ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 9 Part 2)


Hey people! Actually I have to say something .. I have not been able to comment on some people’s ff because of bad network.. But let me tell u I read them all n u guys r way to higher… Niki .. Riya…lily.. Lovely lady… Pari…weird sister All of u.. N I mean all of u r just killing it…
Keep going girls..??
N rest of the people I have commented I guess…
Now d part 2

Dis is the second part of episode 9 plz do read d part 1 http://www.tellyupdates.com/ek-duje-ke-vaste-new-beginnings-episode-9-part-1/ n here’s d link..

Let’s get started…
Sumo was having pani puri n Shravan was staring at her… He had mixed feelings surprise n love …
Surprised – koi pani puri itne dhyan se kaise kha skta h,,?
Love – chuck d pani puri just look at her she is soooo pretty ?????
Sumo : iss trh ghur kyu rae ho!? Tmhe khana h to tm v khalo..
Shravan: nai nai, u enjoy…
Sumo: tm pani puri ko mana kr rae ho!? ( to d pani puri wale bhaiyya?) ar ap bhaiyya ye kya h? Zara mirchi dalo.. Dilli ki pani puri ar dilli ke log dono thnde..
Shravan: ooh hello!! Tm Delhi ke logo ko janti nai ho ek bar thàan le na to peeche nai hatt te..?
Sumo: achaaaah!? Prove it den!
Shravan: kya krna h bolo?
Sumo: ammm competition pani puri ka…
Shravan: kidding me rite? Maine kvi pani puri nai khayi…
Sumo:hawwww? to aj kha lo… ?
Shravan asks her not to do dat but she feeds him forcefully …. Dey den try various street food lyk momos , chicken roll n Shravan was breathing heavily since he had never tasted such spicy food..
Sumo: here u go !! Ice cream isse tmhari seee seee bnd ho jaegi ( d way we react wen we eat something really spicy).. ??
Shravan: shut up! Tm duniya ki sbse buri girlfriend ho..
Sumo: ehhh??
Shravan: best friend I mean … Amm.. Friend…
Sumo walks ahead n smiles…
Shravan: amm chle?
Sumo: hmmm.. Pr mai gaadi se nai jaungi..
Shravan: ab helicopter mngaun tmhare lie?
Sumo : nai ,
She points at a guy who was buying some stuff n had his cycle parked dere…
Shravan: tm mazak kr rai ho na?
Sumo: tm mere lie itna v nai kr skte?
N makes a puppy face..
Shravan : ye ldki police ke chakkar lgwaegi..?
He goes n stealthily takes d cycle.. Sumo sits wid him… N d guy runs behind dem…
Shravan: ye sb filmo me hota h sumo …
Sumo: ohhooo kitna sdhte ho tm hasso jiyo muskurao kya pta kal ho na ho!!!???
Shravan: meri srk deewani..
He sings a song tumse hi tumse from anjana anjani
Ab se koi khushi nahi
Jiski tum wajah nahi
Ab se koi din nahi
Jiski tum subah nahi
Ab se koi baat nahi
Jo tumse na hogi shuru
Ab se koi raah nahi
Jo tum sang main mudhoon
Abh ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Abh ke abhi yeh ho gaya yakeen
Yeh zindagi meri ho gayi teri
Tumse hi tumse har baat
Har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath
Tumse hi tumse har baat
Har baat hai
Jab tum ho saath

( I wrote d lyrics so dat u guys can read d lines n understand wat Shravan was trying to say)
Dey rode on d cycle for sometime n returned it to d guy wid lots of chocolate n a sorry??
Shravan drops sumo to her hostel ..
Shravan: mai ek ghnte me tmhe fr pick krta hun… ?
Sumo holds his hand n hugs him…
Sumo: thanks Shravan for always being dere even when I behaved so badly.. Tm the ,, hmesha mere sath..
A tear drop roll down her cheek..
He cups her face n wipes d tear..
Shravan: I told u I don’t lyk seeing you cry..
Sumo: mai… Ro nai rai aankh me kuch chla gya..
Shravan: ( smiles n turns her face towards him) pagal!!
He kisses her on her forehead she looks at him in surprise…
They share an intense eyelock
Shravan asks sumo to go but she was lost in him…
She finally goes n dresses up in d blue gown … N she does a lite makeup her hairs were soft curled n she was lookin gorgeous…
It was 7 wen she received his msg … She goes out n his heart skips a beat wen he sees her …
She looks at him n wasn’t really amazed because he was looking handsome in dat black texuedo like always.. N his eyes were still doing d same magic it does Evey time she looks in them..
They dint speak anything n Shravan opened the door for her…
They reached a isolated place which had a beautifully decorated place having table for 2 he asks for her hand n she places it into his ….
She starts walking to d table wen rose petals fall on her she looks up n just enjoys d treatment…

