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ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 6 part 1)


So all u lovely people dere’s an important announcement to be made n its lyk….. I love u all..
Don’t smile m damn serious.. U all r gems ❤
Part 6
An annoyed sumo returned back to d hostel… All she was able to remember was tia .. Her looks , her hairs her branded dress n perfect makeup .. Was she even a speck in front of her!? Naah!!
Sumo: kha uski branded dress ar kha mere mom ke design kie hue embroidered kurte… M nowhere in front of her…
Dere Shravan was at his place wid tia but all he was thinking was about sumo..
Shravan: ye kya ho gya yaar ..  Achank tia .. God! Ar jha tk mai uss duffer ko janta hun usne to abtk khud ko tia se compare kr lia hoga… Hair , makeup dress tamaam bekar ki baten soch li hongi…
Sumo: obviously akhir rich h, usse kya kami?
Shravan: rich h to kya hua uske paas tmhare jaisa dil to nai h duffer..!!

Suman: dil vil bekar ki baten h .. Lyk to sb ussi ko krnge…
Shravan: bchi h bilkul .. Meri sumo ..  Meri!!!
Sumo: Shravan! Ar usse v whi psnd hogi… M sure…
Shravan: ar usne abtk mujhe tia ke sath link hone ka certificate v de Diya hoga…. ? kya kru mai!?
A tear drop rolls down her cheeks…
Sumo realises her tear ..
Sumo: ye! Mai!? Mai kyu ro rai hu? Khi mujhe Shravan se…….. Nai nai nai… Sumo no…! Tu wo kr jo krne tu yha aai h … Stop thinking about him…
She lie down to her bed…
She gets a call .. It was Shravan ..
Sumo: tia ke bare me btane ke lie call kia hoga mujhe nai jaanna ?
Shravan: hell … Call nai le rai ..ek to waise hi iss duffer ko na to meri na to khud ki feelings realise ho rai h… Ar iss kia kaand ke baad to ar durr bhagegi mujhse .. Erhhhh!!!!
Jea, nia n vidhi returned from classes..
Dey were discussing about tia only..
Sumo keeps the pillow on her ears… But after few seconds she keeps it aside..
Sumo gets up to listen to dem…
Jea : since den she is wid Shravan..
Sumo : (worried) wid?
Jea: are mtlb … Wat I was telling dem was tia .. Acha tu tia ko janti h?
Sumo: nai, kon ?

Jea: tia , tia khurrana , adi ki cousin.. WO adi ke chachu ki beti h… A rich , spoilt girl … Before u .. She was d only girl Shravan use to talk wid!
Sumo: so its lyk .. I replaced her.. N.. Now she is ……..  Back!
Jea: asi baat nai h yaar… I think Shravan really finds a frnd in u … Coz I don’t think he is fake ….
Sumo: whatever!
Jea: tu kyu sadh rai h!?
Sumo: mai kyu sadungi… 6’4 tall qutb minar ko koi v psnd ho… Mujhe kya…
Jea: (laughs) so mostly hm sb ko lga dat dey r dating but finally it came out dat dey were just frnds…
Sumo sighs a relief..
Next day…
Sumo was going to her class …
Shravan calls her out
Shravan: sumo !
She turns n smiles…
Shravan : wo actually .. Mujhe tmse baat krna tha..
But tia calls out for Shravan …
Sumo: jao ! Tmhaari… Frnd aa gai … Tmhe tym mile to baat krna …
She leaves…
Shravan : ab tujhe koi nai bcha skta h Shravan u gone…
It was lunch … N d girl gang n boys group were all together…. Vidhi n adi were sitting side by side tia was sitting wid Shravan leaving him highly uncomfortable n sumo was sitting wid nia…
Tia: so finally … We met… So u r vidhi (shakes hand wid her) heard a lot about u from Bhai… N u … U might be sumo.. Shravan’s new frnd … He talks a lot about u…
Sumo : smiles but was curt!
Tia holds Shravan’s arm but Shravan removes her ..  Sumo sees dis n was fuming…
Days passed it had been months they had been knowing each other… But sumo was always suppressing her feelings..n Shravan was highly disturbd because he knew if he will confess his feelings to her she will start avoiding him since she is still not prepared though… N he could bear anything but not her silence.. Sumo was really upset at Tia’s arrival.. She couldn’t stand Shravan wid any other girl but don’t know what was stopping her…..
One day..
Location: college terrace
Shravan: shut up ! I don’t wanna listen anything..

