Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 16th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam walking out of Akash’s room. Akash stops her. She looks at him with anger. He says what are you doing, you are my wife. I know my parents did not behave properly with your parents, I m sorry for everything. Poonam scolds him saying why did you ask them to come here. She does not listen to him. She says don’t you see what happened because of our marriage. Akash says everything will be fine soon and they will accept you. Poonam says our relation is not made. This is not marriage. Relations are made by heart and with elder’s blessings. Akash is hurt. She says she will go away from him within next six months.

The servant is showing a room to Poonam. Kanno is jealous and stops them. Kanno says Poonam cannot stay in that room. Akash’s mum sees this

and leaves. Even Akash is seeing everything, he comes and stops Kanno. Akash asks the servant to vacant the room. Kanno stops the servant. Kanno says we have to bear Poonam and alter our house for her, why so. Kanno says don’t hurt us anymore, that room is for guests who we respect. Not for Poonam who came without our consent. Kanno leaves. Akash looks at Poonam and leaves. Akash comes to his parents and asks them where will Poonam stay. Is this right? Shashikant says Kanno is right. He says Prathna’s relation broke, and you are still thinking only about Poonam. Shashikant asks him to leave. Akash’s mum scolds him. She says you need help from us for that girl. Akash asks for a room for Poonam and says if there is no room for her, I will leave my room and stay outside. Akash’s mum says you people are deciding everything, don’t expect anything from us.

Shashikant scolds Akash and says he is not ashamed of anything, Poonam even slapped him. Akash says she is my wife now and she is my responsibility. I agree that I married without your consent. You have decided my relation with Tara without asking me. Shashikant raises his voice over him. Akash leaves. Shashikant also leaves for some work. Poonam unpacks her bag. Akash comes to her and says you can stay in my room, I will stay in the hall. Poonam says no need, I m fine here. Akash says I want to ask you something, he asks is it wrong to love someone, is it a crime. He says when I saw you for the first time, the moment stopped. I felt the love at first sight moment. Poonam gets angry.

He says when I came to tell you, your marriage was fixed, so I thought not to hurt you by saying all this. Poonam says you have hurt your family, you are selfish. You think only about your happiness, you could have thought of about family and your sister. Poonam scolds him. She says whatever your family is doing is right, they are annoyed with me because of you. You have cheated your family, how can you expect anything from me. Akash has no answers. Halaat ke ye sitam hai.. o piya… plays in the background. Akash cries sitting in his room.

Akash’s mum and Mama have a talk about Poonam. She scolds him saying how can you talk about your marriage. The servant comes and says he needs a leave. Kanno says keep someone else in your place then you can go. Akash’s mum gives some ideas to Kanno that they can ask Poonam to work instead of the servant. Kanno says right, she can work as we are giving her food. She says I cannot talk to her. Kanno says I won’t let Poonam rest, I will talk to her and ask her to work. Kanno praises herself and laughs. Kanno drags Poonam and brings her to the hall. She tells Poonam that you got the permission to stay here, but not to take rest. Everyone does some work, even you have to do it. She says its Mummy’s command. Poonam agrees that she will work. The servant slips and is about to fall. Poonam holds him and helps him balances himself. Akash’s mum scolds Poonam that how can you touch a strange man. She says you are our bahu, don’t forget it.

Poonam is sitting idle. Prathna comes to her and takes her bag. Prathna asks Poonam to come with her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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