Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 19th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Suman talking with Poonam. Suman says how can you think of breaking the relation, you should give him a chance to prove himself. He loves you a lot and can do anything for your happiness. Poonam says he is the reason of my sadness. Poonam speaks against Akash. She says I thought I will move out of the mandap, but because of Akash, I got insulted, I m sad and his sister’s relation broke, even Tara tries to commit suicide, how can Akash keep me happy. Suman says forget whatever happened and accept the truth that you are his wife, you have to agree to this. Poonam says think from my side, I don’t have any other option. Akash hears their conversation and walks away. Poonam asks about her family. Suman does not say her anything about them. Suman says they miss

you a lot, they are happy to get Akash. Poonam says my parents are innocent, they think Akash is good. Poonam says don’t tell this to my parents. Akash bumps into his dad. Shashikant stops him and Akash hides his face.

Shashikant asks him to come with him. He asks where are the bike’s keys, give it to me. Akash gives him the keys. Shashikant says sit behind me. They go somewhere. Shashikant drives the bike. Akash says I will drive it. Shashikant praises himself calling himself a hero. They stop somewhere. Shashikant asks him to stay there. Shashikant brings wine bottles and gives it to Akash. Akash is shocked. Shashikant says you might be thinking what happened to me. He asks Akash to drink it. Shashikant says I know you don’t drink, lets be friends and you have this drink. Akash is hesitant to drink the wine, but his dad insists. They both drink wine, Akash does not feel well. Akash drinks the whole wine bottle. Akash laughs with Shashikant. Akash says I m seeing you like this for the first time. Akash says if I drink further, I won’t be able to hold myself. Shashikant says a man should know his limits. Shashikant says you work well, but you are weak in relations. You should be careful in relations. We should get back what we invest in relations. Akash says we cannot do business in relations, they are made by love and we don’t equate in love.

Shashikant speaks against Poonam and says Prathna’s relation broke. Poonam does not respect you and she will be going in six months. She is not thankful to you, she is selfish, why are you hurting yourself because of her. Akash says Poonam’s parents are not selfish, they did not do any clever thing, and Poonam is not like that, I respect her a lot. Shashikant says you cannot keep us at stake. Shashikant says you have to remove that girl from your heart. Akash says I cannot do that, I have married her, she is my wife, I cannot leave her. Akash cries and hugs Shashikant. Shashikant comes home with Akash. Akash praises Poonam. Akash is in a drunken state. Shashikant says I will leave you to your room. Akash says I will go myself. Shashikant comes to his wife and looks worried for Akash. She asks him where did you go. Shashikant says I went to try, but now I think Akash has gone far. He will not come back. Akash comes to Poonam.

Poonam opens the door. Akash hugs her and says I love you a lot. Poonam is shocked. Akash says why are you annoyed with me, I won’t leave you, and he asks for a promise that she will not break the marriage and trust his love as he cannot live without him. Poonam pushes hi, he falls. Everyone come and Akash’s mum scolds him. Kanno says its Poonam’s mistake. Shashikant comes and hears the drama. Shashikant says don’t blame Akash, he was with me and he drank wine because of me.

Dadi says you have gone out of limit. Dadi scolds Shashikant. He says Akash was worried, so I took him out. Akash says he won’t go anywhere leaving Poonam. Kanno taunts Poonam calling her the root of the nuisance. Kanno says what will she do in the coming months. Dadi asks Kanno to be silent. Prathna requests Poonam to leave Akash till his room. Poonam looks at him. Akash calls out Poonam’s name. Poonam lifts him. Akash tells her that he loves her. Poonam takes him to his room. Akash says you don’t leave me. Akash’s brother stares at Poonam and touches her hand. Akash keeps on repeating that he loves her. Poonam leaves from Akash’s room. Akash tries to stop her and asks her not to leave her. Poonam looks at Akash and says whatever you are doing is not right, your family is getting more worried. Akash says why don’t you understand my love. Poonam says you cannot hold yourself, Akash sleeps.
Poonam removes his slippers and makes him sleep properly.

Akash apologizes to Poonam.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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