Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 18th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam seeing the video in Mama’s phone. Poonam is shocked. Mama comes and asks for his phone. Poonam asks whats this, how can you do this against the family, Kanno is your bahu and you took her video, if I tell this to Mangla, how will she feel. Mama says don’t tell this to Mangla, I know I did a mistake, but I did this for you. Kanno is always against you and your parents, so i thought to show her act to everyone. Mangla smiles. Mama says save me from Mangla. Poonam says fine, I won’t tell Mangla but you did the wrong thing. She asks Mama to delete the video. Mama says I deleted. Poonam leaves. Mangla praises Mama. Mangla says now see what will Kanno go through.

Poonam calls Kiran and asks why did you do this, why did you ruin our house.

Kiran says I did not do anything. Poonam says you made a son go against his family. She blames Kiran for everything. She asks why did you do this, you have used Kanno. Kiran says enough. Kiran says go and ask your Kanno Bhabhi. Kiran taunts Poonam. She says Kanno has told us everything about you selling the house. She asked us to take our share. Don’t pull me in your problems. Poonam is stunned. Kiran says get angry on her, not on me, don’t call me again.

Poonam goes to talk to Kanno in anger. Mangla smiles seeing her. Jai jai Durge…………. plays………. Poonam asks Kanno why you did this. She says you have ruined my family. Kanno asks her to leave from her room. Dadi hears their fight. Poonam says you can’t hide your mistakes. Mangla and Mama are very happy. Poonam says I did not think you will do this. You have called Deepak and Kiran and asked them to take their share in the property. Kanno says enough, end this drama, you are blaming me. Kanno says I did not do any thing, who told you I did this. Poonam says Kiran told me. Kanno is tensed.

Dadi asks Kanno is this true. Kanno says yes. Dadi says enough, its very bad, you are not sparing your family. Dadi scolds Kanno and says this mistake can’t be forgiven. She says I ashamed that you are our bahu. Dadi asks Poonam to forget everything. Dadi apologizes to her. Poonam says I don’t want you to apologize. She says what Kanno did is wrong. Dadi says all of you go, I want to talk to Kanno alone. Everyone leaves. Dadi asks Kanno why she did this. She says did you think how much hurt people are because of you, now you have to realize, I will tell Shashikant about this today. Mangla says no, don’t do this. Evern I m upset about this.

Mangla says don’t tell it to Shashikant, he will kick her out of the house, I will explain Kanno, trust me, it won’t happen again. Dadi says yes, explain her well. Dadi says don’t forget Kanno that you are part of this family. She leaves. Mangla taunts Kanno and calls her foolish. Mangla says Poonam is very clever, she made you fall in Dadi’s sight. Kanno says yes, you are right, I did not understand Poonam. Mangla says I m always with you but you have to listen to me. She says be careful with Poonam, think and take any step. Kanno says I will take care and do what you say. Mangla smiles.

Shashikant is on office. Mr. Awasthi comes to meet Shashikant to have a talk. He says I heard your business is not working. Akash says its working good. Awasthi gives them Rs. 20000 and says Jai is asking for money. He requested me to give him money. Shashikant is shocked. Shashikant gets angry and asks him to leave. He taunts him about Jai and leaves. Shashikant asks Akash did you know about this. Akash says no. Shashikant says let Jai come today, I will see him.

Poonam tells Mangla that its her Bhoomi pujan tomorrow. Everyone are happy. Dadi asks Kanno to be peaceful tomorrow. Shashikant comes home shouting Jai. Everyone are shocked. Mangla asks what happened, why are you angry. He says Jai is asking money from our rivals. Jai comes home whistling. Shashikant asks him where did you do, to beg whom. Dadi asks what happened. Shashikant tells everyone that Jai has ruined his name. Shashikant asks why did you not ask me for money, why did you need money. Jai says Kanno needs money. Kanno is shocked.

Kanno says when did I ask you for money. Jai says you wanted a jewellery set right. Kanno says I did not ask you money. Jai lies and blames everything on Kanno. Kanno says you are blaming me without any reason. Shashikant scolds Kanno and asks her to change. Mangla asks Jai to go and have food. Kanno thinks why did Jai lie. There is something fishy and I will know it today.

Kanno and Poonam see Jai with a girl an are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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