Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash’s mum scolding Akash. Akash keeps silence. She says you have not kept my values. She scolds Kanno also for throwing the food. She says I will eat the food from the ground, you have insulted the food value. Akash’s mum asks Dadi to eat the food. Mama scolds Kanno. Kanno stops her saas and says I have done it, I will eat the food. She says I will bear my mistake’s punishment. Akash’s mum gets up. Kanno sits and eats the food. Mama smiles and looks at Kanno. Kanno gets angry and leaves. Akash’s mum asks Prathna to take food for Poonam in another plate. Poonam is having food with Prathna. Poonam says sorry to her, because Prathna got hurt as her relation broke off. Poonam says I understand the pain you are going through. Prathna says no need to be sorry,

it is my fate. Akash loves you so much, he wanted to see you as his bride, but today you are his wife, but he still wants to get your love.
Akash hears their conversation.

Akash meets Suman in a restaurant. Suman says I have removed that day from my life. He says I know you are not so weak to hurt yourself. Akash asks her did you meet Poonam’s parents and how are they. He says I worry about them. Suman says you worry about them, you are a good son-in-law. Suman says they were praising you, Poonam is lucky that she got a life partner like you. She asks is everything fine at home, you look worried, is Poonam fine. Akash says life is playing game with me, I married Poonam, I believed in fate, but I regret that Poonam is not accepting this relation. Poonam sais she will break this marriage in six months. Akash says I promised to be with her in every situation, how can she tell this. If her parents know this, they will be sad. He asks Suman to explain her. Suman says I can’t face her, I have hidden the truth from her, I should have told her that you love her. Akash says I need your help, tell her that she cannot break this relation, when you meet her, don’t tell about her parents status. They are staying at Monica Didi’s house.

Akash’s mum and Mama are having a talk. Manish comes. Akash’s mum is shocked to see him. She says you here, come in. Manish says I have to talk to Prathna. She says I will call her. He says if you don’t have any problem, I would like to meet her in her room. Akash’s mum gives him the permission. Mama says may be Manish wants to marry Prathna. Prathna sees Manish and says you. He says yes, you are shocked to see me. Manish says my family got insulted, I will not spare you. I will take revenge of my sister’s tears. I have come to ruin you and your family. He misbehaves with Prathna. Poonam comes and slaps Manish. Poonam says you should not even take her name from today, else I will see you. Manish stares at them and leaves. Prathna cries. Poonam hugs her. Poonam says I will not leave him, lets go down and tell them what he did. Prathna stops her and says we cannot do this. Poonam says why won’t you tell them, Prathna says everyone are worried already, if I tell this, they will be more worried. I don’t want to trouble them, if Akash knows about this, he will not leave Manish. Poonam says I understand your worry, if Manish can do this in your room, he can do anything.

Prathna requests Poonam not to tell her family about this incident. Manish comes down. Mama stops him for lunch. Manish says I have to go. Akash comes and sees Manish. Poonam is happy to see Suman. Akash asks Manihs you here. Akash’s mum says he came to meet Prathna. Manish does not answer anyone and leaves looking at Poonam. Akash says why did Manish come alone. Poonam says he came to meet Prathna. Poonam hugs Suman. Akash’s mum asks who is this girl. Akash says she is Poonam’s friend Suman. Suman greets them and says I came to meet Poonam. Akash sends both of them inside. Suman asks Poonam how she is. Suman tells are you annoyed with me. Suman says I am not hurt, we are friends, and we shared everything. Suman says I knew that Akash loves you, but it was late for me to tell you, you told yes to marry Gawtham, so Akash told me not to tell you. I thought it won’t be good to tell you. She says we thought we would never tell you about this, but we did not know everyone will make such an issue, please forgive me. Poonam forgives her. Suman smiles. Suman asks about Akash. She says Akash told me that you are leaving this house after six months. Poonam is shocked.

Akash hugs Poonam and says I love you a lot, why are you annoyed with me. She says leave me, he says I won’t leave you till you promise me that you won’t leave me and go. Akash is drunk.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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