Sumo: wow!
Shravan let’s her sit down..
Shravan claps n few people come wid d guitar .. Dey play music n Shravan opens d bottle of wine …
Shravan pours the wine in a glass n gives it to sumo..
Sumo: kuch zada sophisticated nai ho gya baby???
Shravan: baby!!! ?☺☺Wooo kya h k, maine socha meri trh krte h, pr agr tmhe nai psnd “baby” to khi ar chlte h “baby” ….
Sumo : Shravan! ???
Dey order some food n eat it dey talk about various things … After sometime Shravan asks out sumo for a dance… Dey go to the ground under the sky…
Shraman starts dancing.. N within a minute it starts raining…. Shraman look up at d sky..
Shraman: October me barish!?????
Shravan runs to d shade n starts complaining….
Shravan: yaaarrr! Iss barish be mera pura setup khrab kr dia avi honi thi barish.. Shit yaar!! Ab mai kaise khunga tmse dat I….. He looks for sumo n den realises she was standing dere only… N enjoying d rain .. Shravan was lost seeing her … I…. Love you..
He looks at her for long but she was busy dancing in d rain… He comes to her n grabs her arm.. Dey share an eyelock n shraman starts dancing on d song khuda Jane …
( plz u guys r great in imagining so imagine d most romantic rain dance .. Two lovers completely drenched n dancing in d rain coz elaborating dis part won’t work) Shravan looks into sumans eyes for long .. Dey were drenched yet dey were feeling d warmth of each other… Shravan looses all his senses n was mesmerized by the surrounding.. Shravan comes closer to sumo sumo also wasn’t resisting n he kisses her .. A passionate kiss .. They had dere eyes closed n panting … Sumo had clutched his collar… They part n join deir foreheads..
Shravan realises wat he just Did… ( sorry guys if u don’t like d kiss part but it was d demand of d story)
Shravan: sumo… !! M… M really sorry… Pta nai .. Mai mai kya soch ra tha… Sumo…
Sumo: ( nervously) ahh.. Shr… Shr … Shravan mujhe lgta h mujhe chlna chahye …
Shravan: ???????
Sumo: bye!
She leaves n he was just cursing himself for ruining everything…
Shravan: ye Maine kya kr dia….
Sumo on d way back to hostel was smiling remembering wat just happened…
Next day Shravan reached sumo’s hostel n was really nervous … But he got to kno dat she left! He was shocked… She left him…

Precap: leap!

So guys I have been getting really less comments plz do comment don’t read silently… Plzzzz…
N dere’s an announcement..
May be I won’t be writing the next epis since I have xamz on 24 July… Hope you understand but if I get tym I’ll write for sure till then plz don’t forget dis story coz d coming up part is hell intrsting..
Lots of love ❤

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  1. Sharmansangel

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    Such a sweet ff so lovely di u r awesome I was waiting for this part and I loved it by heart its so nice ff and waiting for next epi

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  4. Wow it was amazing….. So romantic.. Leap will make the story interesting…….. Keep writing and post soon……

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  5. Sumo Di today i have seriously no word to expresss my happiness…….
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    N m dsprtlyyy waiting fr nxt prt plzzzzz plzzz post whebevr u get tym… 🙂
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    Lots of luv 🙂

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  6. Just luv ur every episodes dear

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  7. aaww shraman was so cute or i say cutest…so amazing beautiful fabulous superb episode… combination of both simplicity and gorgeous date really liked it…best part you know it obviously the kiss part after doing much struggle finally shravan get his treat but in the end remember what he has done dude just the live moment forget the limit think…i imagine girl i need you song in rain dance i loved the song…
    shock sumo left him other shock leap than 3rd you will not post…will miss your ff…will you be active on ekdv page…all the best for exam…take care love you don’t take tension be happy and will miss you too

    1. Sumo

      U r such a sweetheart… Thanks sss for bei dere.. U r too sweet… N I will try to be active on edkv page.. Will miss u too…???

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      Let’s see wat happens naina.. N thanks for liking… ???

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      N yes naina I tried providing u d links but network dese days r really creating problem… So if u will Google my ff’s name that is.. Ek duje ke vaste- new bigginings u will find all d EPs dere.. Hope it helps… Plz do read… ???

  12. U will definitely force me to fall in love yr….. Thu was so cute n romantic……ahhh…. jus loved it…. lets see wht happens further… waiting for the nxt part…. U rock sumo…. ????

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      Hope you fall in love soon… ?? kidding … But just keep loving my work..????

  13. Sumo..this ff tells me that..u will become a good writer.for romantic..novels…in future…?☺
    All the best for ur exams..and ya..we r not gng to forget this ff..?☺

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      Hey sona.. Thanks for dat lovely comment… U r toooo sweet… ???

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    Amazing di.. Its okay if you don’t comment.. It’s definetly fine.. And the episode was amazing.. All the best for your exams.. Try n post soon.. The episode was amazing

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  16. Hey sumo, 1st of all, again a vry gud epi. N 2nd dat I hv read in ur reply to sm1 (sry, don’t remember whom U replied) dat U R a medical aspirant, so wanted to know dat which exam U R giving on 24th.

    1. Sumo

      M preparing for neet 2 dats on 24 July… ??

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      1. All d best fr ur xam… hope U crack it. Btw, I too m a med aspirant..?

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    zabardast chapter !!!! loving this ff more and more,,,,post soon next one please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow sumo amazing…sorry for commenting late…but it was awesome…..especially d way u ended it…wid so much left for us to guess…seriously…amazing work…!!!

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