ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 2)


Hey people!!
How u doing?? M really obliged by ur love to my story.. Wen u guys appreciate it its thrilling..
Thank you for liking it..

Here’s part 2 of story..
Shravan drives to his home but was constantly thinking about d gal he just met minutes ago…
Shravan : ( smiling ) weird girl..
He reaches his house n takes his laptop out … He skypes ( p.s : skyping is video calling ) someone while he takes his dinner n water..
Shravan : hey , gorgeous?
Lady: aj itte late??

Shravan : shak kr rai ho?
Lady : shak ,, ar tujpe ..( laughs)
Shravan : mom!!
Lady: haan to !? Kvi koi gf crush kuch v nai rai teri..
Shravan : so isme kya h !? U kno na…
Mom: (inturrupts ) ya ya .. U havnt found d ” ur kind gal”
Shravan smiles..
Mom : acha sun na wo meri frnd h na priyanka unki beti tere college…
Shravan : okay mom,, mujhe bht kaam h chlta hun..

Mom : are sun to le … Frnd bnne k lye hi keh rai hu..
Shravan : cm’on mom!! Mujhe nai bnana koi frnd .. Adi is enough..
Mom : adi ,, ahh .. Sometimes I really doubt u guys…
Shravan: mom!!!

Her mom laughs n cuts the call after giving him some basic instructions..
Shravan’s POV
Mai mom ko exactly smjha nai pata pr I don’t like dese high society narrow minded girls… Attention seaker,, so many people ask me y haven’t I have been able to find a gal..
Kaise btaun mujhe khud hi nai pta wat kind of a gal I would like!?
He sits back on his sofa n closes his eyes … N hears the gate girl’s (sumo) voice..
He smiles…
Suddenly his phone rings..

Shravan : bol?
Adi: ohh attitude!!
Shravan: sale .. Agr ek assignment kr deta to kya hota !?
Adi: to tu char ghnte apna assignment kaise bnata…
Shravan: haan hass le ,, hass le.. Teri wjh se aj mujhe watchman ( remembers sumo )
Adi : amm shravan u dere??
Shravan : actually u kno ,, thanks
Adi : aah???
Shravan : agr aj mai college se nai niklta to usse miss kr deta!
Adi: wat! Kisse?
Shravan : let it be… Ar ab mujhe neind aa rai h pakka mt..
N cuts d call leaving adi confused..

Next day shravan reaches the place where he met the gate girl last nite..
Watchman comes dere..
Watchman: ap kuch dhundh rae h?
Shravan : (while keeping his hand on watchman’s shoulder) are lights lgwao yha pe aplog.. Koi kisi ko dkhna chahe to dkh hi nai paaega..
Watchman: kya!? Wo kl bijli me kuch dikkat thi whi dkhne gya tha mai to..
Shravan : ab asi glti mt krna.. Khi agr usne apki complain kr Di to??
Watchman : complain!! Kisne !???
Shravan smiles naughtily n goes in…
It was a free period n shravan was sitting along with his frnds he was busy in his phone .. Adi was reading a book n nishant n abhi were discussing about the fresher’s party which was in two weeks..
Sumo also comes along her group..

Dey all sit just beside the guys table…
Jea n nia starts discussing about shravan .. Sumo just smiles seeing him..
Jea tells dem dat shravan’s dad is a lawyer n lives in London wid his mom n he lives in his house alone..
Here nishant n abhi sees d girl gang…
Nishant : iss baar ke batch me kamal ki bndiya h,, abhi wo dkh she is cute(pointing at sumo)
Abhi : sach me yaar..
Shravan does not see her ..
Shravan : shut up yr guys…
Abhi: Bhai baten to tere bare me hi kr rai hongi..
Nishant : ar ye dkh iss adi ko ,, isse duniya ki koi moh Maya nai h .. Bhai tu ek kaam kr himalay ka rasta pakad..
They all laugh…

Sumo’s phone rings shravan listens to it n recognises it to be the gate girls ringtone he turns but she is gone …
Shravan searches her but fails ..
Shravan : shit!!!
Adi : kya hua ??
Shravan : kuch nai chl ,,
Shravan was desperate to kno who d girl was …
D next day was Saturday,, the boys were practicing basketball..

D girls hostel was close to the basketball court ..
Shravan : pass it !! Pass it !! Guys kya kr rae ho!?
Ase khlnge to haar jaenge …
Its 7 bs ar 15 min fr pack up krna hoga
While playing he again missed a basket .. He looked towards the sky in disappointment… N coverd his eyes wid his hands to protect against sun rays…
Suddenly he felt something has covered the rays he looks up n is stunned to see a girl who was smiling at d sky adjusting her wet hairs..
He was fixed after seeing her…
The ball hits him but he was not able to take his eyes off from her..
Adi : ab kha h dhyan tera !?
Shravan : guys tmlog khelo I ll just take a break …

He goes to the shade n looks towards her balcony she was walking here n dere n talking on d phone!
He was looking at her n smiling..
Shravan : she is so beautiful.. So vibrant… Mmm mujhe usse samne se dkhna h..
Kya kru,, kya kru,!!??
He luks at his water bottle n throws all d water on a plant..
Everyone comes..
Nishant : chl dude bye.. College me milte h…
Everyone leaves..
Adi : chl buddy ,,
Shravan: adi I need water.. Paani h?
Adi : nai, tere pass to tha na..
Shravan : (shows him d empty Botel) khtm!!!

Adi: ab !?college gates to bnd h..na..
Shravan : yea..( looks towards her balcony)
(She wasn’t dere ,, in his heart aa jao aa jao..)
She suddenly comes to keep the washed clothes..
Shravan : (shouts ) excuse me!! Can u help us wid a bottle of water we need it badly..
Sumo sees dem ( obviously d gal was sumo 😛 ) but couldn’t recognize dem since it was fourth floor..
She goes inside ..
Shravan n adi waits for 5 mins..
Adi : shayd nai laegi… Let’s go..
Shravan : hmm.. ( sad)
Dey were going wen someone calls dem out..

Shravan turns to see suman..
N suman was shocked seeing dem both..
He saw her ,,a cute messy bun , trousers n t shirt .. N no makeup of course..
But still d most beautiful girl he had seen..
Sumo stammers .. : ammm.. Pp.. Paani..
Adi takes it ..n drinks..
Shravan was constantly adoring her .. N sumo was avoiding d eye contact .. Because she was conscious on her appearance moreover she was shocked to see shravan infront of her ..
Adi paases d bottle to shravan ..
Adi : thanks u were a saviour…
She smiles…
Shravan was still staring at her while drinking…
Shravan : thanks !! (N signals to kno her name..)
Sumo : amm sum..

Shravan : m shravan ..
Adi : n m Aditya …
Sumo : I kno
Shravan : thanks suman n gives her the bottle..
They both look at each other n den dey leave…
Sumo was thrilled..

Precap : sumo shravan dance..
Sumo bumps into shravan n shravan discovers sumo to be the same gate girl..

So dis part was really long …. M tired… But still love to write it…. Hope u enjoy it…
Keep commenting…
Lots of love❤

Credit to: sumo

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    1. surely will update soon.. m glad u liked…;-)

    2. n yes shravan is confused about it .. 😛

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    Superb……..update the next part soon…..

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  8. super duper awesome… i really love it….mujhse to wait hi nhi hota h…bs aapki story pdhne k liye baar baar ye page check krti rhti hu….thank you sumo

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    1. thanks lado… m glad u liked it … I mean it really u guys make my day… u lyk it … thanks… 😀

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        I just loved it sumo…..
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