ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 3)


So let me tell u I love u guys for d love u r giving me… M really obliged n wen I say that I .mean that….
So two episodes done…
Dis is third one..
dere is a part in dis epi which is marked by * I tell u something intrsting about it.. Keep ur eye on d comment box dis tym..

Part 3
Shravan was getting ready in hurry for d college …
While combing his hair.. He was thinking about dem … (PS : the gate girl n d girl he just met,, although both r same but he doesn’t kno dat 😀 )
Shravan : stop it.. U acting pervert … How can u think about 2 gals at a tym..
( he closes his eyes)
Y r u thinking about girls anyway…
Shravan moves to the college..
He reached early unlike his track record..
He was standing in d corridor n constantly looks towards the gate…
He sees her coming n smile scaterrs on his face …
She does not see him n leaves…
It was again a break..
D guys were seated n d girls come.. N get seated next to dem..
Sumo : mmmm… Hy bolu..
No!! He might not remember it even…
Shravan : ( was again busy with his phone but dis tym wid his front camera he was lookin at her thru dat… ) (smart 😀 )
Nishant : phr se phone…
Shravan : shut up ..!!
Abhi : guys I ll get d order …
Shravan : wait , I ll get it..
He goes n while returning he sits just opposite to her seat..
He looks at her she looks on
He signals her a hy n smiles …
She smiles back..
Vidhi: I saw dat!
Sumo : husshh!!
They smile ..
In d girls room dat evening..
Vidhi comes to sumo n sleeps beside her..
Vidhi: so?
Sumo : wat?
Vidhi : wats cooking!?
Sumo : kuch v nai …
Vidhi : he waved u..
Sumo: (smiles) to? Ammm WO an subh .. I gave him water he must have remembered… (Shys)
Vidhi : sharp memory .. Nai?
Sumo : shut up!!
Vidhi : ( chuckles) waise,, I lyk his bestie ..
Sumo : wat.. !!!!!
Vidhi : dheere !
Sumo : (hugs her n excited)
KB kha kaise??
Vidhi: pta nai,, bs … ( shys)
Sumo : oh ho!!!
Vidhi: pr uski nazar book se uthti kha h !?
Sumo: are tension na le,, hm utha dnge
They laugh..
Next day,,
Sumo n vidhi goes towards the library to finish some assignment they see adi returning sumo smiled n vidhi was all shy..
Sumo though of something n smiled..
Adi was walking n fixing his watch …
Sumo slightly pushes vidhi on him ..
Adi : (catches her) wooh..!!
They share an eyelock..
Sumo walks ahead but was looking back at dem n laughing..
She den bumps to someone..
Shravan : wooh..!! (Holds her)
They share an eyelock too..
Sumo : amm.. WO sorry mai peeche…
Shravan : dkh rai thi ar mai apna phone rkh ra tha …
Sumo luks at him… N steal her glances…
Shravan realises he was still holding her… He leaves her quickly..
Shravan: am m sorry…
Sumo : its okay
n turns towards vidhi n adi n smiles..
Shravan closes his eyes outta embarrassment…
They both reach to adi n vidhi who were still holding hands n lost in each other..
They(Shraman) look at dem n den at each other n smile..
At the count of three dey both shake the two love birds..
Shravan : bro !? Ho gya ya 5 min ar lgnge??
Adi : shut up…
He goes…
Shravan follows him..
Vidhi looks at sumo angrily sumo hugs her n dey go..
Location: canteen
The scenario was same as usual..
Shravan was lookin at sumo ..
N sumo was first looking at vidhi den adi.. Dey were staring each other…
Shravan realized this n laughed..
To which adi looked back on his book …
Abhi: kya hua?
Shravan: are WO..
Adi kicks him …
Shravan : ouch !!
Abhi : wat!?
Shravan : (laughs again)
Kuch nai…
Location : Shravan’s room
Shravan was on d laptop..
Shravan: shuts.. Pura naam to pucha hi nai Maine …. (Raises one of his eyebrows ) mmmm I ll just search for suman
He searches her on fb n after sometimes finds her..
Shravan’s POV
Wat r u doing Shravan..
Jb se iss suman se mila hun.. M feeling so different..
No! Dis is not u bro ,, forget it… Ar waise v u have just seen her fac.. Beautiful face.. N a million dollar smile .. Mmmm (realises) no! Stop bugging.. M just thinking too much.. Avi to mai usse thk se janta v nai..
He sleeps n keeps his pillow on his face..
Next day..
Shravan was driving to the college in his bike ..
At the signal he sees a girl at the roadside who was asking for help to the hospital..he goes to her n was shocked to see sumo dere .
Shravan: suman tm tm yha.. Tm thk to ho??
Sumo: thank god u here.. I need hospital..
Shravan : hospital ?? Kyu SB thk to h tm thk ho ?? Lgi h ??
Sumo : relax ,, lgi h PR mujhe nai,,
Shravan: to?
Sumo takes him too two small puppies .. Dey were injured ..
Sumo: dese poor pups.. Kisi kamine ne inke upr gadi chdha Di.. Mujhe mil jaye to I ll jail him …
She goes n sits towards dem..
Shravan was shocked to hear dat..he reminces d gate girl..
(In his heart ) don’t know y do I feel lyk ye whi h… D gate girl..
Sumo : are,, CHLO ab inhe vet clinic le chlte h..
Shravan heads up….
But suddenly the mother dog comes to her children n start barking at dem..
Shravan: ab!!?
Sumo : wait .. She goes to the dog n pats on her. . she barks but she continues patting…
