Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone having a laugh. Dadi tells them about few rituals and gives the priority to Vimla and Ravi and this annoys Mangla. She argues with Dadi. Ravi does not react and says we are fine with it. Mangla and Shashikant starts the rituals happily. Everyone looks at them. They give Shagun to Jai and Kanno, Akash and Poonam. Ravi’s sons and bahu also greet them and takes their blessings. They get the Shagun and act cheap. Vimla and Ravi sits next for the ritual. Vimla says I want to give shagun to Kanno and Poonam. She gives them bangles. Mangla looks on shocked. She says it my marriage bangles. Dadi says you did good by giving them.

Vandana and Prabhunatn gives gold bangles to Kiran as Holi gift. Prabhunath gives Deepak an envelop and blesses them. Prabhunath

asks what did you think. Deepak says I applied at many places, we will not burden you. Vandana says you are not a burden on us. Deepak says thanks for thinking so much about us, but I can manage my and my wife’s expenses. They leave. Ravi talks to Dadi and is happy. They have a talk. Mangla brings some gifts and says I brought this for my bahus. She taunts Vimla and says we always bless them with gifts, not for show. Dadi answers her.

Ravi says whats the need for all this. Mangla looks at Vimla. She calls Sarita and gives her a necklace. She gives to Kanno, Poonam and Dolly. Everyone are happy with the necklaces. Dolly and Sarita likes the necklaces. Dadi asks her sons to come with her and have a talk. Akash asks his cousins to freshen up and then they will have a talk. Poonam brings coffee for everyone. Akash says its your first day in our house and we will do ragging. They happily agree for it and says no one did Ramesh’s ragging in college. Akash says you have to tell your love story and how you got married. Ramesh shares its story.

Akash and Poonam smile. Ramesh fools him in his words. Abhishek says Ramesh is a hero. Sarita taunts Abhishek. Akash asks him to share his marriage story. Sarita tells him everything and taunts her husband. Akash says I will rag you some other day. Ramesh laughs and says I m ready. They come in their room and have a talk about how rich they are to gift us so expensive gifts. Ramesh tells them that I have everything and I m worried about you Abhishek. He says you all have a right on this house. Did you see Akash was saying this house is his and we are guests for four days. Dolly says we have legal right.

Ramesh says I don’t have any right on this house, but Abhishek has. Abhi says what are you saying, we are one family. Ramesh fills Abhi’s ears and asks him to claim his right else he will be the biggest fool. Sarita says I won’t let him become the fool, you tell me what to do. Ramesh says yes, I will do something. He says we will take our right. Dolly says I got an idea. Sarita says good one. Abhi says no way, this is wrong. I don’t agree and I won’t let this happen. Ramesh gets furious.

Ramesh asks Abhi to take his right and be determined, then he will get everything.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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