ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 7)


Hey people ! Thank you is a very small word to show my gratitude… I love u all..❤❤❤❤

Part 7
Sumo was all shy wid wat Shravan said to her .. She was lost n bumps to someone..
She smilingly said..
Sumo: oh! M sorry, I was..
It turns out to be tia..
Tia: lost!!
Sumo: oh m…
Tia : its okay… BTW kha lost thi tm!?
Sumo: WO. .
Tia : let me guess.. Shravan??
Sumo: excuse me?
Tia: kyu pdi ho uske peeche… ??
Sumo: ye k kya bole ja rai ho!?
Tia: mai ?? Can’t i see … Tm uske close kyu jaa rai ho?
Sumo: tia, I think u have lost it…
Tia: I have lost it .. Ah! Wow! U r crossing all limits .. I kno u n Shravan .. Sumo: shut up! Agr meri respect nai kr skti at least respect ur frnd.. Itni low standard baten kyu kr rai ho? Don’t u kno Shravan?
How he is ? Uspe to bharosa rkho.. I n Shravan r frnds n trust me.. I have never seen such a down to earth person like he treats each of his frnds equally… N dats wat tells how much nice he is in his heart..
N one more thing tia, mai inn SB chkkro me pdne yaha nai aai hun… Ar avi to mai bilkul v ready nai hun… N seriously just get a lyf before u say something about us… Jitna mai Shravan ko jnti hu he will hate d fact that u said these things… But tmhe jane v nai dega because far from his parents he needs someone.. Ar WO hm SB frnds me whi support dhundh ra h.. So plz mujhse kha so kha usse ye sb mt khna…
She leaves from dere leaving tia stunned…
From far away Shravan was listening to all this…
Shravan: mujhe lgta tha.. M only d one jo tujhe smjhta tha sumo but I was wrong tu mujhe kitne ache se smjhti h… U kno.. Tujhe tym chahye na…. Mai tujhe tym dunga.. I will wait sumo .. Because I love u n I can wait for u the whole of my lyf….
Days passed n Shravan dint said anything to her regarding his feeling… Sumo was in a fix because she knew she was falling for Shravan but she didn’t wanted to xcept dat… She couldnt she knew it…
Semester xamz were arriving n evry one was busy because of dat….
Shravan could not speak to sumo these days as deir tymings were not same…
But he used to call her evry nite just to wish her …
After d xams passed .. All d students were visiting deir homes after 6 long months… Shravan could sense sumo was tensed…
He tried talking about dat but in vain..
Shravan came to drop sumo to d station…
Sumo: so… Milte h kuch din me…
Shravan: pkka !? Jldi aa jaogi na…
Sumo: of course …
They looked at each other all emotional…
Sumo forwards her hand but Shravan gestured a hug… Den sumo gestured a hug but Shravan gave his hand… Shravan frowned n smiled…
Suddenly sumone pushed sumo n she was in Shravan’s arms… Dey share a intense eyelock wen Shravan notices a tear drop in sumo’s eyes..
He cups her face n wipes her tear widout breaking d eyelock…
Shravan: I can’t see you crying..
Sumo luks at him romantically… Den realises n breaks d hug…
Sumo: I was not crying.. WO kuch.. Kuch chla gya aankh me… ?
Shravan: acha!?
D train gives a whistle n sumo needed to leave Shravan was numb… Sumo goes towards the train n at a distance she stops .. She comes running n hugs Shravan Shravan hugs her back both of deir eyes closed…
She leaves him n her hair strands on his face she removes dem n bids him a bye..
She cries her heart out in d train…
Sumo: I will miss u..
Shravan in his car was numb..
Shravan : I will miss u..
He drives to the college n goes to d terrace … He wanted some peace but seeing d terrace he rememberd d fresher’s nite wen dey were here together … He closes his eyes n breathes the fresh air.. He looks towards the lab corridor n remembers wen dey bumped into each other.. He looks at d gate n remembers the puppy incident… He in despair drives back home … But dere also he remembers how she cooked n how she got drunk…
Shravan: oh god ye ldki to mujhe pagal kr degi…
Tu devdas kyu bnn ra h Shravan kuch din me aa jaegi wapas ….
He closes his eyes n sleeps den looks at her photo on his mobile n hugs it n sleeps..
Next day he wakes up n tries calling her but it was unreachable .. He tries various times but unreachable… He den keeps his phone aside n gets tensed…
Shravan: pta nai , how is she..??
His phone beeps..
It was her msg saying ” m okay, don’t worry d network is not good..” He sighs a relief…
Days passed n Shravan got desperate to see her…. After she reached home it was only once they talked… He use to call her but her no. Remained switched off…
Shravan was frustrated with dis… It was 10 days he hadnt seen her… N d college still had 2 days to reopen…
Shravan was sleeping thinking about wat must had happened.. Wen his phone rings.. It was sumo’s call .. He picks it up quickly…
Shravan: thank God u called I was so scared … Wat had happened ?? Y weren’t u answering my call !? R u okay??
She doesn’t respond but weeps weekly…
Shravan: suman!? Is everything alright?? Kya hua!? Tm thk ho na…
She weeps again n cuts d call … Shravan gets really worried n tries calling her but her phone was switched off… He calls again n again dat whole day but nothing happened he called vidhi so dat he could take her homes no. N make a call but vidhi told him dat sumo never gave him dat no.
Shravan was very tensed…
On the college reopening day Shravan was desperately waiting for her… He sees her coming n closes his eyes his heartbeat pounds… He goes close to her n they look at each other… She was staring at him…
Shravan dint say anything n hugged her all d students looked at dem all shocked sumo closes her eyes n a tear drop rolls down her cheeks … But she suddenly pushes him..(n dat was not because of d crowd). Dey both look at each other.. Shravan could see d pain in her eyes … She doesn’t say anything n leaves…

