Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath introducing Akash to everyone, and saying this is Gawtham ji with whom Poonam is going to get married. Akash is shocked, and greets them. Gawtham says thanks. Vandana asks Akash to have sweets, but Akash is deeply sad. Akash eats the sweets. Prabhunath asks Gawtham and Poonam to have sweets. Gawtham says his entire coaching centre is proud of Poonam and makes her eat the sweets. Akash is stunned to see them together. Akash claps for them too. He says I will leave now. He sees Poonam and leaves. Poonam goes to her room taking blessings from Gawtham’s family.
Akash gets down the stairs and thinks what Prabhunath told in front of everyone. Akash sits on the stairs and thinks Dadi’s words that Poonam will definitely come in your life.


congratulates Poonam and asks her whether she is happy with the proposal. She asks how she is feeling. Poonam says I don’t understand, as its happening for the first time. Suman jokes on Akash.
Akash sees the sweets he kept in his hand. He thinks what Gawtham told about Poonam.
Poonam realises that she called Akash, but she could ask his forgiveness, she thinks she will call him and say sorry. Poonam calls Akash. Akash is shocked to see that Poonam is calling.

He receives the call and hears Gawtham and Poonam’s conversation. Suman pulls his leg, and leaves. Gawtham says he has to talk something to Poonam. Gawtham thanks Poonam for selecting him as her life partner. He asks her is she happy with the proposal. she says yes. Akash gets sad and leaves. Gawtham says my parents are somewhat different. Poonam says I did not feel anything like that. Gawtham says you are really good and I’m lucky that I’m getting you as my wife. He awaits their marriage.

Vandana calls Deepak and says about Poonam’s proposal. She says Gawtham’s father wants to talk to you. He talks to Deepak and asks how is everything in America. Deepak thinks they are somewhat odd. Deepak says its strange. Kiran says no matter, Gawtham’s parents are not educated. But Gawtham is educated, and perfect for Poonam. Gawtham’s father says he spoke to foreign for the first time, and he is glad. Gawtham comes and says shall we leave. They leave.

Poonam says Akash’s phone is switched off. Kiran calls Poonam and congratulates her. Deepak thanks Poonam for obeying him and saying yes for marriage. He says our parents are happy because of your decision. He says he did not make his parents happy so thanks once again. Poonam asks him to come down for marriage, he says once the date is fixed, I will book the ticket. Deepak is worried for arranging the ticket fare. He asks Kiran.

Scene shifts to Akash’s house:

Everyone are having a family time. Prathna fiancee comes home. They asks for Akash. Dadi says he went for some important work, he might be coming soon. His mother says why did he go today. Dadi says he will come, you bring Prathna. Akash comes home, sad. Chandru asks where he was, and the phone is also off. Everyone scolded him.

Akash does not listen anything, and is blank. He does not reply and goes in. He sees the groom’s family there. Akash greets everyone and apologises for being late. Prathna comes and the guy sees her and it seems he does not like her. Her mum says this is my dayghter Prathna, she studied till 12th standard, and she sings the bhajan well. The guy’s family gets angry. She praises Prathna saying she cooks well. The guy’s mother says against Prathna. They start leaving from there. Prathna’s dad asks what happened. She says your daughter is not fair. Prathna cries. The guys speaks ill about Prathna and says he will never marry her. Akash and everyone are shocked.

Akash scolds the guy’s family saying if the girl is not fair, you people are reacting like this. You have no manners, and no mind.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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