Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Poonam hearing Shashikant shouting on Akash. Tara’s family comes and says Tara was committing suicide because Akash cheated her. He says if anything happens to Tara, they will not leave Akash. Poonam sees the fight and feels sad. Akash stops Tara’s dad. Tara’s dad becomes blood thirsty after Akash. Akash’s mum slaps Tara. Tara’s mum says how dare you slap my daughter. Akash’s mum says whats the need of all this drama. Both the families have a argument. Akash’s mum says Akash is not even Tara’s fiancee. If your daughter cannot face the truth, what can we do. Shashikant requests them to go home, as we are also tensed. Shashikant says after we get a solution, we will inform you. Tara’s dad says we got insulted second time and we will not forget


Vandana tells Prabhunath that Poonan said everything is fine. Prabhunath thinks we should go and meet Poonam’s in laws. Vandana agrees so that they can see how her daughter is. Prabhunath says Poonam should not know about the bank and house matter. Shashikant says his wife why did you slap Tara, she says I have done what I felt is right. Dadi explains everyone that Poonam is Akash’s wife. Shashikant says what should we do. Dadi says don’t do anything, go to your rooms now. Everyone leave.

Akash comes to Dadi. She says I know whats going on in your heart, that how can I be against you. I wanted your marriage with Poonam but not like this. She says Poonam slapped you, this is not right. Dadi says now I don’t want to regard her as my bahu. Dadi leaves. Poonam hears this and cries. Kanno suggests that we should talk to Poonam’s parents personally. We should call them here and insult them, so that they take their daughter with them. Shashikant likes her idea and agrees with her. Poonam hears this and feels bad. Kanno thinks lets see what happens when they come here.

Akash comes there. Everyone are annoyed with him. He tells his dad that he knows whats going on is troubling you, but listen to me once. Shashikant says no, call her parents, I want to talk to them. Akash becomes happy. Kanno says we have to meet her parents. Akash says meet them once, you will change your thinking about them. Poonam is thinking about Shashikant’s harsh words. Akash comes to Poonam and sees her lost in thoughts. He says don’t worry, my dad asked me to call your parents, everything will be fine. She says no, no need, I don’t want them to come and see my condition. She blames Akash for everything what happened with her. Akash gets sad. Poonam says my family and I got insulted. Akash says I m sorry for everything. I loved you its true but.. Poonam says yes, that is why you took the advantage. Poonam taunts him. She says I thought you were a good guy and I respected you, but I did not know you would take our advantage. She says its because of you my parents got insulted, and I got to hear bad comments. Akash is hurt listening her words.

She says you have broken your sister’s marriage. Tara was committing suicide because of you. Your parents are right, as it is your mistake. She says whatever you have done, I will never forgive you. A sad song plays in the background… Halaat ke ye sitam hai… o piya….
Akash cries and leaves. Mama says Akash broke Prathna’s relation. Shashikant says its good that they left Akash alive. Shashikant says his wife you should have not slapped Tara. Those people are very dangerous. He thinks of the consequences. Akash’s mum tells Mama to call Kanno. Kanno comes there. Akash’s mum tells her that I cannot call Tara’s family. I want Kanno to talk to them. Akash’s mum gives respect to Kanno and asks Kanno to talk and apologize to Tara’s family on her behalf. Kanno calls them and says I know you all are annoyed with us. Akash did not do the right thing. She says mummy is sorry for slapping Tara. Tara’s mum says ok and cuts the call. Tara’s mum says I don’t understand how is this family.

Shashikant asks did Akash call Poonam’s parents. Kanno says she will ask Akash about this. Akash is thinking about Poonam’s words and gets sad. Akash comes to Dadi and Prathna. He thinks his sister’s relation broke because of him. He apologizes to Prathna. He says I m sad whatever happened with you was wrong. Prathna says why are you sorry, its not your fault. You did not know about Tara. The situation was wrong. Poonam and Akash are equally worried.

Akash’s mum calls reporters and talk to them.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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