Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 14th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno and Poonam having a cat fight. Poonam confronts Kanno for cutting the sofa. She asks Kanno to show her hand and sees her finger cut. Kanno gets caught. Poonam says Kanno has used a blade. Kanno lied to her and says I got hurt in the kitchen. Dadi scolds Kanno. Mangla enjoys the fight. Mangla taunts Kanno. Poonam says I know you don’t like me, what problem do you have, tell me, stop playing games. She scolds Kanno and says I don’t have any interest to keep the keys, I don’t know what you want. Mangla says she wants to ruin our happiness. She says Kanno should be punished for this act. You have to get this sofa repaired with your money. Kanno gets angry and leaves.

Shashikant comes home from office and says I m very tired. He asks where

is jai. Akash says jai has some important work and left. Shashikant says its strange, that he is taking responsibilities. Akash thinks I lied to dad, but where is jai. Akash comes to Poonam and asks what happened, why are you upset. Poonam does not tell him what Kanno did. Akash thinks Poonam is worried about Deepak, I have to make her smile. He says lets go to watch a movie. She says its late now, we can’t go. Akash says we will watch a movie in our hall itself, are you ready to come with me. She agrees. He says finish your work, I will arrange. She smiles.

Its night, Akash arranges the sofas and brings popcorn, cold drinks. He watches an english movie waiting for Poonam. Poonam comes very late. Akash says why did you come after two hours. She says sorry, I was doing kitchen work. He says fine, I will restart this movie. She says I don’t like this film. Akash thinks Poonam is not happy and did not see what I did for her. Poonam sleeps. Akash sees that she slept and says this is wrong. She wakes up and says I got very tired. I will go and sleep now, you watch the movie. Akash says fine. Poonam leaves. Akash says all this in vain. jai comes and joins Akash.

Akash says I had to lie about you, where were you. jai says my friends made me busy. jai asks what is this popcorn and cinema hall, whats going on. Akash tells him everything. He asks him how do you keep Kanno happy. jai laughs and says once you are married, you can’t keep a woman happy, as they don’t have interest in husband, but in house. He says leave to impress your wife. Akash says you are wrong, I know Poonam. jai says no man can understand a woman. jai gives him some tips and leaves. Akash thinks about it.

Akash says am I mad to think like this, I can’t think so about Poonam. Its morning, Akash wakes up and says I will open my eyes seeing Poonam’s face. He turns to see Poonam but she is gone. He says where did she go now. Poonam comes. Akash says this is wrong. She asks what happened. He says you woke up so soon, whats the need. She says I have work in kitchen. She says sorry Akash, try to understand, I have to do every work. Akash comes to her. She says all the responsibility is on me. Akash says you take care of everyone, I will take care of myself. He leaves. Poonam says maybe he is annoyed as I m not taking care of you, but what can I do, I m doing this for you, I will show by becoming a good wife, I know how to make you smile. She smiles.
Kanno says no one values me in this house. jai asks what are you doing. She asks him where are you going now. He says I have work today also. She says Akash will manage everything, you don’t need to go. jai says I m going to take new order. He gets ready. Kanno says I won’t let you go anywhere, tell your dad you won’t go. He says I can’t say no to him. She asks why not. He says I m getting late and leaves. She says even he is following them, what will happen with me now. Mangla comes to talk to Kanno. Poonam asks her what happened. Mangla says Kanno did this, she has ruined the house. She is playing dirty games. She asks Poonam not trust Kanno.

Mangla says I want to give you one advice. You are the owner of this house now, don’t listen to Kanno. She says stay away from Kanno, you will be in profit and would be able to bring peace in this house, I m here to help you. Don’t worry about anything. Poonam says don’t worry about us, I will manage everything with your blessings. Mangla acts sweet towards Poonam. She smiles.

Mangla talks to Mama about Poonam and Kanno.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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