Ek Dujhe ke vasthe – OS (Ragsan or Swasan)

It was something silly. He had looked across the room at another girl. She had been offended and had let him know.
“I was only glancing in that direction,” he said. “Sort of resting my eyes.”
“Oh I understand,” she had responded. “I suppose Curly hair can be restful on the eyes.”

It had been nothing but it had escalated. No one would have believed it. They were meant for each from the start. They were both interested in the same things, believed the same, looked alike with blue eyes and light brown hair. Even the shapes of their faces seemed to have been sculpted by the same artist.
Sanskar didn’t mean a word when he said, “Maybe we should both look for someone else.”
“Maybe we should,” she responded tartly. She didn’t mean a word.
“When?” he asked softly.
“Now, would be as good a time as any.”
“Got somebody in mind?”
“Oh, I don’t know.Sahil has been looking at me in a nice way.”
“Yes, Sahil would be a splendid replacement for me. Very splendid indeed!”
“And you,” she asked. “Kavitha, I imagine,” he responded. It was the first name that popped into his head.
“Kavitha? Do you mean kavitha Thompkins,” she asked incredulously. “Well I suppose she would be as good as any!”
“She’s very sweet, he objected. “And so is Sahil!” she countered.
Both were silent for a minute. Then, he said, “Would you do me a favor?”
“What?” she asked suspiciously.
“Though our paths must now diverge, though we both must find new ways, though you’ll now love another, I hope you’ll see a little bit of me in him?
When he takes your hand, as I do, and holds you tightly as I do, when tenderly he kisses you, I hope you’ll see a little bit of me in him.
Tears welled in her eyes. She said,

“When she smiles brightly as she sees and runs to greet you,
and hugs you, as I do, I hope you’ll see a little bit of me in her.
“When she melts into your arms as I do and begs for extra kisses as I do,
I hope you’ll see a little bit of me in her.
His voice broke a little when he said,
“When he says how much he loves you, and gazes in your eyes as I do,
I hope you’ll know that I’ll be thinking of you and wondering why we parted.”
“Darling,” she said, “I don’t want anyone else saying he loves me, I don’t want anyone else gazing into my eyes as you do. I don’t want anyone else kissing me tenderly. I want only you doing these things!
“Dearest,” he responded. “Sometimes I get a little nutty. You’re the only one for me and will always be. Let me take your hand as I used to. Let me hold you tightly as I did. Let me tenderly kiss you.”

The end of this story does not need to be written.

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