Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th May 2013 Written Update

The boy refuses to mary Prathnah, due to her complexion. His parents accuse Akash’s family of hidding the truth and trying to marry their handsome son with such a mediocre looking girl. At this Akash, blast out at them for misbehaving with her sister and condems their thoughts. He praises the noble qualities of his sister and tells them how stupid it is of them to reject a girl like her. He feels proud of her. Unable to take it anymore the groom’s family leaves. Akash literally drives them out of the house. ( Loved Akash’s hilarious performance)

A’s bhabhi tells him that he shouldn’t have behaved like this with the guests. A tells everyone it is better that Prathnah stays with them rather than marry in such a house. His father supports him.

He takes Prathnah in the

room and tries to console her that they werent worth her. Dadi too follow and tries to sooth Prathnah, who has lost all hopes. Akash receives a call from Poonam’s father.

He thanks Akash for his help and tells him to come to his house. Poonam talks to Akash and apologizes for her behavior. He congratulates her for getting married, but is very sad.

Akash’s parents are talking to Lalji and tells him to take care in the future. His mom assures that they will offer good dowry to their daughter and that the groom’s family shouldn’t worry about their demands.

Gautam”s parents are talking about dowry because Poonam’s father is in the bank and her brother lives in America. His mother says they won’t demand much, only money enough to start an business and extend their house would suffice. (How I hated this scene.) Hi.s brother wants a car as well. Mother wants to talk to Gautam, but his father refuses saying that he himself will take care of it,

Prathnah’s mother tries to console her. But she is too upset to understand and feels dejected and low because her complexion.

Poonam’s mother comes in her room and get Flashbacks of Gautam’s father talking on the phone and his ill manners. P inquires why she is worried. She tells that she is distressed, Gautam’s is a nice boy but his family is good. They are worried and asks whether Poonam wants to get married. She says that she is okay. Prabunath says that the boy is great. Her mother asks whether she would be able to compromise and live. Poonam assures her that she is her daughter and would do her best

Update Credit to: Kashy15

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