Sumo : smjho inko leke jana hoga chot lgi h mai Inhe wapas tmhare pass chor dungi.. … The mother dog quirks n sumo half hugs her.. Shravan was stunned seeing dis.. Sumo slightly takes the pups..
Shravan was staring at her..
Sumo smiles at him..
Dey leave..to the clinic .. She keeps her hand on his shoulder.. He looks on but she realises n takes it off..
Dey both reach …
Doc : Maine patti kr Di h.. Dey r OK ….
Sumo : thanks mam,
Doc : tm bht sweet ho wrna log to mrne k lye chor dete inhe…
Shravan was all quiet n amazed…
Dey come out wid d pups ..
Sumo excitedly holds Shravan’s arm ..
Sumo : look ,,
Shravan looks at the hold den wat she was pointing at…
The mother dog was dere … She goes to her n place the puppies near her carefully..
N gives dem some bread .. D dog quirked as if she was thanking her ..
Shravan was lookin at her all emotional…
Dey head back to college..
Shravan was looking at her thru the rear view mirror..
Ek duje ke vaste plays …
At some distance from college ,, she asks him to stop..
Shravan : kya hua?
Sumo : dkho.. Woo .. Don’t take me wrong ..
But tm college me apni popularity level jante ho na.. To… Shravan m sorry pr tmhare sath Jake mai next hot topic nai bnna chahti..
Shravan was shocked…
Sumo : I hope u.. U understand …..
Shravan just nods at her ..
Sumo : but thank god tm the.. Wrna kya hota….
They both look at each other..
Shravan was in his class all lost in sumo’ s thought …
Shravan’s POV
So she proved herself to be so different.. Aj Jo usne kia koi nai v chahe to v usse impress ho jae … Hmari society ki bndiya kvi v ek stray dog se itna pyar nai jtaengi.. Shayd yhi WO difference h Jo WO khti h unme ar ek small towner me hoti h.. Kyuki ar to kisi cheez ki kmi nai h usme..
She is perfect …
So is it lyk? M falling for her!?
He smiles..
It was late but he was going to the library to get a book .. He suddenly hears the same ringtone.. He gets desperate n tries to search for it.. Here, sumo was also going to the library wen her mom called.. She takes the call n steps d stair … She trips n was about to fall wen Shravan holds her..
Dey share an eyelock..
Sumo’s mom: suman , tu thk h!? Suman!
Dey realise n back off..
Sumo : mumma I ll just call u back..
Shravan : nice ringtone..
Sumo: (confused) hahh??
Amm thanks … Pta nai ar kitni baar tm meri help kroge.. !!
Shravan: hmesha…
Sumo looks in his eyes…
Shravan : I knew tmhi hogi d gate girl..
Sumo : kya!? Gate girl? Mtlb??
Shravan smiles at her n heads to leave …
She gets a call n starts talking..
Sumo: haan mumma kl jaungi … Yea.. CCD (cafe coffee day) kl 5 bje jaungi mumma .. Stop interrogating me….
Shravan overhears dis n smiles naughtily..
Next day was Sunday…
D girls went to CCD …
Shravan n adi was already dere…. Shravan forced adi to come..
Shravan sees sumo n smiles…
Shravan : ( full on acting mode) adi,, look wat a coincidence…. Vidhi!!!!!
Adi sees d girls too..
Shravan : chl thodi frndshp krte h…
Adi: pagal h kya?
Shravan: chl na fattu…
Dey go to d girls table…
All d girls were shocked seeing dem…
Shravan : hey!!
He winks at sumo n asks her to shift so dat he can sit..
Shravan : adi ,, tu kyu khda h baith!? He asks vidhi to shift a bit…
Adi n vidhi sits along..
N were all shy..
Shravan n suman smile at dem..
Shravan den looks at shocked nia n jea !!
Shravan : ammh? Kya hua guys ase kyu dkh rae ho alien nai hu mai..
Dey were still confused..
Shravan: don’t tell me sumo tmne inhe btaya nai??
The stare shifts to sumo now..
Sumo: kya?
Shravan: CHLO its okay tm sbko nai btana chahti bt frnds!?
Nia: kya btana h sumo?
Sumo: are WO…
Shravan: tm rhne do mai btata hu.. Guys actually … Ammm.. .. We we r dating..
Nia :wat??
Jea: wat!!??
Vidhi: wat??
Sumo: wat!?
Shravan shrugs his shoulder ..
Nia: to? Tune home btaya v nai..
Sumo : are , nai … Asa kuch nai h..
Jea: so now u ll lie…
Sumo: are m not lying…(to Shravan) tell dem na..
Shravan chukles..
Nia : let’s go jea…
Sumo : wait!
Shravan : guys wait ..!! I was kidding… We rnt dating..
Sumo: see..
Shravan: hm to bs 2 baar mile h..
They all laugh..
Next dey head towards the women’s store.. Bcz d gals wanted a dress for deir fresher’s ..
*(the mark)
Adi selects a dress for vidhi n dey share some good tym..
Shravan : hmmh, sbki story chalu h.. Meri hi ruki h…
He luks for sumo..
She was checking d dresses but rejecting all ..
Shravan comes around a beautiful LBD .. He checks price to be 6,000
Shravan: mmmm… Jitna mai isse smjh paya hu.. She will not accept it.. If I gift her..kuch soch Shravan!!
Shravan thinks for sometime n den smiles…
A salesgirl den comes to sumo
SG: mam,
SG: mam u r 500 th customer of our store n on dis occasion we would lyk to gift u wid dis hamper…
Sumo : (excited) really??
SG : yes mam.. Here u go ..
Everyone gathers around n checks d hamper it turns out to be a black dress…
Sumo was very happy..
Shravan smiles at her..
While leaving Shravan winks at d SG n she smiles back…

