ek duje ke vaste – new beginnings (episode 14)


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Recap: suman discloses her parents death to Shravan n Shravan is heartbroken.. He comes to kno dat she never trusted him n leaves..

Part 14
Suman couldn’t collect for how long she sat dere staring at the door endlessly. Her tears soaked. She somewhat knew that wenever he will find her out dis will be his reaction. She knew , how much he cared for her. She knew ,how much he loved her. But she also knew that he had to move on wid his life. Dat day wen she saw him wid tia he was laughing at some joke she was standing at his doorstep and he was busy fixing the fan while tia helped him hold d tool. She knew, if she went upto him his smile would fade away , she knew how much bothered he gets knowing about her agony. N dis was her suffering she won’t let him suffer because of her, she is not dat selfish. N dragging ur beloveds in ur pain how’s it even justified? She wanted to walk upto him, so dat he could hold her ,hug her tight , kiss her , never let her go.. But dat would be selfish, for him to stay happy it was necessary for her to go away. After dat she decided to put all her strength to fulfill her dad’s wish, to rebuilt PCT . she moved to Jaipur n his dad’s best friend Mr. Arun Gupta helped her settle , he treated her like his own daughter n PCT’s orders n works kept her busy. She even never contacted her best friend vidhi. She knew nothing about her.
Suman stood up n walked to her car n went away to her house.

Shravan arrived his hotel room, he was restless he always wanted to live with her ,to spend whole of his life with her but today her presence enraged him.. He wanted to cry his heart out he wanted to hold her tight n lock her in his arms never letting her go, how could she do dis ? Why is she always so stubborn? Why she always needs to deal everything on her own? Why she never realises its okay to share ur pain with ur loved ones? Or else she never loved him. The tie knot was choking him, he was so much in pain, he threw his coat on one side n opened his tie, folded his sleaves .. He lied down on his bed wid his hands on his heads trying to relax n escape dis fuss. Suddenly he felt a smooth hand caressing his hair he opened his eyes to see her, “sumo!” He mouthed, her eyes were still pleading apology but his gaze was fixed at her lips. “God, I can’t stand dis anymore” he thought, he pulled her into his arms pushing her on d bed n him over her ,he looked into her eyes which were thoughtful about wat he is going to do, she tried saying something but he shushed her keeping a finger on her lips , her eyes widened as she understood wat he was trying to do, he cups her face keeping his hand over her face n other on her waist, now dey were face to face lying on the bed, he holds her waist n pulls her closer, she gulps n keeps her had on his chest he could feel her warm breath, on his face. He den keeps his hand on her neck she closes her eyes he lifts her face pulling her more closer.. A frown formed on her face , his heart was beating as he saw the love of his life so close.. He comes closer , closer n closer to kiss her when she dissapears ( bumpheads itna zada imagine mt kro?) he looks here n dere n stands up..

Shravan: god !!!!! Ye ldki mujhe pagal krne he lie GI aai h dunia me,
He hits his head n smiles slightly as he was highly embarrassed..
Shravan: no no no! I hate her .. I won’t forgive her.. Jo usko krna tha , usne kia ab mujhe Jo krna hai mai krunga..
He calls someone
Sumo comes home n goes straight to her room.
Preeta: are , sumo sun..
But sumo doesn’t respond leaving her confused ( preeta lived with sumo) .
Sumo had her journals wid her she was reading out her old entries.. She looks at her photos from college, dat one year in dat college gave her so much,
She looked at the time .. It showed 1 am. She lied down remembering her meeting with Shravan.
How he looked her ..
She knew he still loved her but he dint tried to reach her out dis tym, dis was so unlike him. May be dis tym she made a blunder.
She was crying.. Suddenly doorbell rings., sumo heard it but dint get up, preeta gets up n comes to open it yawning,
Preeta: ji?
D person dint say anything
Preeta: ji kon ho ap?
Still no answer
Sumo comes out ,
Sumo: kon h preeta?,
Preeta: pta nai yaar sumo, tuhi dkh na ..

She comes to the door a lady was standing dere wearing a black ethnic slit dress but she couldn’t see her face since d lights were off.
Sumo: lite to on kr!
Preeta goes.
Sumo: ji ap?
D lady comes forward n slaps sumo. She was stunned , she looked at the lady n she couldn’t believe her eyes..
Sumo: vidhiiiii!!!!!!
She hugs her ( yes d girl was vidhi) but vidhi pushes her, she could see tears in her eyes.
Sumo: vidhi!
Vidhi: shut up, kitni selfish h na tu sumo.. Ase ..
Sumo: haan haan maar Lena taaney, pr phle ek baar hug to kr le..
They hug each other n sumo sees a guy coming wid a baby in his hand . sumo is thrilled.. She goes n hugs him
Sumo: adi.. Ar ye, tmhari ar vidhi ka baby?
Adi nods n smiles
Sumo : omg!! I can’t believe dis.. (She takes the baby in her hand.)she is so cuteeee?
Vidhi: u kno, iska naam kya h?
Sumo looks on,
Vidhi: suman!
Sumo looks at dem emotionally ,
Sumo: tmlogo ne isse mera naam…
Vidhi: hmne nai…. Shravan ne…

Precap: vidhi tells sumo how Shravan spent all his years searching her, sumo goes Mumbai to woo Shravan.

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