we came for some work, so thought to meet you all. Dadi says its good that you came. Mangla asks Poonam to take her parents to her room and she will send them tea and snacks. Kanno says they always come anytime and taunts them.

Shashikant and Mangla are having wine. He says I need to give you a gift today on your birthday. She says I got a good life partner in you, what else do I want, you are with me. He says I want to tell you something. He does some shayari and Mangla smiles. She says enough and laughs. She says I can’t bear more happiness. He says you are the same Mangla whom I married, the beautiful one. He says nothing changed for me. Mangla hugs him.

He says I would like to tell my grandchildren that you used to drink wine with me. She laughs and says no one will trust you, as you don’t have any proof. He records the video. She says don’t let anyone know, what will they think. Akash knocks their door and asks them to come fast. They open the door. Akash says something happened to Poonam, you please come with me. Its a surprise party for Mangla’s birthday. Mangla is drunk and swirls. Shashikant holds her and says we will cut the cake together. Everyone claps for them. Poonam gifts her a saree. Kanno looks on. Prabhunath and Vandana also gifts her.

Shashikant says we will go now. Mangla stops and says you have made me happy, as this is the first time someone celebrated my birthday, who did this. Dadi says Akash and Poonam did this. Akash and Poonam smile seeing each other. Mangla is very happy and blesses Poonam. Mangla hugs Akash and Poonam. Poonam smells something from Mangla. Even Kanno hugs her and feels the smell. Shashikant is worried. Mangla tells Vandana that I m lucky to have Poonam as my bahu. She is my son’s happiness. She says Poonam brought happiness in my house. Akash thanks Poonam. Poonam smiles. Kanno leaves. Dadi stops her and asks where are you going. Kanno says I m going to bring the gift which I bought for Mangla as I also love her. Mangla says Poonam is a nice girl.

Shashikant says lets go Mangla. Dadi says let her talk, she is very happy. Mangla is happy seeing Akash and praises him. She praises jai too. Kanno comes back with the gift. Mangla speaks about everyone in the family. Mangla hugs Dadi and Dadi too smells something. Mangla says I m very lucky and very happy today. Kanno gifts her. Mangla laughs and sees the saree. Shashikant says now lets go. Mama plays a song and Mangla starts dancing. Everyone are shocked seeing her.

Kanno says did you see Dadi, Mangla is drunk. Everyone look at her and feel bad. They are shocked to know. Mangla falls. Akash runs to her. Shashikant takes her to their room and says enough. Kanno taunts Mangla and says she drinks wine, I can’t believe it. She says we thought she is a goddess, but today she embarrassed us infront of Poonam’s parents. Prabhunath says we will leave now. Dadi says have food and leave. Vandana says its very late, we will leave now. Dadi says whatever happened, I know you are feeling bad but I request you to forget it. Vandana says don’t worry, we did not feel anything. Akash asks them to have food.

Shashikant scolds Mangla and says you made me embarrassed infront of the family, what will our kids think about us. Mangla sleeps. Shashikant sees that the money is not in the bag and wakes up Mangla. He says where did Rs. 3 lakhs go, who took it. Mangla is shocked. Shashikant asks Akash and jai about the money. Kanno taunts Mangla. She says you gave the money to Mangla and she did not take care of it. Mangla is ashamed. Kanno says what should we do with her, give her the house’s duty? Dadi stops Kanno. Kanno says you all have to understand that Mangla is addicted to drinking. Akash stops Kanno. He says don’t take advantage of the situation, she is your mum in law, so talk with respect. Shashikant asks everyone to think where the money went.

Kanno says maybe someone took the money and says check my room first. Prabhunath says I think we should leave now. Dadi says fine. Kanno stops Prabhunath and Vandana and says wait. She says how can you leave seeing our problem. Akash scolds Kanno. She says I m helping in finding the money. She says we have to check them. Everyone are shocked. Poonam says how did you tell about checking them, you are insulting them, I won’t let this happen. Vandana says we did not go anywhere, so how can we steal anything. Akash asks Kanno to be in her limits. Kanno says check them, everyone will know the truth. Akash says never.

Prabhunath says Akash its fine with us, Kanno is right, you check us. Kanno checks Vandana’s bag and takes out Rs. 3 lakhs. Everyone are shocked. Vandana says I don’t know how this money came in my bag, trust me. Poonam cries. Kanno scolds Vandana. Kanno says I had doubt on them and today everyone knows their reality. She speaks against Poonam. Akash says Bhabhi…. Kanno says let me finish first. She says its good that I stopped them else they would have gone stealing the money. Kanno insults them. Kanno says I did not call the police as you are Poonam’s parents. Akash says enough now. I will not believe they stole the money even if the Lord says. Mangla says stop it Kanno.

Kanno taunts Mangla. Dadi gives the money back to Shashikant. Shashikant leaves. Prabhunath tells Akash that we want to talk to Mangla to tell her that we did not do this. Akash and Poonam go to Mangla. Mangla thinks what happened. Akash and Poonam come to Mangla and tell her that Poonam’s parents can’t do this, Poonam says trust me they can’t do this, they are waiting for you to apologize to you. She says they want to tell you that they did not steal the money. Mangla says I know, its Kanno behind all this. Mangla says its Poonam’s mistake.

Shashikant asks Akash whats the matter. Poonam says my parents did not steal the money, but it was Kanno. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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