Precap:motherson hilarious convo shraman dance..
Fresher’s pary .. N love moments..

So dis part was realllllyyyy longgg…
Hope u enjoy .. M damn tired… But if u will comment a lot .. All the tiredness will be gone..
Hey even after u comment plz revisit the page I have something to discuss about just wait for my comment..
Lots of love ❤

Credit to: sumo

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  1. so .. here is wat I wanted to share,, forgive me if m being “apne mu miya mithu” but dis marked part is my favorite scene.. I mean I love it to d core..
    a guy taking care of his girls self respect.. nothing can be as sweet as dis.. dis part is really close to my heart do tell me wat do u feel about it??

    1. plz if u guys r reading this … share ur views I want to kno if u agree or not? isn’t it a beautiful thing a guy can do for his girl?

      1. Rely sumo yr u r absolutely right…..
        Mujhe bhi yahi lagta hai …ek ladki ko kha chahiye bas itna ki koi uski care kare and uska dhyaan rakhe….uski har choti se choti cheez uss ladke ko pta ho…….I mean I really loved shravan toh abhi sumo ko janta bhi nhi tha phir bhi usne uske baare mein itna socha aur uski feelings and self respect ka dhyaan bhi rakha….I was really smiling while reading this part and u just said the right thing….that a guys taking care of a girl’s self respect.. What can be more sweet than this

    2. whi to… everything is in its place .. only wen he cares for ur feelings n respect .. it reflects his good soul.. ❤

  2. Oh my god it was soo romantic…..i was waiting like mad for the next part yr…..u are just so amazing for words….
    Kamaal karti ho yr itna acha kaise likh leti ho….actually main kahin bahar hun buy phir bhi apne aap ko rok nhi paayi padhne se and comment Karne se……u r just amazing ……..main toh aapki FAN ho gyi sumo

    1. And what’s the story behind the *sign…tell fast can’t wait??

      1. shared it just take a look.. n thanks .. ur too sweet.. ❤

    2. bs keep loving it … m obliged .. the upcoming part is further intrsting.. n yes dkho I hve updated the part look at my comment …

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        Love it to the core

    2. so we have a common stress buster .. but really tm sare bht supportive ho.. tmlogo k comments .. I love dem… ❤

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    1. ye keh ke u just owe me Ankita.. how sweet…
      itna acha lgta h tmhare comments pdh k kya bolu.. I mean .. thanks … tmhari wjh se mai pure intrst k sath likhti .. it keeps me motivated… thanks again ❤

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