ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 9 Part 1)


Hey people ! Here I m wid d most awaited ep! Gear urself..

Part 9
Sumo sits down n was restless because she had never gone on a date ever.. She was excited n nervous both at d same tym…
One of d hostel helper came n handed her a packet .. She opened it n found a beautiful blue gown.. She herself was jaw dropped after seeing it.. It had a note , ” I kno ur uncha naak wouldn’t allow u to accept it,but just for today for me.. Keep it wid urself.. ”
Sumo smiles wondering how much he understands her.. She finds a pendant too which had a initial S
Sumo: hmmm.. To ye S kiske lye h Suman ya Shravan?
Her phone buzes n d screen flashes Shravan she smiles as d phone had given d perfect answer..
She reads his msg …
” be ready I’ll pick u up in half n hour”
Sumo: adhe ghnte me!! Avi tk to mai… Oh no…
She replies ” itni jldi !? Avi to 7 bje h”
He texts, ” ammmm m sorry PR… Mujhse wait nai ho ra…”
Sumo smiles n replies ” I’ll be ready”
Sumo goes for d shower.. She comes out n was standing in front of her cupboard confused..
Sumo: aj lyf me phli baar m not able to decide k kya pehnu abhi?
She sees a crop top n jeans for long … But ends up choosing a blue embroidered kurti n leggings … She gets ready but her hairs were wet..
Just den she gets Shravan’s msg : come fast na…
She leaves d hair as it is n takes her stuff n runs down in excitement…
Shravan was waiting wearing a full sleave black tee n jeans .. She comes n dey look at each other … Both of dem were nervous as it was a official date..

Sumo: ahh.. Hy!
Shravan: hy!!
Sumo: mmm.. Mausam kitna ajeeb h na ?
Shravan: ahhh haan, barish ho skti h..
Sumo: October me barish?
Shravan: ammm..??
Anyway aao.. Sit..
Sumo sits in d front seat while Shravan gets seated in the driving seat..
Shravan looks at sumo n comes ahead as if he is going to hug her…… Sumo backs off nervously n Shravan realises….
Shravan: nai, actually WO.. Amm.. Seat belt…
Sumo: oohh!
She wears d seat belt nervously..
She keeps her hairs infront which splashes water droplets on shravans face..
Sumo : m sorry wo .. Mujhe tym hi nai mila baal thk krne ka…
Shravan: its okay ! Tm ase hi achi lg ri ho….
Ar waise v itta nervous hone ki zarurt nai h,
Sumo: whi to waise bhi hm phle frnds h baad me kuch ar…
Shravan n sumo both were surprised on wat sumo said.. Dey both stared at each other for a second n den wid a jerk turned towards dere respective windows…
Shravan smiles n start driving..
Sumo: hm kha jaa rae h??
Shravan: wait na!

They reach out on a big field … Sumo was expecting some romantic surprise but was shocked to see a abandoned field..
Sumo: ammmm.. Thk h , manti hun hm frnds h pr itne saste me paar kr doge!?
Shravan: ( smiles) madam! Aj ka din ap kvi nai bhul paengi…
He comes close to her n takes her hair strands behind her ears….
He holds her hand n takes her to a fort like broken palace… She went dere n was dumbstruck!! The sunlight was infiltering d fort.. D morning sunrays had lightend each n evry part of dat fort… She loudly cried sumannnnnn! Her voice echoed n she started laughing… He sees her n smiles… She goes to each n evry corner …. He plays a song…. ( kuch toh hai from do lafzo ki kahani) n gives his hand she grabs it n dey dance on dat… ( *I won’t elaborate d dance just imagine it urself .. Romantic n serine*) song ends but both of dem were holding hands n staring at each other…. ( ek duje ke vaste plays) her hairs were on her face n dey both weren’t speaking just deir eyes were… Sumo turns but Shravan holds her hand ( jake zara usse bol de chahta jisse tu raha .. Dis line plays) he cups her face wid one of his hand n dey share a intense eyelock!
Sumo shys n backs off…
Shravan: kaisa lga?
Sumo: It was beautiful…
Shravan: but yha laane ka reason ye nai tha …
Sumo looked confused …
Shravan smiles n grabs her hand dey go to d field again n she finds around 50 kids ( of age 4 or 5) doing morning exercise wid dere teachers …
She was again awestruck by the scene… She was surprised dat how he knew that she loves playing with kids he smiles n says I kno everything….????
She smiles at him n den goes to d kids.. She plays wid dem dances with dem, laughs, crack jokes n pull their cheeks… She was enjoying it througly.. N he was simply adouring her .. D beautiful part of her indeed! He clicked her pictures widout her knowledge… N smiles… She comes to him n hugs him..