Precap: suman’ revelation on her weird behavior n a most romantic day out of Shravan n suman..

So it was my emotional side .. How did you like it?? Today I gotta ask u guys something … Just predict y sumo is behaving dis way?? N share ur views on sumo … N plz do dis task its a request…
Lots of love❤

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  1. Sumooooo Di Ap ka kyaaa kehna!!! 😀 kya baaat hai itnaaaa acha epi zabardast!! It was out of d world!! awww the eylock!!! It ws vryyy gud….
    And the task:
    i think Sumo ye sab Tia ki wajah se kar rai hai she thinks ke Shr n Tia saath hai so she should hide hr feeling !! 🙂
    or i think apni feelings hide kare ki wahaj se Shr se door rehna chati hoo kuch deair ke liay

    1. Sumo

      Thanks maria.. Glad u liked… ???

    2. Sumo

      Well nyc prediction … Let’s wait for d revelation part… Thanks for it… Love ya.. ???

  2. Sumo…it was..simply..superb..I was just lost in their emotions..???
    Seriously yaar..aaj tak ki saari parts mey sey..ye part..best ever hai..mere liye..???☺
    And..I’m really..not getting..wt would b the reason behind..sumos weird behaviour..
    I think..she lost someone for the whole life..or else..she may asked by her mother to get married someone?!????
    I don’t knw..no idea ..at all..wts gng to b happen..eagerly..waiting to read the next ff☺☺
    Post the next ff ASAP..
    When u r gng to post the next one?!

    1. Sumo

      It was emotional isn’t it???
      Thanks sona… M glad you liked it dis much… Love ya… ✌????????

    2. Sumo

      N yes thanks for predicting … I guess m able to hold d suspense well though! ???

  3. Lado_mishi

    Mast tha yr…..ab toh mere pass words hi nhi hain describe Karne ke liye….u always surprise me sumo…..and yes I m not Able to guess yr….coz m very bad at gues work….but plz next part jaldi post karna….ab intezaar nhi hoga mujhse…. And yes this part was sooo romantic….. Especially the station pe hug and shravan worried for sumo…u just stole heart again yr……..love u yr…..keep going dear

    1. Sumo

      Tysm lado …. M glad u liked … Waise tu to h hi best tujhe hr cheez achi lgti h.. Thanks again..?????

