Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash coming to Poonam’s house in a sad mood. He thinks about Poonam and her proposal getting done. Poonam comes in the balcony and sees Akash’s bike. She sees him and calls him. She asks him whether you came to meet my dad. She calls Prabhunath and informs him that Akash came. She asks Akash to come up. Akash greets Prabhunath. Akash is sad. Prabhunath tells him that Poonam’s proposal is fixed so they were arranging the guest list. He asks Akash that you do this work, so he has decided that Poonam’s marriage work responsibility should be given to Akash. He asks Akash whether he has to say anything or has anything in his heart. Akash says this is my work, and I will do the best for her marriage.

Poonam comes and hears all this. Prabhunath asks him

about the price of arrangements. Akash says we will talk later, but Prabhunath insists and tells him to say it now.

Scene shifts to Akash’s home:

His elder brother tells that Akash is not making profit in the upcoming proposal. His dad too tells the same. Akash says some marketing tips and impresses them. His dad says Akash is right, and Akash has good knowledge of his work. His brother asks his dad to visit Poonam’s house. Akash says he has finalized everything. His dad asks what does the bride’s father do. Akash says he used to work in the bank and now he is retired. His dad tells we will meet him together.

Dadi is shocked to know that Poonam is getting married, she is annoyed that Akash did not tell her about this. Dadi tells she could not read Akash’s pain. Akash hugs her, and says you said if I m adamant infront of our Lord, he will listen to me, but he did not. I will not ask anything now. His dad calls him and he says Dadi that he is fine, he will come soon. He leaves.

Scene shifts to Gawtham’s house:

Gawtham’s parents are getting ready to go to Poonam’s house. Gawtham’s dad says he has made a list to ask Prabhunath. His brother says not to ask the list of things so soon, we should talk about this after the engagement. Gawtham comes there but does not hear anything.
Gawtham asks them what happened, they make an excuse. Gawtham leaves.

Scene shifts to Poonam’s house:

Akash arrives there with his dad and introduces them, he tells my dad wantd to meet your dad. She calls her dad. They greet each other. His dad tells Akash told you used to work in bank, and your son lives in America. He tells he felt glad meeting them. Prabhunath says he meets Akash often. Akash’s dad says you have only one daughter, and I have arranged many marriages, he gives some tips. Akash interferes knowing about Prabhunath’s financial position. Prabhunath says he is ok with the tips, and it is good. Akash’s dad tells him to invest more in marriage. He tells them according to your budget, everything will be not perfect, so increase the budget. Prabhunath is shocked. Poonam and Vandana hears this.

Akash’s dad says he just wanted to suggest them, and if he cannot pay the amount together, he can pay in installments. Akash bows down. Poonam says she wants to talk to Prabhunath. Akash’s dad thinks Prabhunath will say yes to their proposal.
Poonam tells Prabhunath that she did not like their proposal as it will be a type of loan. Vandana also agrees. Prabhunath fells happy and blesses Poonam.

Prabhunath then goes and tells Akash’s dad that he is not okay with the proposal. He apologises. Akash’s dad is shocked. Akash listens. Prabhunath speaks well. Akash’s dad feels bad and leaves. He tells Akash that not to take this work in hand. He asks Akash to return the money and lets leave.

Gawtham’s family comes to Poonam’s house and tells Prabhunath that tomorrow keep Gawtham’s and Poonam;s engagement. Prabhunath and Poonam are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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