Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th March 2014 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Kanno telling Poonam about her plan that she will tell everyone that she is pregnant. Poonam is shocked and asks her not to lie. She says everyone will think you are a liar and you should not break their trust. Its morning, Mangla calls Kanno and says I need to talk to you. Kanno lies to everyone that she is pregnant. Everyone are shocked hearing it. Jai says this can’t happen. Kanno says why not, you should be happy that I m having your child. jai says how this suddenly, you are lying. Kanno says why would I lie. jai says as you are jealous of Pooja, she is giving me the happiness which you can’t give. Kanno says I m not lying. jai says agreed, but is it my child? Everyone are shocked.

Shashikant scolds jai for talking like this with Kanno. Akash

also taunts jai. jai scolds Akash and says she is not pregnant, if she is, then its not mine. Kanno says its yours. jai says I will take you to doctor and do the tests, then everyone will know whose child it is. Kanno says fine, then Pooja will also have to go for the tests, who knows its your child or someone else’s. Shashikant says enough, no need of any tests. He leaves. Pooja’s mum takes Pooja from there. Pooja gets tensed.

Akash and Poonam have an argument because of Kanno’s lie. Akash asks Poonam to sort out the issue he comes back home. Pooja and her mum have a talk about Kanno getting pregnant. jai comes to them and says I m innocent, I don’t have any relation with Kanno. Pooja and her mum start believing Kanno. Pooja’s mum talks to someone on phone and asks Pooja to wait for her. Poonam comes to talk to Kanno. Kanno says I did this to save myself. Poonam says this is wrong. Kanno says what would I do, my mum has asked me not to come there, where should I go from here. Poonam says this is wrong, its getting complicated, the day the truth comes out, everyone will question you. She says there will be dreams in everyone’s heart, so I have to tell everyone the truth. Kanno says trust me, don’t tell this to anyone. Poonam says fine, but you have to tell it very soon. Kanno says fine. Poonam says I will support you, we have to think about our plan now. We have to know what is Pooja’s motive behind all this.

Pooja looks at some documents and says once I do this, I will be free from jai. She waits for her mum. Poonam comes to her and Pooja hides the file. Poonam talks to her sweetly and asks are you fine. Pooja says what can I do in this, I trust only jai. Poonam says when will you go to doctor, shall I take the appointment. Pooja says I will tell my mum, you don’t worry. Pooja gets up as her mum calls her. Poonam sees the file and keeps it back seeing Pooja turn. Pooja says I need rest now. Poonam says fine, call me if you need anything. Poonam leaves. Poonam thinks what was the file, why did she hide it.

Pooja’s mum says I m going from here with Pooja. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to:amena

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