Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 15th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam asking Jai to apologize to Kanno. Jai cries and apologizes to Kanno. Kanno says you broke my heart. Jai says please….. Kanno tells Shashikant that she has to say something. She says even I did a mistake, I told a big lie to save myself and make my stay permanent in this house, I lied that I m pregnant. Everyone are shocked. Poonam says yes I know you did a mistake, but I know you did this to save your marriage. She asks Shashikant to forgive Kanno. Shashikant smiles and says I forgive her. Poonam and Kanno smile. Poonam says its Holika today and we should celebrate it by burning the Holika. Jai asks Kanno to forgive him, I m your husband please….. Kanno is still annoyed and leaves. Jai runs after her.

Poonam comes to Kanno and sees her crying

and upset. Poonam says get ready soon, its time to burn the Holika. She asks what happened, what are you thinking now. Kanno hugs her thanking her. She says it was you who forgot my bad nature and helped me. read full updates daily only at desitvbox.me Poonam says forget the past and start a new life with Jai. Everyone talk the round of Holika. Poonam thanks Akash for helping her. Akash says sorry for not believing you. She says its fine, you helped me and we won. Jai asks Kanno to forget everything and he promises that he will truly regret. He asks her to give him one chance. Shashikant tells Mangla that Kanno and Jai will be closer soon, I m sure about that. Everyone does the puja.

Vandana and Prabhunath does the Grah Pravesh puja in their new house. Everyone attend it. Mama tells Mangla see this is also done now. Shashikant hugs Prabhunath and congratulates him. Vandana says we are glad to become your neighbors. Deepak and Kiran come. Everyone are shocked to see them. Prabhunath says how dare you come here, who called you. Everyone look at Kanno. Kanno says this time I did not call them. Poonam says I called them, I know they are ours and we all miss them a lot. She says as everything became fine with Kanno, I want such to happen with Deepak also, please forgive him. Deepak says fine, no one can understand me, I had to come back from America and now I don’t have a place to live. Poonam says we should help Deepak.

Vandana says we still have some money with us, we can pay Deepak’s loan and he can live with us, our money is his money. Deepak looks at them. Prabhunath is convinced and forgives Deepak. He tells Deepak see your mum is favoring you today and your sister Poonam is favoring you, the one you left to cry. He says remember one thing, we will help you as you are our son, no matter how you are, parents don’t change. He sas go and meet your mum. Vandana smiles. Deepak hugs her and is happy. Everyone smile seeing them. Deepak says I m sorry. Deepak and Kiran greet Vandana. Vandana blesses them and says I won’t forget this Holi.

Everyone start playing the Holi. They apply holi to each other and wishes happy holi. Deepak comes to his parents and looks ashamed of his act. Prabhunath does his tilak and Deepak touches his feet. Kiran also gets happy and respects Prabhunath and Vandana. Jai comes to Kanno and she leaves annoyed. Akash runs after Poonam to apply her holi color. Poonam hides behind Kanno. Akash holds Poonam and says its our first holi today. He applies color to her cheek and music plays…………… They have an eyelock. He says happy holi. He says I wish our love stays on always. They look at Kanno and Jai. Poonam says everyone are happy except them. She says we should do something for them.

Akash tells her some plan and she says no Akash. He says whats wrong in it, its a prasad. Akash takes Jai with him and maakes him drink the Bhaang. Jai shouts Kanno darling…. I love you. Everyone dance together on the song Soni ssoni akhiyon wali……….. hum tere deewane hai…………….. Kanno dances with Poonam. Everyone clap and enjoys their performance.

Kanno says I won’t forgive you easily Jai, I will play Latmaar holi with you by beating you with sticks. Mangla is shocked. Jai agrees and brings a stick for Kanno saying beat me how much you want. Mangla asks Shashikant to stop Kanno. Kanno beats Jai and everyone enjoy the scene. Jai falls at last. She throws the stick. Jai says forgive me now please. He says take this stick, if you have still anger in you, beat me more but forgive me. Kanno takes the stick and throws it crying. She forgives Jai. Jai and everyone smile. She hugs Jai. Poonam tells Akash that no one can take away our happiness now. Some people come to their house.

Shashikant’s brother and Mangla’s sister comes with their family. Everyone are shocked to see them.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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