Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th February 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 11th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shashikant asking Kanno what the men are saying against her. Kanno says they are lying. They give them proof against Kanno. Everyone are shocked to know that Kanno was after all this. Everyone look at Kanno. Kanno finally says I did this as Mangla gave me last chance. Mangla is shocked as Kanno is about to name her in her act. Shashikant asks what last chance. Kanno says to stop Poonam’s parents from buying this house. She asked me that they should not stay in this house. Everyone are shocked. Kanno says so I thought of this plan and what happened when she came to the haunted house that day. Kanno says I did as Mangla asked me to do it. Poonam looks at Mangla.

Poonam confronts Mangla. Mangla says I really felt that there is a ghost here. I did

not know that these people are scaring the ghosts. I asked Kanno to make sure that your parents did not take this haunted house. I did not know Kanno will do this. Kanno says I was afraid of them. Poonam asks why did you not tell the truth to us. You could have told, but you informed them that we are coming here. Kanno says I was afraid thinking about you, that they can harm you, so I called them, I was saving them so that I can save you from them. Kanno asks everyone to trust her and says I worry about Poonam’s parents.

Poonam says what is did is totally wrong. You have scared the family. Do you realize what you did. Mangla scolds Kanno for ruining the peace. Kanno argues with her. Mangla asks her to shut up. Kanno says you asked me to do this. Shashikant scolds both of them for fighting infront of those men. He says we were not trusting Poonam, she trusted herself and she exposed this big lie. Learn from Poonam. He says we will talk at home, not here. He asks Akash to give the men to police. The men apologize. Poonam looks at Kanno annoyed.

Everyone come home. Mangla asks Shashikant not to be angry on her. She says Kanno did everything. Shashikant says don’t try to fool me Mangla, I know you since years, Kanno is your slave whom you rule, I know you don’t want Poonam’s parents to stay near us. What Kanno did, she will get punished, but tomorrow. Mangla smiles happily. She says leave all this, make a drink for me too.

Akash apologizes to Poonam for not believing her. Poonam says you have always supported me, you went to the house to find out the truth. She says you are annoyed as I found out the truth. He says no, I m very happy, but I would have been more happy if I believed you. Poonam says if Mangla and Kanno does not want my parents to stay here, they would have told me. Akash says they care for your parents. Poonam says I m not annoyed with Mangla, but what Kanno did, what about that. He says we can’t explain Kanno. Poonam says she did the same thing before too. Akash says forgive me as its my first mistake. Poonam says you will be punished, your punishment is you have to spend your life with me. Akash and Poonam look at each other and smile. Akash says happily Poonam.

Its morning, Shashikant punishes Kanno infront of everyone. He says I have decided that all the responsibilities will be taken away from you. Kanno is shocked. Everyone looks on. Mangla and Mama are happy. Shashikant asks Kanno to return the house keys. He asks Mangla to take the keys from Kanno. Mangla smiles and thinks she succeeded. She takes the keys from Kanno. Shashikant says Poonam will be having the keys from today. Akash smiles. Poonam and everyone are shocked. Shashikant praises Poonam. He asks Mangla to give the keys to Poonam. Mangla with a heavy heart gives the keys to Poonam. Poonam looks at Mangla.

Poonam says I don’t know how to manage the house. Kanno says I will teach you. Poonam says thanks but no need.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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