Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th July 2013 Written Episode, Ek Ghar Banaunga 10th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi getting worried for Prathna. Everyone are tensed. Dadi feels in heart and everyone take her and makes her sit on the sofa. Akash’s mum asks Kanno to bring Dadi’s medicines. Kanno comes to the hall and sees Poonam. She taunts Poonam that she is not ashamed of anything. Poonam cries. Kanno says Dadi is unwell, you should have thought about us. Kanno says you might be knowing that you are like an uninvited trouble. Mama asks Kanno to bring Dadi’s medicines soon.

Akash brings Prabhunath and Vandana to Monica Didi’s house. Prabhunath says why are you people worrying about us. Akash says you don’t have any trouble thinking about you. Monica Didi says I got a chance to take care of you, as you regard me as your daughter. Monica Didi says Akash told

me before itself, and I have kept a room for you. Vandana and Prabhunath praise Akash as Lord’s gift. Akash says ok, I will leave you, inform me if you need anything. Akash greets them and leaves.

Everyone are around Dadi. Kanno says today I was happy and suddenly this problem occurred. Dadi is thinking about Prathna. Akash comes home and sees Poonam standing at the same place where he left her. He is shocked and comes running towards her. He asks are you standing here, no one showed you my room, its my mistake, I should not have left you like this, I’m sorry. He takes her to his room and asks her to take rest. Shashikant says enough, I have decided. Dadi says I’m your mother, and from my experience I want to say you that the decisions taken in anger are wrong always, so think before taking any decision. Shashikant says I don’t have time to think. He asks Kanno to call Akash.

Akash asks Poonam to rest. She sits on the bed. Akash looks at her sadly and Kanno enters. Kanno tells him that Shashikant is calling you in his room. Akash says why, what happened. Kanno says he has something important to talk to you about your marriage. Akash gets tensed. Shashikant asks Dadi where is Prathna. Dadi says I told her to go to her room and rest. Akash comes with Kanno. Shashikant scolds him and says I told you to be away from Prabhunath and his family, but you did not listen to me. I cannot forgive you for your mistake. Akash’s mum says you must be ashamed, its because of you that Prathna’s relation broke off. You have ruined everything. Shashikant says we will not accept Poonam and we don’t accept this marriage, so you have to break this marriage.

Akash says think what you are saying, I respect you all. I know I did a mistake, but I said sorry. I cannot do what you said. Akash says Poonam is my wife, her responsibility is mine. Akash’s mum says what about your sister and your family. Shashikant says I will keep the girl out of the house. Kanno says wait, I will kick her out. Akash stops Kanno. Akash stops everyone. Kanno says we have to do this to rectify your mistake. Akash says try to understand. Kanno says don’t stop me. Kanno scolds Poonam and asks her to get up. Kanno pulls Poonam. Akash says leave her hand. Akash says Poonam has the same status in this house as you. Kanno says you have become her slave in one day, you care about her more than your family. Kanno argues with Akash.

Kanno says what was wrong with Tara. Akash says he did not know anything about Tara, and now Poonam is his wife, and he wants everyone to talk with Poonam with respect. Kanno equally argues. Poonam listens everything and feels sad. Dadi comes and asks Kanno and Akash to come outside the room. Kanno leaves from the room. Akash sees Poona crying and says whatever is happening I’m sorry, everything will be fine with time. Trust me. Akash leaves from the room. Poonam gets a call from her parents. They ask her how she is. Poonam talks to Vandana. Shashikant is shouting on Akash. Vandana overhears this and asks the situation at home. Poonam says everything is fine. Akash says I want you all to accept Poonam. Shashikant says we can’t. Poonam closes her door and talks to Prabhunath. Prabhunath gets worried. Poonam lies to him.

Prabhunath says I know under what conditions you got married. But we know Akash is a noble person. Vandana asks are you is any problem there, Poonam says no, don’t worry about me. Vandana says call us if you have any problem. Poonam cuts the call and cries.

Kanno says we should talk with Poonam’s parents. Shashikant likes Kanno’s idea. Poonam is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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