Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno taunting Poonam infront of Mangla. Poonam asks Kanno whats her fav food. Mangla asks Poonam to make Kheer for everyone. Poonam tells Kanno she will make her fav food too. Mangla is happy and tells Poonam that we want to take some gifts and meet your parents. Poonam is happy. Poonam says I will inform my parents. Prabhunath talks to the bank manager but no gain from it. Vandana asks him what they said. Prabhunath says they are not ready to talk to us. Vandana is tensed. Akash asks Poonam why is she happy. She tells him that we are going to Lucknow. Akash is shocked and says its good. Poonam says Mangla wants to meet my parents, I can’t believe I m going to my home. Akash is tensed.

Prabhunath says no one can save our house from auction. Poonam

calls Vandana, Akash tries to stop Poonam. Vandana talks to Poonam. Poonam says we are coming tomorrow. Vandana is shocked and asks why. Prabhunath is shocked too. Poonam finds it strange that Vandana asked why. Poonam says why, can’t I come home. Vandana says I meant to ask is everything fine there, did anything happen there. Poonam says everything is fine here, Mangla wants to meet you and dad. Poonam says I m very happy, I m coming home after so many months, we all are coming there. Poonam asks is everything fine. Vandana says your dad is busy, I will tell him that you called. She cuts the call. Akash asks Poonam what did Vandana say. Poonam says she was looking worried, she thought I am leaving this house and coming there.

Akash says ok. Mangla calls Poonam. Vandana says I don’t understand. Prabhunath says what will we do now, we have to do something else Poonam will know everything. Prabhunath says he will talk to Akash, as he knows everything about us, who can help us. Vandana says you are right, but ok fine, don’t tell him about the auction. She says we can’t burden Akash with our problems. Monica Didi hears this. Poonam is doing the puja and singing a bhajan. Everyone attends the puja. Poonam is dressed in a saree. Akash is worried. Poonam gives aarti to everyone. Mangla sees Akash tensed and asks him to focus and take their blessings. Mangla asks Poonam to distribute the prasad. Akash says I will go and make a call and leaves.

Shashikant asks where is jai and Kanno. Mangla says they have not accepted Poonam as the bahu and they are against her. Akash tells Prabhunath that he will do something. Prabhunath blesses him. Vandana and Prabhunath are relieved. Kanno is making food in the kitchen. Poonam comes and asks what happened. Mangla watches her bahus work in the kitchen with a smile. Poonam helps Kanno. Mangla praises Poonam. Kanno is jealous and angry. Mangla asks Kanno to learn things from Poonam. Mangla leaves.

Akash and Chandru are thinking for an idea. Chandru says tell them that you are busy and everyone won’t go without you. Akash scolds him and asks him to think another idea. Chandru says you go missing. Akash says everyone will look out for me then. Chandru says what will we do now. Akash asks him to give some solid ideas. Akash says if Tau ji comes here, then my parents won’t go anywhere. He says but how. Chandru says if you met some accident, how will you go. Akash says break my leg. Akash thinks again. Chandru says one more idea. Akash stops him. Akash gets an idea. He says Monica Didi.

Poonam reaches her house with everyone. They get down the car and are shocked to see the house. They show as if the house is under maintenance. Poonam greets her parents and they bless her.
Poonam says you did not tell me that repairing work is going on. Prabhunath and Vandana greet everyone. Akash says he told me about this work. Monica Didi comes and greets them. Chandru comes and says we can go to the house from the back door. Akash asks Chandru is everything done. Chandru says yes. Akash decorates the house well with flowers. Poonam is happy.

Poonam is about to see the lock at the door. Akash tries to stop her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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