Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Usha happily taking the Rs. 20 lakhs from Shashikant. Poonam prays to the Lord to help her and prove Pooja is wrong infront of Jai so that he can get to know her truth and can love Kanno again. Poonam gets the file of Pooja and Usha and is very happy. Pooja and Ushe sees her and runs away. Poonam asks Shashikant where is Pooja and Usha, they are fraud, we have to catch them before they run away. Usha says lets run fast. Akash stops them at the main door. Pooja and Usha are shocked. Akash brings the old man with him. Poonam comes with the file and everyone come to see whats going on. Akash smiles. Usha and Pooja gets tensed.

Usha asks Akash to move else the family will have to bear the punishment. Akash brings the police with him. Akash says now tell me

how will have to pay, tell the story yourself else they will ask you. Jai asks whats all this Pooja, he asks her to tell him that she is innocent. Akash takes the money from them and says its hard earned money. He says you thought I will let you take the money so easily. He gives it back to Shashikant and says I will tell you the whole story. He tells them everything about Mili and Pooja’s connection. He says they were taking the claim of her. He says the claim should go to this old man. She is not Pooja but Mili. The old man scolds Pooja.

Akash pacifies him and scolds Pooja for cheating Jai. Jai asks whats all this. He says tell them you are right. Kanno says she is wrong, you are blind in her love, they are big cheat. We knew their truth since beginning. She says we did not had any proof so we were quiet but today we have two proofs. She tells them about the file. Poonam gives the file to the inspector. He asks Pooja to admit her sin. Usha says yes, I have done this sin. Poonam and Akash smile. Everyone looks on. Usha says I did this to hide my daughter’s mistake, she fell in love with a married man and she has his child. She says I asked money from them for her future. Pooja says what are you saying. Usha scolds Pooja and starts drama again.

She puts all the blame on Pooja. Poonam says stop this drama, we know you are a part of this sin, you are backing out and putting the blame on your daughter. Usha says I know everything about Pooja, she is a selfish woman and can do anything. She tells the inspector that Pooja has used her. Pooja cries knowing the truth of her mum. Pooja gets angry and slaps her mum. Everyone are shocked. Pooja says enough, I did what you told me, now I will do a good work. She says this old man is telling the truth. She says I m Mili. She tells everything about the train accident and Pooja’s death.

Jai says tell that this is false, you have my child. Pooja says I m not pregnant. Jai and everyone are shocked. She says I did this on my mum’s saying. She has taught me only cheat and lies. Now I know that she is not true. Poonam says I m happy that you spoke the truth, but I regret that you slapped your mum. She tells Usha that she is responsible for all this, she is a bad mother. The inspector says arrest Usha. Usha says Mili is mad, don’t believe her.

The old man thanks Akash. Pooja leaves with the police. Jai is shattered and says I did such a big mistake. Akash says its fine, we will accept you as you realized your mistake. Jai says I m sorry. Shashikant says apologize to Kanno. Poonam says we will forgive you but you did wrong with Kanno, you should apologize to her. Dadi says its in Kanno’s hand to forgive you or not. Jai looks at Kanno.

Akash and Poonam have a talk that they should bring Jai and Kanno closer. Jai sings and dances to woo Kanno.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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