Ek duje ke vaste- Will the gentle survive with the harsh? Intro


Hi guys,I am Anushika\Anu.I just had a new idea in my head,so thought that I will write it.
It may be 3 shots.I am unsure of how many episodes I will write on It.

So let’s start

Suman Malhotra: Wife and PA of Shravan.Married to him only for his business benefits.Hardly talks to him,except while on duty.Only a few people know that she is his wife.Pa because of a contract.Cheerful and Bubbly girl, very social and makes friends easily.

Suman is an orphan who used to live with her aunt.Her aunt used to hate her and make do all the chores.She was also a business tycoon .

Shravan Malhotra: Business tycoon.Short tempered ,angry young man.Doesn’t like Suman to talk with new people.He wants money and power thus married Sumo.
Well ,in this story,there is only Shraman and Shravan’s parents.

Pls comment,so I will write the story.

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  1. Ufaaq

    Intro seems very nice
    Waiting eagerly
    Plz post asap
    Take care

  2. Sharmansangel

    I think it will be nice reading this ff

  3. Marie

    Hey anu the intro is amazinggggg plz post d ep…!! ASAP can’t wait

  4. Nikita

    A very interesting one anu !!
    Post asap ..
    Can’t wait !!

  5. WeirdSister

    Interesting… Post soon..luv ya..

  6. It’s quite interesting. Post soon ?

  7. Ariana

    Wow interesting! Waiting for it. Post asap. Nd I do mean ASAP. I’m waiting…..
    Lots of love
    Take care

  8. Neeti

    sooo nice Anu di, pst kab kar rahi he ap….
    Sry it’s Leeti (late+Neeti) again….
    Is Shravan insecure???? isliye wo Sumo ko kisi se bat nai karne deta….
    wo bechari Sumo she is a PA….
    pst asap asap asap
    good night, I mean bye, I’m still sleepy….
    lots of luv…Leeti

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Well really nice intro ..
    Seems interesting
    Post soon
    Take care ..

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