Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 13th May 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Prabhunath falling down with the guys, Poonam gets worried, and scolds Akash. She asks what are you doing. He says these guys were following you, and you don’t even get it. These guys are not good. Poonam says let it be, why are you getting into it, whats your problem. Prabhunath listens. Akash is shocked, Poonam says I would have managed it, I don’t need your favour. She says who told you to make it an issue. Prabhunath tries to calm down Poonam, and he asks Akash to leave. They leave with Akash being silent and worried. Akash says Poonam to stop and understand him. The guys laugh and bring sticks to beat Akash. Poonam stops and sgain scolds Akash saying what do you have to say, is there anything left after such an issue.

She stops him after saying. Poonam

asks him to leave. The guys talk against Akash and say we will not leave you. They bring fire and throw it on Akash, Akash moves back, and the fire gets caught somewhere. Poonam, Prabhunath are shocked to see the fight has reached to the next level. Prabhunath asks what is this happening. The guys ask him why Akash is coming daily in their vicinity and is he related to them as they have seen him many times. People question Prabhunath and he is ashamed. Akash argues with them saying the guys were teasing Poonam, and he fought with the guys to stop their activities. Akash explains them that he is right, the guys argue with him. Why is he coming so often. The guys laugh on Akash and Poonam. Akash tells he will beat him if they continue shit like this. He says the guys were teasing Poonam, and he cannot see it as he loves Poonam a lot and he wants to marry Poonam. Prabhunath and Poonam are shocked. He says I wanted to tell you thats why I came here so many times. Poonam slaps him and leaves and Akash stands alone thinking it could have happened if he said like that.

Vandana asks them are they fine. He says yes. Poonam asks why did Akash do like this. Prabhunath says he did right, he thinks his way was not right, but his motive was right. Vandana also supports Akash. Vandana says Poonam that even she has done right as she loves Prabhunath a lot, but its her mistake that he scolded Akash. Prabhunath also says Poonam to apologise to Akash. If Akash had not stopped those guys, as the guys were teasing you. She should say sorry to Akash else he will not help any other girl and the guys will be encouraged to tease girls. Poonam says yes, he came to help us. Prabhunath says he felt that Akash is a good hearted man. Poonam goes to see Akash, but he leaves sadly thinking how Poonam left. Poonam sees him leaving and they both think what they said to each other.

Vandana gives haldi milk to Prabhunath and asks him to bring mithai. Poonam comes back and says Akash left. What should I do now, I really want to thank him. Vandana asks her to call him. Poonam says I don’t have his number. She asks Prabhunath whether he has his number, he says no. Poonam thinks Monica Didi will have his number. Poonam goes to Monica Didi and comes to know that Monica Didi went out of city for two three says. She meets Suman and tells her that she scolded Akash and what happened. Suman says its good Akash has beaten them. Poonam says I wanted to apologise him for my mistake, but I don’t have his number. Suman says maybe I can help you. Poonam thanks her in advance.

Akash comes home in a sad mood and see everyone are talking about Prathna’s proposal. His mother tells him to see the photo of the groom. Prathna feels shy. Akash says this is happening so soon, Dadi says yes and informs him that the groom’s family is coming to see Prathna tomorrow. Akash is happy for Prathna. She asks him whether he told Poonam what he feels for her. Akash says I will talk later. She asks again. Akash is quiet and leaves. Dadi sees him sad.
Dadi and Prathna come to Akash and ask him what happened. Why he lost his smile. Akash hugs Dadi and says everything what happened and how Poonam scolded him infront of everyone. He gets Poonam’s call and he disconnects. He says everything is over. He gets the call again, and he again disconnects and says he will never go back. He receives the call this time and hears Poonam’s voice. Poonam says its me. She says she has to talk to him. He smiles and feels happy.

Dadi asks Akash to sepak his heart out to Poonam. Vandana asks Poonam to get ready as Gawtham’s family is coming home to see her. Poonam goes with Suman to get ready. Akash tells his Lord that Poonam is mine, and I m going to marry her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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