Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 12th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mangla giving the keys to Poonam and asking her to manage the house. Shashikant gives Rs. 5000 to Poonam for the week’s expenses. Mangla is shocked and looks at the money. She thinks now she can’t take Rs. 500 from this. Kanno says I got only…… Mangla stops her and says don’t say in between. Poonam greets him. Akash is happy and smiles. Mangla taunts Kanno infront of everyone. She tells Poonam that she hopes she manages well. Poonam says I will try my best. Shashikant says now, everyone has to ask money from Poonam. And also give her the reason for taking money. Poonam goes to her room with Akash.

Mama asks Mangla to give him some money as for mobile recharge. He says should I ask Poonam for all this, she is very clever and ahead of you.

Mama asks what will you do now. Mangla says I will use the divide and rule policy. She says I don’t care who keeps the keys, but I am the one who will rule in this house always. Akash asks Poonam why is she worried, she should be happy that she became the queen of the house. She says its a big responsibility, I don’t know I can do this or not. I did not wish to take the keys but I had to. Akash says you are over thinking, dad gave you this keys as he trusts you, even I m sure you will manage the house well.

Shashikant asks Akash to come soon. Akash says it will be a problem if I get late. He runs. Poonam smiles and says Akash, I don’t want to become the boss of this house, I don’t want to rule in this house, but win their hearts, I have to do something that no one gets offended. She looks at the money and thinks something. Kanno tells Mangla see Poonam’s attitude. Kanno says she asked us to wait here and she is resting in her room. Mangla says I don’t understand why she called us here. Kanno says she wants to show us down. Dadi says why are you saying this, it does not suit you.

Did you forget what you did when you had the keys. Poonam comes to them. Dadi smiles. Poonam says I want to say something. She says I accepted the responsibility to respect your decision, but I don’t have any experience to manage the house, I don’t know how to manage. Kanno says I will teach you. Poonam says I don’t need your help, its better if you don’t. I have seen what you did with me and my parents. Kanno gets annoyed. Poonam says you all are elders, I won’t like if you ask me for money. That’s why I have made envelops with money for everyone so that you don’t need to come to me. She gives everyone the envelops. Dadi is happy.

Poonam says I kept some money for food items. Kanno says great, and taunts Poonam praising herself. Poonam says I respect our relation and I always stayed in my limits. Poonam says I will take help from Mangla and Dadi, not Kanno. She asks Kanno to mind her own business. Kanno gets angry on her. Poonam speaks wisely. She asks Dadi to come with her for taking medicines. Poonam leaves. Mangla tells Kanno see what Poonam said being younger to you, she has slapped verbally on your face. Mangla and Mama are happy seeing the drama. Kanno leaves angrily. Mama says I saw this Poonam’s avatar for the first time. Mangla says now my fears are gone, now they won’t unite and won’t stand against me, as they are apart.

She says I have to sprinkle some salt and make them fight further and be their friend so that they trust me blindly and only I rule in this house. Mama says great plan. Poonam calls Prabhunath and tells him that the house was not haunted. Prabhunath and Vandana are happy. Prabhunath says we sold our house and we got the whole money, I deposited in bank. Poonam smiles happily. Poonam says I regret that Deepak is not in our happiness.

He says I know but what can we do. He says don’t tell Deepak and Kiran that we got the money. Poonam asks why. He says I will tell you later. She says fine, I won’t tell him. He says call Sharma and we will come with the cheque. Poonam agrees and ends the call. Kanno hears everything. Kanno is happy getting the info. Kanno says now see what I do. I will make the issue of all this. She calls someone. Prabhunath and Vandana come to Akash’s house. Shashikant is happy with Prabhunath. Sharma comes. Sharma apologizes that I m sorry I did not know about those men hiding out in the house. Prabhunath says it was not your mistake, we are happy everything is fine now.

Prabhunath gives him a cheque. Deepak and Kiran come and says stop it. Everyone are shocked seeing them. Kanno smiles. Mangla looks at Kanno and understands Kanno did this. Deepak confronts Prabhunath for hiding the money matters from him. He takes the cheque and tears it. Everyone are shocked. He throws the cheque pieces on Prabhunath saying you won’t buy any house.

Deepak argues with Prabhunath and says why did you give me birth. Vandana slaps him and says how dare you point on your father, I m dead for you from now on. Poonam cries.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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