  4. Khushi

    Di di di……u r the best…..main toh aapke saamne Kuch bhi nhi hun….aap toh bas avein meri tareef karte rehte ho……di m speechless now……what to say….m wondering ki kya reason ho sakta hai sumo ke behaviour ka….di plz jaldi post karna next part mujhe toh lagta hai ki aaj raat ko mujhe neend hi nhi aayegi…..yahi sochti rahungi ki kya twist hoga…..so nice di…..u r just amazing….. Kamaal dhamaal bemisaal

    1. Sumo

      Nai yaar khushi seriously Teri story ki mai fan hu… N thank you swthrt… Love ya.. ❤????

  5. LovelyLady

    i dont hv wrds to appreciate u di…. fr bhi i m trying…… u were extremely good on your emotional side……. the hugs n the way they parted away ws vry wll potrayed…..

    i thnk suman was frced to get engaged by sm one n she pushed shravan in last bcoz she did nt want to gv her n him any false bharosa…..

    1. Sumo

      Tu na kuch zyada hi achi h itni tareef mt kr meri… M glad u liked dis part…
      Good guess … Let’s see what’s the story… ?????

  6. LovelyLady

    it cn be one thng more……
    ho skta h shraman k kuch pics uske kharuus dad k hath lg gye ho n unhone uske colleges bnd kra diye ho…. fr Suman k kafi jid krne k bad koi jassus k sath usko college bheje ho. ….. ya bodyguard k sath ya to be husband???

    i knw it was quite funny bt mere dimag me aya to maine likh diya….

    1. Sumo

      Nice guess … But asa nai h… Well tried PR… ✌?????

  7. shanza sarfraz

    it was a very nice ep 😉 …bt plzzzzz yr try to update sooner …. i will b eagerly waiting for the next part … 🙂

    1. Sumo

      Thanks shanza m glad u liked… I will try too post soon… ???

  8. Shalini Naicker

    Episode was fantastic.
    I think that her family means her mom would have seen her pics with Shravan and would given her a stunn warning to be away from him like that I think so.

    1. Sumo

      Thanks shalini … M glad u tried guessing… Stay in touch n i will let u kno wat hapenned…????

  9. wow it was mindblowing

    1. Sumo

      Thanks deotima .. Glad u liked…??

  10. WeirdSister

    Amazing sumo…u hve just left me thinking abt what might hve happened wid Suman!

    1. Sumo

      If u come to some conclusion just let me know… ??✌???

    2. Sumo

      Waise thanks m glad u liked… ???

    3. Sumo

      Waise thanks m glad you liked…???

    4. Sumo

      Waise thanks m glad you liked..??

  11. Angel_pari

    first of all bara wala sorry coz i,m late

    and epiiiiii was amazing i,m thinking k mn koi new language invent krdun apki appreciation k liye becoz in this i,m not getting wordsssss simply amazing 🙂

    and may i know what r u studying dear

    1. Sumo

      Thanks pari glad u liked… ?? m a medical aspirant.. Iss saal xam dia h..?

      1. LovelyLady

        sumo di thn we r in same clss. im engg aspirantn too gave exam this year

      2. Sumo

        okay lovely so u should stop calling me di… ?

  12. Wow I loved it….

    1. Sumo

      I thought u would guess … But anyways thanks a lot.. ???

  13. Angel_pari

    and u cant guess yar,……samajh e nh aarha kya hua hoga suddenly so plzzzz post next one soonnnnnnnn

  14. Angel_pari

    and i cant guess yar,……samajh e nh aarha kya hua hoga suddenly so plzzzz post next one soonnnnnnnn

    1. Sumo

      I will try posting it soon thanks… ??

  15. nice emotional episode really good…
    exactly don’t know why she is behaving like that but i think family issue maybe
    waiting for next part even exited as u said romantic day out…

    1. Sumo

      hey, was waiting for ur comment… thanks sss m glad you liked… ??

  16. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow your ff is too good loved it to the core

    1. Sumo

      thanks … glad u commented… ???

  17. Sumo

    thank you m glad u guys tried guessing… will disclose it soon.. ??

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