Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ramesh filling Abhi’s ears against Mangla’s family. Dolly says they are very rich than us. Sarita says this house is worth crores. Abhi thinks but is not convinced. Ramesh shows him the store roomm which is bigger than their house’s hall. He says our mum and dad left everything to them but they did not return us anything, they are bad people, we must unite and ask for our right. He says we should not leave out right, as its wrong. He says decide then all this will be ours.

Mangla talks to Shashikant and says I don’t want anyone in my house. Ramesh, Abhi hear this and plan to do something getting angry on her. Shashikant says he is my elder brother, its my family, I respect him. Mangla says why did they come here, what was the need. She sees their

hands on the window. She says there is someone outside. She is drunk. Mangla comes out to see who is it and all of them hide. Ramesh says let go now. Sarita says we are saved. Ramesh says see what Mangla thinks about us. Sarita says we should take our right.

Abhi says I can’t believe. Ramesh gets angry. Abhi stops him and says you are right as always. Ramesh smiles. Abhi is convinced and says I will take my right now, no matter what the way, I m with you. Ramesh gets happy and asks who are with me in this plan. Everyone joins hand. Ramesh says now no one will stop us, we will win in this war of truth, we are going to become rich. Sarita asks how. Ramesh says it will happen, we have to break this strong family by finding the weak one. Think who can help us and then we will do anything to take our right.

Its morning, Dolly tells Shashikant that the house is so big and nice. Shashikant asks Ramesh to talk too. Ramesh says he is a workaholic and he does not like to sit at home. Shashikant says come with us to our office. Ramesh smiles. Dadi says come in the hall, I need to talk to everyone.
Dadi asks everyone to stay united. She says till both the families stay under one roof, there has love and relations value. Vimla asks why are you saying this, even we want this. Mangla says I also want this, that my house has happiness. Dadi says Mama will be to take care of this. Mama says why me. Shashikant and Ravi says we will help you and see that you don’t do anything wrong between both sisters. Shashikant brings everyone to show the office. Ramesh asks Akash what is the income. Akash tells him the details. Ramesh sees that Akash is controlling over the office.

Shashikant says Akash and Jai take care of the whole business. Dolly and Sarita see Kanno sweeping the house. They come to her making a plan and praises Kanno for working so hard. Dolly says ask the servants to do this work. Kanno says we can’t rely on servants and mum wants to house clean always. Dolly says how will you do all this alone, you can use vaccum cleaner. Kanno asks what. Sarita goes to Poonam and says you work so hard. She says can’t you use washing machine. Poonam says no, its an exercise for hands. Dolly explains to Kanno what the vaccum cleaner does. Dolly asks do you want this. Kanno says buy it. Dolly says it will rake some time, you manage now. Dolly tells Sarita that Kanno will come in their talk but Poonam can’t.

Ramesh asks Akash to come with him to Delhi and earn easy money. Akash agrees. Ramesh smiles cunningly.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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