Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 17th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash’s mum scolding Poonam for touching the servant. She shouts on her. Kanno says how can you regard her as a bahu. Akash’s mum says she is in our house, and she is our bahu infront of the society, and till she is here, she has to obey the bahu’s rules. Kanno says Poonam thinks of this house as a hotel. Akash’s mum scolds Kanno also. Kanno and Akash’s mum argues. Dadi and Prathna come there and listen to them fighting. Poonam does not understand anything. Kanno and Akash’s mum has a cat fight. Poonam calms them down and says I will do the household work, you both don’t fight.

Akash’s mum asks her not to interrupt in between. Prathna goes after Poonam. Dadi stops their fight and asks them to be calm and think how to take control of the

situation. Poonam sits somewhere, Prathna comes and takes Poonam’s bag with her. Prathna asks her to come with her. Akash comes home and asks Dadi is everything fine. Akash’s mum says yes. They see Prathna taking Poonam along with her. Everyone go after Poonam.
Prathna brings Poonam to her room. Kanno asks Prathna why she brought Poonam’s bag here in the room. Prathna says I want Poonam to stay in my room. Kanno disagrees. Prathna stops Kanno and says Poonam is not bad. Kanno says how do you know. Prathna says I have sense to decide. Akash’s mum asks Poonam do you know Prathna. Poonam says yes. Prathna tells Akash that when we went to Lucknow, I was in coffee shop and Poonam paid the bill and saved me from embarrassment. Its Poonam. Everyone are shocked. She says I want to help her.

Kanno says give her the money back. Kanno and Akash’s mum argue again. Akash’s mum agrees with Prathna. Kanno leaves in anger. Dadi asks Akash’s mum to come down to prepare food. Akash is sad. Akash thanks Prathna. Prathna says I have done that which I felt is right. He asks them to come down for dinner. Poonam says I m not hungry, you can go. Kanno is against Poonam. They are having dinner and have a discussion. Kanno says I m the real bahu of this house. Akash’s mum talks in favor of Prathna. Dadi asks them to cool down. Akash, Prathna and Poonam come for dinner. Kanno stops Poonam from sitting on the table. She says this place is only fir family members. Kanno says she won’t sit here if Poonam sits. Poonam takes her plate and leaves from there.

Akash too takes his plate and goes to sit with Poonam. Kanno says Akash dances around Poonam and she does not even talk to him. Akash’s mum says Prathna to tell Poonam to wear salwar suit properly. Akash’s mum taunts Kanno. Kanno gets angry. Kanno goes to Poonam and taunts her. Kanno asks her to dress properly and wear a saree. Kanno orders Poonam. Akash feels bad seeing all this. Akash says Kanno I am seeing you are after Poonam always. He says whats bad in wearing salwar suits. Kanno says you have created a nuisance. Poonam says you are right, I should obey you all. I will go and wear a saree. Poonam leaves. Akash’s mum says I m fed up seeing all this. Dadi scolds Kanno. Akash’s mum taunts Kanno. Kanno gets more angry. Prathna goes to Poonam. Kanno has Poonam’s plate in her hands. Prathna comes to Poonam and apologizes for Kanno’s behavior. Poonam says why are you saying sorry, Kanno has the right to say, I did not feel bad.

Poonam goes to wear the saree. Akash’s mum stops her and says Kanno was wrong. You are a guest for me. You don’t have to change for anyone. Keep the saree back. She tells Prathna to bring food for Poonam. Kanno is arguing with Akash. Kanno says does Poonam think of you as a husband. Dadi scolds Kanno and says you are simply arguing. Prathna asks for Poonam’s plate. Kanno does not give the plate. Kanno speaks against Poonam. Akash says give me her plate. Kanno doesn’t give and says she has to do her work on her own, she has to come and take her plate. Kanno shouts on Akash. The plate falls. Akash’s mum comes and sees the food on the ground.

Akash’s mum says she will eat the food that fell on the ground.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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