Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th October 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th October 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Akash asking Poonam to leave as no one loves her and blames her for everything. He says you can’t bear it, its better if you leave. As no one cares about you. He says your decision is right and cries. Dadi cries. Akash says things will not change between us, I will be the same Akash, your Akash, always. Poonam smiles and thanks him. She says thanks for understanding me and supporting me. Everyone looks on. Poonam says sorry that she did not become his wife and broke his hope. She says I will be always your friend, this is my promise.

She apologizes to everyone for hurting them. Poonam leaves to pack her bag. Dadi asks Akash to stop her as she knows he loves her a lot and she is his wife. Akash nods no and cries. Dadi says let her be in our house,

stop her please. Akash says Dadi, let her go, this house don’t deserve her. Akash calls Chandru and asks him to bring a taxi and Poonam has to go to Lucknow. Poonam brings her luggage bag and Akash looks at her.

Poonam sees Mangla and touches her feet taking her blessings. She takes Shashikant’s blessings also. She greets everyone. Kanno is happy that she is leaving. Poonam says Akash and he smiles seeing her. Halaat ke ye sitam hai…. O piya….. plays…. in the background. She starts leaving and Mangla stops her calling out Poonam stop. Poonam stops and Kanno is shocked seeing Mangla stopped Poonam. Everyone looks at Mangla. Mangla says you can’t go like this leaving this house. She goes to Poonam and takes her bag. Mangla says you are the bahu of this house, you don’t have to go from here. She says I want that you stay here with us.

Poonam says no, now this is not important, I know you don’t like me in this house. Mangla says yes, I did not liked you in the beginning, I wanted that you leave from this house, but try to understand a mum’s heart. You married Akash suddenly and whatever happened in Prathna’s marriage because of you. She praises Poonam and says we have seen you goodness and truth, we don’t have any doubt on you now, so forget everything and I want to accept you as my bahu. Dadi smiles.

Mangla says Akash married you and he loves you a lot. Poonam says but… Mangla explains her and says why are you leaving, please stay here. Akash is happy and asks Poonam to stay in the house as everyone wants her to stay. He says what will be your parents think if you go there. He says stay here and cries. Dadi says Poonam I know everyone insulted you in our house, but now everyone knows that you were right and your aim was true, think about your parents, what will they go through seeing you. Dadi says your parents will not be able to answer people. Dadi says its easy to break relations, but its tough to keep a relation intact. She asks her stay.

Poonam looks at Akash. He nods yes. Mangla says what are you thinking Poonam, we don’t have any complain about you. Mangla asks everyone are they ok if Poonam stays at home. Shashikant says yes. Mama also agrees. Kanno says I have a problem. Mangla and everyone looks at Kanno. Dadi asks what problem do you have if Poonam stays here. Kanno says Mangla did not regard her as a bahu, still she was ruling over us, if we call her our bahu then think what will she do. Mangla scolds Kanno and says we need a smart bahu in our house. She asks Poonam not to care about Kanno. Mangla says whatever happened, I have told many things to you, I have asked you to leave from this house, but today, I m stopping now. Kanno is angry. Mangla apologizes to Poonam.

Poonam says what are you doing, I don’t want you to say sorry. Kanno leaves in anger. Poonam says if you accepted me with your heart and wants me to stay here, so I will live here, I will try to be a good bahu. Shashikant says so Poonam will live here with us being our bahu. Poonam hugs Dadi. Everyone smiles. Poonam greets everyone. Mama hugs Poonam. Akash smiles seeing them.

Poonam says sorry to Akash but he promises that he won’t take his right of the husband till she accepts him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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