Shravan: sumo !?
Sumo: hmmmm?
Shravan: hr surprise ke bad ase hi hug krogi?
Sumo realises n leaves him she frowns n was shy..
sumo: ammm.. Chlo chlo..mujhe bhukh lgi h..
Shravan smiles n follows her…
Dey sit in d car..
Sumo: Maine nashta ni kia!
Shravan:haan baba..Maine suna…
Sumo: to hm kisi restraunt me jaa rae h?
Shravan: nai!
Shravan: aj hm sbkuch tmhare trh krege ..
Sumo: ( excited) kyaaa???
Mtlb hm street food v khaenge?
Shravan: hmmmm….
Sumo: sadh kyu rae ho?
Shravan: tmhe street food kyu psnd h?? Its so unhygienic..
Sumo: shut up! Tmne kvi try kia h???
Shravan nods no n sumo gives him directions on where to go!!!

Precap: so m again going to write part 2 of dis episode as d evening part is still left .. Some great stuff is coming up…. I prefer romance to be care n sweet moments hence my romantic parts r cute.. But d next part will be sizzling so stay tuned…

Guys plz stay tuned as d next part is on its way n its really nice..silent readers plz do comment…its a request.. Plz let me kno how do u like it,????

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  1. Amazing, I loved it……. I am eagerly waiting for the second part……
    Love is in the air………..

    1. Sumo

      yes it is… the second part is been submitted … let’s see when dey post it. .

    2. Sumo

      n thanks lily glad u liked it…???

  2. Angel_pari

    sumooooooo a big thanku for dis was waiting for this since so long loved every bit of it……

    1. Sumo

      thanks pari.. glad u liked it… ???

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    It was an awwwwdorable ep ?? … love it ???

    1. Sumo

      thanks Fatima … glad u liked n commented..??

  4. Kavina

    I loved it

  5. Ooooohoooo Sumo Di fantastic yr!!!!!!
    Date!!! 😀 waooo egrlyyy waiting fr d nxt prt!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    U r amzingggggg
    love u….!

    1. Sumo

      thanks maria … glad u liked it..????

  6. Fabulous..???☺
    Post the next part soon☺☺

    1. Sumo

      thank you , thank you… ????

  7. Nikita

    This was amazing.. Plss post soon.. I m in love with this ff and epecially the shravan..!!

    1. Sumo

      thanks Niki.. I also love Shravan… ?????

  8. A wry cute epi sumo yr
    I now wish koi mere love bhi Aisa hi kuch kre…..
    Hayee so romantic yr…… waiting for the nxt part….????

    1. Sumo

      awwwww…. so cute .. I hope d same for u.. ?????

    2. Sumo

      n thank you for liking..???

  9. WeirdSister

    Sumo lived it dear…post soon..eagerly waiting for part 2….u just nailed it…

    1. Sumo

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      1. WeirdSister

        Hey sumo plz read my latest epi…nd comment how’s it…!

  10. superb dupar episode i have to say some in part to so keep some word foe that part .
    yar you turned out to be romantic person.it just already romance then in second part eagarly waiting…like the most that you simply yet beautifuly planed the date like considering her sumo happiness like playing with kids and having street food i like most that in the beginning you didn’t go for the gorgeous decorated date hopefully you got what i mean…you planed date are quite different from other so loved it

    1. Sumo

      hey sss hoping for the best for ur country .. these news r really threatening… hope all d people stay safe…..

    2. Sumo

      n thanks for liking it u r took sweet… n yes romance should be cute as dis…???

  11. Hi sumo it was awesome but plz mujhy pechly epis ka link send kar do i dont know if i have read it or not

    1. Sumo

      hey naina! glad u liked… n plz revisit d page i m facing some network issues but will provide u d link soon…

  12. Shalini Naicker

    Street food’s are the best.

    1. Sumo

      ya i agree… ???????

  13. Sumo

    hey sss hoping for the best for ur country .. these news r really threatening… hope all d people stay safe…..

  14. Pretty Preeti

    Loved ur ff a lot it is so sweet ff I always wait for now waiting for part 2 from yesterday

    1. Sumo

      Thanks preeti glad u liked …

  15. sumo di ,loving it but why didi u post soooo late???cant wait 4 the next epi

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