Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash and Poonam feeling uncomfortable in the same room. Akash takes a bath and acts silly. Poonam smiles. He talks to himself as she leaves. Prabhunath tells Deepak about the bank problem. He asks Deepak to help them. Deepak says I don’t have money, I can’t help you. Prabhunath says we have to do anything, its our house. Deepak says its only a house. Prabhunath is shocked. Deepak says I can’t die to save the house. Prabhunath is hurt by his words and says where should we live without the house. He says we need that house, its better to die without a house. Deepak says what can we do. He says you forget that house. Prabhunath is stunned. Deepak says once my condition is better, I will call you both here. He says till then you stay in a rented house.

Prabhunath tells him how important is that house for him as it has his memories.

Vandana cries. Deepak is helpless. Monica Didi watches them. Ponam comes and sees Akash sitting on the bed. He divides the bed by pillows. He closes the door and Poonam is tensed. She looks at him. She sits on the other side of the bed. Akash tries talking to her. He wishes her good night and turns off the lights. He puts a pillow and she shouts Akash please. He says what happened, I was giving you a pillow. Poonam says sorry. Akash says trust your friend, don’t worry, sit down. He says I know you are finding uncomfortable but …. Poonam smiles listening to his words. He says a girl’s life changes after marirage as she gets a new house and new people.

He asks her not to worry as they are good friends. He promises that you will always find this room clean. He says this pillows line is our limit. Poonam smiles. He says I will break my limit. Kanno comes and knocks Akash’s door. Akash opens the door and Kanno tells him that there is a thief in the house. Akash says thief. Kanno says come fast. Akash says I will come. He asks Poonam to close the door. Poonam shuts the door and is worried. Akash looks everywhere for the thief with Kanno. Kanno smiles as she has won in her goal of separating Akash and Poonam. Akash says no one is there, are you sure. Kanno fools him with a fake story. She says she is afraid so she called him.

He says its good that you came to me. She says the thief might be in the house. He says he might have gone. She asks him to check upstairs. Akash leaves. Kanno is happy and feels sad for Poonam. Akash comes back and says there is no one. Kanno says I m sure. Akash says don’t worry and sleep peacefully. Kanno tries to keep him busy. She asks him to sleep in the hall. Akash says you go and sleep, I will sleep in the hall and be awake. Something falls and Akash looks for it. Kanno is shocked. Akash sees a cat and says see its as not a thief, it was a cat. Kanno says the cat has ruined her plan.

Akash comes back to his room and knocks the door. He calls Poonam. Poonam opens the door and asks him about the thief. He says it was a ghost. She says ghost. He says nothing, it was a cat. He says Kanno misunderstood. He says lets sleep now, its late. Akash asks Poonam does she snore. Poonam smiles and says good night Akash. Akash smiles and sleeps. The next morning, Prabhunath is worried about his house. Vandana asks him did he do anything. He says nothing happened, no hope. She says talk to bank people once, can they give us some time. He says what will we do taking time. He says from where should I bring money, I don’t have anything left now. We gave away the house for helping Deepak and now we have nothing to save the house from auction.

He says who will help us now and cries. Vandana says trust the Lord, some way will come out, but as of now, talk to bank people, maybe they can give us some more time. Maybe Deepak can help us. She insists. Prabhunath says I will talk to them. Akash says sorry to Poonam as his leg went out of the line. He sees Poonam is not there. He is relieved. He sees Poonam’s dupatta and takes it smiling and thinks of their first meeting. He hugs the dupatta and plays with it.

Prabhunath says now no one can save the house from the auction. Akash and Poonam calls Prabhunath and says they are coming home tomorrow. Vandana and Prabhunath are shocked.

Update Credit to: Aena_Hasan

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