Sumo: exactly!
Shravan: tujhe ab apne dil ki baat bolni hi hogi… 5 mahine ho gae h adi… (Dey all were encouraging adi to propose vidhi)
Adi: nai yaar mujhse nai hoga …
Shravan : bkwas mt kr , Ab nai bolega to kb bolega.. Christmas!? ?
Sumo: whi to.. Kb bolega eid?
Shravan: sumooo!!!!
Sumo: kya!?
Shravan : so adi bol de … Wrna chli jaegi kisi ar k sath …
Adi : nai asa nai ho skta …
Sumo: haan , nai ho skta adi agr tm zindgi bhr v na bolo na to v vidhi khi nai jaegi…
Shravan: sumooo! Tu yha kaam bigadne aai h?
Sumo: Maine kya kiya Maine to sach kha…
Shravan: mai bs isse darra ra tha…
Sumo: (innocently) to tmhe mujhe plan phle btana chahye tha na…
Shravan: guys! Mai isse yha se neeche phenk du?
Nia: plz .. Go ahead!!
Shravan: (emotionally) tu kvi kuch nai smjhti yaar.. Kbhi nai..
Adi looks at him n gestured him to stay calm coz he knew Shravan was pained…
Sumo: agr itni nasamjh hu mai to mai chli jati hu…

She turns to go but Shravan holds her hand ..
Shravan: chahe kitni v duffer ho tu duffer! Hm tujhe khud se durr to nai Jane dnge…
All of dem come n hug her … Tia was seeing all dis… N was lill bit understanding Shravan’s intensions.. But she liked Shravan n dint want him to go anywhere away…
Dey all prepared a decorated place where the duo could sit …
Adi came n was nervous but Shravan calms him down ….
Vidhi also comes.. D gang goes to hide up… Adi starts wid complimenting vidhi on her beauty… They talk on various …
Shravan: iss ullu se kuch nai hoga..
All d frnds go closer but were hidden n signals him to say it…
Adi: wo vidhi … Vo…
Vidhi : bolo na adi …
Adi : WO…
Vidhi I …. I .. M hungry .. Tm kuch khaogi!?
Vidhi: nai,,,, tm hi khao…
Shravan gestures him to say it or he will kill him…
Adi: vidhi ..
Vidhi: kuch nai lungi mai adi ….
Adi : I love you….!
Vidhi was shocked..
Vidhi : finally…!!
I love u too…. N hugs him..
Here all d frnds get happy n Shravan hugs suman in excitement… They realise n part demselves .. Shravan careasses his hair … N sumo gets shy..?
Dey all decided dat dey will party today at Shravan’s place…

Precap:guys actually TU dint allow my episode since it had to much of Hindi so I have decided dat I ll post twice today naming it episode 6 part 1 n episode 6 part 2 plz don’t get confused n read the second n remaining part also n plz comment on both d updates ?

So guys ders n other part of dis episode just after dis part so plz do read it don’t miss it plzzzzzz…
Lots of love❤

  1. Bhoomi

    Superb Sumo ???

    1. Sumo

      Thanks bhoomi .. M glad u liked.. Ppz stay tuned as dere is another part coming today only… Love ya… ❤?

  2. Angel_pari

    heyyyyy it was superbbbbbb 🙂

    firstly sharman indirect talk was nyc nd second encourage adhi part was also funnny

    i love sharvan,s dialogues in whole epi

    1. Sumo

      Thanks yaar .. M glad u liked plz stay tuned… Plz… ?❤?

    2. Angel_pari

      sure i,m waiting for next part 🙂

  3. I loved it… Shravan is so sweet.. I want to see namik In this way ………… Pls keep writing……..

    1. Sumo

      Hey lily, m glad u liked… Plz keep reading n commenting thanks a lot… ❤??

  4. Hey..sumo..u refreshed this evng..after long time..with this ff…☺
    Really..waited for it..from..long time..and enjoyed today’s..part and waiting for epi 6 part 2?

    1. Sumo

      Hey sona! How r u today? Thanks m glad u liked it … N just wait d next part is more nice… ??

  5. ooo my sumo di it was fantastic loved it…..!! especially when shr said “mai isse yahan se neeche phenk doooon” hahhahahaha sumo ne paka di bechaare ko ….! u wrote a great part post next 1 ASAP!!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Sumo

      Thanks maria … M took khush by our comment… Thanks thanks thanks!! ????

  6. WeirdSister

    Amazing sumo!!…It was just lovely…I love ur ff like anything..waiting for next part…plz post soon!! 🙂

    1. Sumo

      Will post soon … Thanks yaar… Love ya… ❤????

  7. Amazing ,post soon

    1. Sumo

      Surely,, thanks Niki… ❤?

  8. Amazing

    1. Sumo


  9. Omg!!!!!
    Meri maa bas kar….itni baar heart attack de chuki hai ….ab toh lagta hai ki jaan hi legi tu……but seriously yr……u r too amazing…. Aaj toh main itni khush hun ki atlast tune post kiya…..kab se wait kar rhi thi….and yeh TU wale bhi na….pta nhi kya karte rehte hai…..but anyways I just loved it yr…..main toh Teri sabse Bari fan hun yr….kya kamaal ki writer hai tu…..tujhe na bade hoke zarroor writer banana chahiye…. Doctor toh tu ban hi jaayegi but main Teri likhi hui book zarroor padhna chahungi yr…..very very nice….u just nailed it yr…
    Teri ff is out of the world….. Words khatam ho jaayenge but tarref khatam nhi hogi
    I just LOVE U SUMO???

    1. Sumo

      Thanks re , tu to meri bestie h… Lado I luv u yaar… Thanks mujhe itna encourage krne k lye u r love… ??

    2. Sumo

      Ar waise aj meri ek aur post update ho jaegi … Tu usse bhi pdhna.. Surely… Need ur comment dere too…
      N yes, I love u… ???

  10. LovelyLady

    i reallllllyyyyyyy liked it…
    so mch cutenes….. i was smiling in the last whn adi proposed vidhi n shraman hv a hug….. thn i realised my smile n stopped bcoz my mumma was sitting wd me….. aaj to mrti mai…..
    love u a lot sumo di…….

    1. Sumo

      U r d Best sooooo sweet thanks yaar for did much appreciation…. Love?

  11. Khushi

    Oye hoye yr…..lado ne sahi kha….aap toh humari jaan hi le love sumo di…..main yeh soch rhi hun ki koi itna amazing kaise likh sakta hai…..u just stole my heart today….ab jaake lag rha hai ki mera day complete hua….nhi abhi nhi…abhi main jaa rhi hun second part padhne usse padhne ke baad mera day complete hoga….amazing di…??

    1. Sumo

      Thanks khushi… Tu to jaan h yaar… Dkh tujhe kuch na ho… Tu thk se reh vrna tera WO super funny ff mai kaise pdhungi… N thanks tune itna kuch kha itni tareef to kisi ne nai ki meri…. Love u… ?❤?

  12. I’ take Teri..ff’ tarah chalti mast rahungi yaar..baaki pata nahi..wt about u?

    1. Sumo

      How sweet sona… Mai v thk hu… So do u listen to Hindi music too???

  13. its superb sumo

    1. Sumo

      Thanks yaar glad u liked it…????

  14. Sumo

    Thanku for dis love people… ????

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